Brand New Calendars Anyone ?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I was fixing some stuff in my room and throwing away a lot of old brochures and papers when I stumbled across this paper bag which was sealed with a stapler and a receipt. I checked out the receipt and it says I bought this in Dec. 2004.

Curious as what did I buy then but never opened the bag, I discovered that I bought what's shown on the pic, yeah, 4 brand new 2005 mini calendars. This is kinda like a year and a half late. If this was food, this must have had grown fungus for surpassing the expiration date.

It's a good thing they were cheap. They have no value whatsoever now. I can't even sell this on Ebay.

I'm going to leave this somewhere (in a public place) and perhaps someone may be interested enough to actually pick it up and use it (for whatever reason, I couldn't care less).

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