It's Officially December

Friday, December 01, 2006

I was awake as the last day of November ended and an unexpected rainy and windy midnight signified the start of December. It's now December 1 and the reality check of Christmas fast approaching is upon me. I have to make my official gift list, start giftwrapping presents, put up our Christmas tree, plan and organize a Christmas party for my friends and make sure I'll be able to greet everybody, from business contacts to dear friends and family a Merry Christmas.

I actually started my Christmas shopping and planning months ago setting aside some gifts little by little whenever I seemed it would be a great gift for that person. Now I have a box filled with gifts and I need to label them just in case I forget which gift is for which person. I usually place a number on the giftwrapped present and have an accompanying list with a description of the contents. So it's boils down to a mix 'n match selection of gift items and people to give presents to. I also love giftwrapping. I spend lots of time making the presents look presentable and unique if I could.

December is here and Christmas is around the corner. Despite being immersed in the gift-giving spirit, I'll definitely be showing the people close to my heart how much I care for them especially this coming Christmas. Happy Holidays !

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