Legally Dumb

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I admit that when it comes to legal documents, legal terms, legal issues and anything else might having a tad bit of legalese aspect with it, my brain suddenly drops to a crawling IQ.

I had such trivial questions that I'm not quite certain if they merit any right to be asked. But I really had to ask cause I'm such a dodo with these stuff.

Here's an example. Should you staple or paper clip legal documents ? My reason for asking is that may be the document might be considered null and void if it had two holes in it (assuming you removed the staple wire leaving marks on the paper). I also had this pondering question of whether to sign all copies of a document or just sign one and photocopy the rest. Will they both be deemed legal ?

The last trivial question I had was with paper size. Is legal size the same as long bond paper ? Is A4 legal ? How come I see long bond papers in 8.5 x 13" and 8.5 x 14" ? Is the latter one called longer bond paper ? Is there a standard place to put the page number in legal documents ? On top ? Below ? Center ? Right justified ? Can I write the popular computer format of Page 2 of 3 ? Or 2/3 ? Or just Page 2 ? Or omit the Page and just write 2 ?

Arrghhh all these questions led me to the conclusion that I am better sticking to what I know best, computers.

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