Another Use for Internet Cafes

Friday, December 08, 2006

I had a busy Tuesday as it was the day of the MTV Music Summit, which is a yearly major event of MTV Philippines and usually lasts until early morning. This year, I did less event coverage and decided to enjoy the event for a change. Nevertheless, the workaholic in me couldn't resist the photo opportunities and so I did end up being a bit busy. By 1:30am my friends and I left cause we were all hungry and tired. I got home around 3am.

I only had 2 hours of sleep and by 5am, I had to get up and accompany my mom to her regular lab testing in Makati. She also requested that I take her to Landmark and accompany her with her Christmas shopping. During breakfast I had 2 cups of coffee and didn't feel any signs of sleepiness and hoped the coffee dose could keep me awake through the day or at least till I got home.

Around 10am, I suddenly felt light headed and felt that I could think straight. I knew then I needed a quick nap. I was in the middle of a mall and was thinking if I could take a quick nap at the foodcourt 2 floors below. I was scared though to be asleep in a much crowded area with my belongings.

I also thought of crashing in one of those driver's lounges but I couldn't be too sure there too since there were other people around.

Meanwhile, a friend texted me and told me that my website was down. At that point, I needed to get to an internet cafe immediately. The nearest one was at Glorieta with a cozy ambiance. Then, it struck me immediately. I could go to the internet cafe, spend the first few minutes rebooting my website and then sleep while in front of the computer ! No one would bother me there, the airconiditioning was very cool and there were no passers by since I was situated inside. And so at the rate of 1 peso per minute, I spent 10 minutes online and the last 50 minutes sleeping with my hand on my mouse and slouched to the point of relaxation.

I also opened my Yahoo Messenger and asked 4 of my online friends to wake me up in around 30 minutes. I got a wake up call via the computer, celphone and a missed call.

After my nap, I was up and at 'em slightly rejuvenated but more importantly got my most needed shuteye even if it was just for a couple of minutes.

Now I know where to take a nap the next time I may need one.

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