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28 February 2009

Pinoy Big Brother Season 3 - Metro Manila Auditions

An estimated 10,000+ applicants lined up at the Pinoy Big Brother House across the ABS-CBN compound from early morning Feb 28, 2009 till the entire afternoon.    People flocked the Pinoy Big Brother House to audition for Season 3 of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB)  scheduled to air a few months from now. 

Due to the enormous and unexpected massive crowd, PBB officials decided to postpone the auditions for security reasons and for the safety of all. These are photos and footages from 14th floor ELJ Building and street level. 

Incidentally, I was on my way to ABS-CBN to attend the media album launch of Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga's new duet album. Sam who was one of the housemates of Season 1 and Toni, being one of the main hosts of PBB saw the immense crowd from the 14th floor of the ELJ building and were amazed at the large turnout of people who wanted to audition.

Everybody looked like a celebrity.  Of course everybody was dressed to impress.  I know that the competition is not merely about looks but also talent and character.  But based soley on the applicants I saw yesterday, here are some I picked out from the crowd, hoping that may be one of them may make it to Pinoy Big Brother.

Credits: (Music: 8 measure intro sampled from Pinoy Ako by Orange & Lemons - remixed by jaydj)
Video: jaydj

25 February 2009

Pangako Ko'y Tutuparin

I miss composing and arranging songs.

This is one of the last songs I composed way back in 2002.    My friend Boots wrote the lyrics and I with 3 others collaborated.  I composed the melody and arrangement for this song.  Marvin, our singer,  is Boots friend, and a member of the UP Singing Ambassadors.

It's entitled "Pangako Ko'y Tutuparin" and was our entry to the 2002 Himig Handog Love Songs Competition.  Unfortunately, it never made it past initial screening. 

But now with the advent of Youtube, I can share this song with you all. Hope you like it.

Song entry for the 
2002 Himig Handog Love Songs Competition

Lyrics by: Boots Saret, Jay Frank de Jesus, Harrie Sison, Aileen Pascual

Composed & Arranged by: Jay Frank de Jesus
Performed by: Marvin Victoriano

23 February 2009

Glorietta 5

Glorietta has expanded once again.  Well you may very well know that Glorietta is a relatively "old" mall compared to the newer ones sprouting out the metropolis.  And Glorietta 2 was severly damaged when a bomb exploded.

So now, behold, Glorietta 5.   The site where Glorietta 5 is situated used to be an open-air parking lot.  Glorietta 5 is located between Hotel Intercontinental and Rustans.  It's also beside the Glorietta park across Glorietta 4 and the former Oakwood Hotel.

Unlike Glorietta 1 to 4 all interconnected and joined by its center, Glorietta 5 is only joined to Glorietta 4 by its underground parking lot.   This new Glorietta wing is classy and brings a new ambiance to the Glorietta malls with its sophisticated shops and design.   There aren't much stores open yet and the place is still currently being built after mall hours.  Expect the scent of fresh paint for the meantime.  One of the biggest stores to move here is National Bookstore.  It moved from its former location at Glorietta 1 but retains its two-floor structure in the new Glorietta wing.

22 February 2009

Crisps and Crackers

My cousin just came from Japan the other week. She flew in via Japan Airlines and they gave this snack to passengers during the flight. She gave it to me instead. The packaging says "Crisps and Crackers". That alone made me wonder what's inside. I was surprised to find a variety of bite-size knacks. The black container is as big as an iPhone. It had some nuts and chips and I have to say it was mighty tasty.

I wonder if you could buy something like this in the supermarket. I don't want to have to fly Japan Airlines just to taste this again.

21 February 2009

Major Car Accident Along C5

I was heading home from Bicutan last Feb 15.  I usually take C5 from South Luzon Expressway cause it's the shortest route going home.  But if it's too late or if I don't see any other cars taking the C5 route, I pass via EDSA.  It's a longer route but there are more cars and it's better lit than C5.

For some reason that night, I decided to take C5 instead.   Travel was smooth and traffic was nonexistent.  Passing the Kalayaan intersection and crossing the Pasig Bridge, I was shocked to see right before me a Tamaraw FX, jeep and van in a major 3 car collision which made the bridge totally impassable.  The FX was already slightly hanging out of the bridge.  A truck and I had to step on the breaks  immediately from likes speeds of 60kph to a full stop because of the accident which looked like it
 just happened a minute earlier.  

The cars were near total wrecks and you could see some bodies being carried out from the wreck.   It was a scary scene.  The accident caused a total standstill of 50 - 70 cars behind us.  I was also personally tense cause I was worried that an explosion might occur from the crash and there was practically no way to distance myself  cause of the cars all behind me which could not move anywhere else.  Worst case was to abandon the car and run away in case the cars would leak gas and explode.   Luckily, there wasn't any fire and after 20 minutes, it heavily rained.  It toko the paramedics around 30 minutes to get there.  They also had a hard time finding out how to get to the bridge if a bunch of cars were blocking the road.  They had to pass through the other end of the bridge. 

It didn't seem that the bridge was going to be clear immediately, and after an hour, the police decided to assist all the cars stuck on the bridge to slowly back up.  It was a long slow wait cause even before I could start backing up, I had to wait for the other 50 cars to backup and this is a long flyover so you could imagine how long that took.

While I was waiting for the other cars to move, I realized that if I had been at that place a few minutes earlier, I may have been part of that accident.  It was a scary thought, enough to include my being safe in my prayers for the victims of the tragedy.

I got home 2 hours after I left Bicutan, still a bit rattled and couldn't sleep right away.  In the morning, my parents told me that the accident was shown in the news and it so happened that a drunk driver from the other lane hit the island, flipped to the other side and cause two other cars in my lane to crash straight into it at high impact.  Two bodies were pronounced dead while several were injured.

Drinking while driving is really a serious matter.  I'm no drinker and I definitely don't drink and drive.  But what's scary is that even if you follow that rule, your life may just be in the hands of someone who doesn't follow that rule.   

Don't drink and drive, not just for your own well-being but as consideration to others.   Be safe.

20 February 2009

Cheap Cut

I saw this sign above a Barber Shop in the Sta mesa Area near MRT Pureza terminal in Manila.  
I think if it's this cheap, I'd have second thoughts on the quality and expertise of the barber.

19 February 2009

Asian Poker Tour 2009: A Showdown Of Chips And Cash

Makati City, Philippines - The Asian Poker Tour 2009 held last January 27 to February 2 at the Dusit Thani Hotel, wrapped up with a resounding success as players and guests alike were treated like kings and queens of the poker tables, where games worth millions of pesos in total prizes were at stake.  

Local players and poker enthusiasts who took part in the event were treated with a rare spectacle as they witnessed the mastery and skills of the world poker superstars such as JC Tran, David “Chino’ Rheem, Nam Le, Quin Do, Steve Sung, among others who played for the highly-anticipated Poker Pack.  

Celebrity royalties also graced the event to play for their respective charitable institutions.  Among those who laid their cards on the table were socialite Tessa Prieto-Valdez for Assumption Mission Schools, real-life sweethearts John Estrada (Cancer Patient Kids) and Priscilla Meirelles (Red Cross),  master comedian Gary Lising for Cribs Foundation, cager Eric Mana with Lara Morena for Operation Smile, heartthrob Will Devaughn for Project Brave Kids, Troy Montero with his partner Aubrey Miles playing for Help The Kids To Learn, Vince Hizon for his own Vince Hizon Charity, and a lot more.  The event may have been fun gathering for them, but they took their games seriously as if millions of cash prizes were up for grabs.  In the end, however, the real winners were the institutions that they support. 

The games were also attended by the members of the local press who were given the chance to play and bring home some gifts and prizes.  
On the main event, it was hometown boy Neil Arce who took home the title as the Grand Champion of the Asian Poker Tour Philippines 2009 with a staggering PHP 8,000,000 in prizes.  The total prize pool that was paid to 27 players was PHP 30,000,000 after 262 players from over 40 countries paid 127,000 PHP to take part in the world famous tournament. 

The final day witnessed the showdown between Day 1A chip leader Arce against the Day 2A chip leader Steve Yeah from Korea.  It was a battle of unexpected twists and turns.  In the beginning of the showdown, Arce was behind in chips to his Korean counterpart.  But as the game progressed, the local hero fought back on the heads-up battle and successfully took over the chip lead against Yeah.  
“This is just great,” confessed Arce, who is a well known figure on the Filipino poker circuit through running the Metro Card Club in Manila. “I always felt it would come down to me and Steve. For me the key to winning the tournament was position. I was so lucky that Steve sat on my right – if he was on my left it would have been a completely different final table.” 
Steve Yeah, on the other hand, had to settle for another runner-up finish.  Last year, he failed to snatch the grand title in Asian Poker Tour Macau from Yevgeniv Timoshenko, a Ukranian-born poker champ from the United States.  He is still considered, though, as one of the most promising young poker players in the world.  

The successful staging of the Asian Poker Tour Philippines 2009 was made possible by the support of iPoker Network, Titan, Dafa Poker, PKR, PartyPoker, Everest Poker, 888, JBet Poker, Japanese Poker League, 32 Red Poker, Microgaming Network and the National Poker League. For more details on the players and the winners, please visit http://www.asianpt.com.

11 February 2009

Another Scandal Caught in The Act

After witnessing a scandal several years back, I never thought I'd see one in person again and so close and upfront and this time in a park, the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife.

There were lots of romantic couples there but this couple was sort of an exhibitionist.  Still, they were kinda shy cause they knew people were watching them so they turned their back on us but continued their pre-valentines lovemaking.

Check out the one I photographed and videoed way back

10 February 2009

Huge Criminal

You'll be just as shocked as I was when I saw the suspect !

09 February 2009

National Anthem ?

I guess this is why they invited Charice to sing in the pre-inaugural ceremony.

08 February 2009

Responsible Citizens Check Their Clothes

I was in church earlier and couldn't help notice the rather large hole on the jeans of the lady in front of me.   I thought at first it was just part of the design like with other ripped jeans style.  But this one was located in a rather compromising location (her butt) and was kinda revealing.

I was thinking how do you tell someone something like that without being shy about it and without embarassing the person ?  I don't think it can be done without entering an awkward situation. 

And so I say that it's the person's responsibility to check their physical appearance before going out to the public... and to constantly check.   If by unfortunate circumstances your clothes get ripped, stained or some insect is crawling on you, I'd say you should be the first to know than someone else.

It's not easy though, as I remember years back, I was rushing to work and while I was walking, a lady told me that my shirt was inverted.  I checked the tag and she was right.   It was so embarassing and I was nowhere near a place to change.  Thinking of whether to ignore my shirt and hope no one would notice it or change in public, I decided to change instead and looked for a car so I could hide beside it while inverting my shirt.  It was embarassing but I learned that no matter how late I was and hurrying that day, I should've checked my shirt. 

What's more embarassing was one time, I wore 2 entirely different shoes.  And I didn't notice it until after 20 minutes.  No wonder my feet felt uneven.  You could imagine the extreme shock on my face to find out that my left shoe was brown and my right one was black.   I didn't mind being late that day.  I knew that I had to fix my shoes or endure the embarassment the entire day.

Be responsible and avoid the embarassment.

05 February 2009


Pokchop daw eh.

One Goes, One Comes Along

My cousin had her despedida last night cause she's going to Canada to work.  We kinda grew up together as kids.   We didn't get to see each other often even if she just lives two houses away from us but whenever there were some events or gimmicks, she was my backup partner in crime and I was the same for her.   I remember she had me tag along her date when a commercial model was courting her (I was a kid back then and so I was just happy for the free food). I was her escort when she joined Miss Marikina (and the smallest escort among all).   She was my dance partner when I wanted to go clubbing.  We used to team up during Christmas reunions where she'd sing and I'd play on keyboards.   We could also pass for brother-sister cause we look alike (Needless to say, she's pretty... LOL!).  We'll still be able to keep in touch via the internet so that's cool.

And at the same time last night, my other childhood friend arrived from the States.   I haven't seen her in more than a decade and the last time she was here was like 20 years ago.  We've been able to send some Christmas greeting cards and letters through the years when the internet was't that popular yet and for the past few years, I got to exchange e-mails with her sister who goes online more than she does so we still get to be in touch.  Their family has been friends with our family too.   

Looking back, it's funny that in one night you can say hello and goodbye, wish one well and welcome another, both start and end missing someone and simultaneously be sad and happy.    One finally comes back from thousands of miles away while one leaves to travel thousands of miles distant.  It's the balance of life.   

04 February 2009

LSS for Speed Babad

I admit this song has been getting on my nerves.   I don't understand why this song has invaded my quality-line-up of Last Song Syndrome songs.  And just recently, when I told my friend about it, he gave me a youtube link of the commercial. OH NO !  Just when it was almost completely out of my system, it resurfaces again !

Speed Babad.. please speed babad somewhere else ! Piolo, I want my sanity back !

My Optimus Prime Collection

03 February 2009

Talk To Papa

With the advent of MP3 players, I really haven't been listening to radio anymore.

However lately, I've been listening to this radio talkshow on 97.1 LSFM called "Talk To Papa".  Blame it on the time I usually go out for errands, which is why I get to listen to them.  They go on air from Mondays through Saturdays from 1pm - 3pm.   

The show is composed of the tandem 2 DJ's known as Papa Kiko and Papa Bear.  Their format is that they take phone calls from people who have problems.   The calls range from serious to outright crazy.    The myriad of calls come in several forms, matters of the heart, relationships, family, money to just about anything you could think of.   They market the show as a way of releasing your problems if you seem to hide it from people.  And what better way of revealing it but to a listening audience of the thousands !

The 2 DJ's give their advice but a bulk of the answers come with lots of spontaneous jokes which liven up the show.   Some of the phone-in questions are hilarious as well like this one:

Papa Bear: Talk to Papa...
Caller: Masama po loob ko sa magulang ko.
Papa Bear: Bakit naman ?
Caller: Kasi pinangalan nila akong "Jollibee".  Kaya tinutukso ako palagi sa school na kung kelan children's party, papaburger at kung anu-ano pa ?
Papa Kiko:  Ano bang mga magulang yan ? Baka naman mahilig sila sa Jollibee.  At least palagi mo makikita ang name mo in big red letters kahit saan !
Papa Bear:  Pasalamat ka hindi ibang fastfood name... baka masagwa !
Papa Kiko:  Oo nga, eh kung tinawag kang "Value Meal" kaya ? O diba ?

They do give sound advice in one way or another. But they answer the questions in an entertaining way...especially if they ask the caller for more details and throw in punch lines here and there. 

Some caller questions alone are hilarious already to begin with and so expect a hilarious and crazy answer too.

Papa Bear: Talk to papa....
Caller:  Gusto ko lang po itanong kung pwede magluto ng sinangag na walang bawang ?
Papa Bear: Magandang tanong yan.  Pwede naman.  Alam mo kung sino gumagawa niyan ?
Caller: Sino ?
Papa Bear: Mga bampira ! Kaya gamit nila sibuyas na lang, kahit nakakaiyak. (laughter)

Ok.  The jokes can be as lame as possible, but their laughter and timing of delivery can make the laughter infectuous.  It's like being with your barkada and everybody adds a punch line to a never-ending joke.

I hope you get to try to listen in one time.   Who knows... you may end up Talking To Papa.

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