How To Conveniently Accept Credit Cards as Payment

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Developing an e-commerce solution usually includes the general perception that you need a to tap a lot of resources and fully integrate them. The likes of creating and acquiring a robust website, a web hosting provider, a registered domain, a merchant account, a content management system, a security certificate, a shopping cart seem to be essential in conducting an e-commerce business.

However, nowadays, with a myriad of websites offering third party support, you may not even need any or all of these to conduct online transactions.
If you're wondering how to accept credit cards in the Philippines with Email Billing, it's possible and currently available. YESpayments, a Philippine based company, who provides an internet payment gateway for E-commerce, offers this convenient service for entrepreneurs who intend to charge their customers or clients via credit card.

The entrepreneur can easily log into the Yespayments website, enter the information needed to bill the customer/client and Yespayments will create the billing statement information. What's more convenient about this service is that the entrepreneur gets a copy via e-mail of the billing statement along with details on how to pay, which can then be customized or personalized to reflect the entrepreneurs' branding. Even some personal notes can be included before forwarding the e-mail billing statment to the customer.

The customer then receives the e-mail with instructions on how to pay, which is basically clicking on the link redirecting them to the YESpayments website for the credit card transaction payment facility. Everything else is securely provided by YESpayments so the entrepreneur need not worry about credit card fraud, security issues, a merchant account nor confirming payment.

Furthermore, the service isn't ideal only for physical goods but also with services rendered, which makes the option flexible. Surely, this makes entrepreneurs easily accept credit cards in the Philippines with Email Billing, without spending a lot on resources. To learn more about YESpayments, you can visit their website at

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  1. so is "yespayments" what you would call a 3rd party credit card processing site? it doesn't seem like a merchant account to me... what kind of equipment, if any, do you need?

  2. Yes, it's a credit card processing service for your products. They provide a "virtual merchant account" where you can accept credit card payments without having to apply for a merchant account from a bank.

    It's convenient because there are stiff and strict requirements to apply for a bank merchant account.

    With Yespayments, you don't need to go through the bank requirements. Just pay their monthly service fee and you're off. :)