Talk To Papa

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

With the advent of MP3 players, I really haven't been listening to radio anymore.

However lately, I've been listening to this radio talkshow on 97.1 LSFM called "Talk To Papa".  Blame it on the time I usually go out for errands, which is why I get to listen to them.  They go on air from Mondays through Saturdays from 1pm - 3pm.   

The show is composed of the tandem 2 DJ's known as Papa Kiko and Papa Bear.  Their format is that they take phone calls from people who have problems.   The calls range from serious to outright crazy.    The myriad of calls come in several forms, matters of the heart, relationships, family, money to just about anything you could think of.   They market the show as a way of releasing your problems if you seem to hide it from people.  And what better way of revealing it but to a listening audience of the thousands !

The 2 DJ's give their advice but a bulk of the answers come with lots of spontaneous jokes which liven up the show.   Some of the phone-in questions are hilarious as well like this one:

Papa Bear: Talk to Papa...
Caller: Masama po loob ko sa magulang ko.
Papa Bear: Bakit naman ?
Caller: Kasi pinangalan nila akong "Jollibee".  Kaya tinutukso ako palagi sa school na kung kelan children's party, papaburger at kung anu-ano pa ?
Papa Kiko:  Ano bang mga magulang yan ? Baka naman mahilig sila sa Jollibee.  At least palagi mo makikita ang name mo in big red letters kahit saan !
Papa Bear:  Pasalamat ka hindi ibang fastfood name... baka masagwa !
Papa Kiko:  Oo nga, eh kung tinawag kang "Value Meal" kaya ? O diba ?

They do give sound advice in one way or another. But they answer the questions in an entertaining way...especially if they ask the caller for more details and throw in punch lines here and there. 

Some caller questions alone are hilarious already to begin with and so expect a hilarious and crazy answer too.

Papa Bear: Talk to papa....
Caller:  Gusto ko lang po itanong kung pwede magluto ng sinangag na walang bawang ?
Papa Bear: Magandang tanong yan.  Pwede naman.  Alam mo kung sino gumagawa niyan ?
Caller: Sino ?
Papa Bear: Mga bampira ! Kaya gamit nila sibuyas na lang, kahit nakakaiyak. (laughter)

Ok.  The jokes can be as lame as possible, but their laughter and timing of delivery can make the laughter infectuous.  It's like being with your barkada and everybody adds a punch line to a never-ending joke.

I hope you get to try to listen in one time.   Who knows... you may end up Talking To Papa.

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