25 April 2009

Coded Jeepney

I saw this jeepney one morning and couldn't figure what anything on the jeep's rear meant.

It says "Wow ang itim!" (wow it's black) and a name "Katrina #2" with some numbers (1825).
I'm clueless.



Buddy Migs said...


mas maluprt to kuya!


Melrose Fulgencio Website said...

Jeepney is part of the Filipino culture already. In fact, they made it more interesting by installing novelty horns. (annoying to some though) if you want to hear some of their weird sounding horns, go to http://www.onehundredjeepneysounds.com/

jaydj said...

@migs grabe yun ! LOLz!

@melrose :) scary sounds !

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