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28 October 2008

A Cool Mouse !

The scroll function of my previous mouse didn't work anymore.  It caused me to continuously press the left mouse button while dragging the mouse just to scroll up or down.   Aside from being a nuisance, it was also causing my hand more stress and some aching for prolong periods of usage.

I also favored huge mice over small compact ones cause I have a big hand and my hand cramps if I force my hand to hold a mouse much smaller than my grip.

So I was so happy to find this treasure of a mouse earlier today, an 

It had a nice grip for big hands and had several other buttons which are shortcuts for double clicking, scrolling and previous/next features.   It also boasts of being capable of working on glass surfaces.

But what made this mouse cool (and I mean that in the literal sense) was that this mouse had a "Fan & Heater design" that can keep your hand warm in winter and cool in summer.  It goes without saying that I'm never going to use the heater function since I'm living in a tropical country where heat is something you deal with on a daily basis.  But the fan is going to be such a pleasure to use.   I find this especially useful since my palm usually sweats after prolong periods of holding the mouse.

Now ain't that COOL ?

24 October 2008

You're Cornered !

I remember watching some movies where a student being punished by a teacher would be told to go to the corner and stay there during the rest of the class.  What triggered that notion ?  Well yesterday, I was having breakfast at McDonalds and I saw this lady who was on the phone for the longest time.  Since the place was filling up, it was becoming noisier and harder for her to hear the person she was talking to.  

She then went to the farthest corner and parked herself there.  The corner was actually a storage holding area for baby high stools which she conveniently transformed it into an armrest.   Since she wasn't moving her head at all in any direction, it wouldv'e been hilarious to put that yellow police tape they use in crime scenes that says "POLICE SCENE... DO NOT CROSS" and video it.  

23 October 2008

Smokin' Roots

This is the first time I've seen wasabi roots.  And it's expensive.  I wonder how this eventually becomes the green mint-looking paste that's used for sushi.

17 October 2008

Create your Band, Album Title and Tracks Here !

Ever wanted to imagine what your name would be if you formed a band ? Or what would the title of your album be ? Or what songs are on the album ?  Well you don't have to be musically inclined for this.  

Thank to Jhamie, here's a fun way to come up with a band name, album and discography.  
get started with your imaginary music career.  It's up to you if you seriously want to adopt these titles.  

The mechanics:

1. Go 
The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2. Go 
The last four words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3. Go 
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4. Go 
The first ten links you end up in (minus the .coms) are your 10 song titles.

Cool ! Here's mine !  
Band Name: Toba (Nova Crnja)  
Album Name: "Expressing The Inexpressible is Music"  
Album Cover: http://www.flickr.com/photos/noodles75/2939239940/ 

Track listing:  
1. Urban 
2. Undervachievers 
3. Centercityphila 
4. ljudmila 
5. No Aloha 
6. CPU ID 
7. Critics 
8. Fi 
9. Go Incase 
10. Bishop Guertin

What's yours ?

14 October 2008

Celebrate for a Day

Last Sunday, our parish gave an interesting homily.   He told a story about an engaged couple who were set to be married.  Since they were on a strict budget, they opted to cut down the number of guests to 200  guests (100 each)  and sent out invitations with explicit instructions to RSVP for them to know who would be attending.  Only half of the invited confirmed.   Since the actual reception was already booked for 200, the couple seemed that it would be impractical to have the reception hall half filled.  And so they sent out another batch of invitations totalling an additional 100 of friends they were initially not able to invite. 

Come their wedding day and they were shocked that almost everybody who didn't confirm, went, which caused them the dilema of how to accommodate more than the alloted seating capacity and food count.   It was supposed to be a worry-free day for them, but at the same time, they did not want any guest to feel sad on their wedding day.  

Later that Sunday evening, our neighbor was celebrating their birthday and rented a videoke machine.  It was so loud that I couldn't help but talk about it over dinner.  It made me remember the homily given earlier.   I learned that the celebration our neighbor had was an all-day affair.  I couldn't imagine how much food and effort would entail a whole-day party.

I also remembered my inaanak who was baptized in the morning, followed by lunch at their house.   Several friends who had work that day until 9pm proceeded to the baptized baby's home.  I would think that the mom would just say that the celebration is over and there's no more food left.   Instead, food was allocated to feed every guest for the entire day.  And even if the baby was long asleep by then, the friends still came.  

It had me thinking about the two different scenarios -  not confirming to attending a celebration and going to a celebration even if it's over.  I tried to think about it from a logical perspective.   In simple terms, RSVP is for the host to be able to gauge headcount for food and other preparations on the day of the celebration and also is an indication of who is invited.   Giving an inclusive time of a party would make everybody attending to follow and attend the event during the given time.  Simple right ?  It's just a matter of following instructions.

But my mom pointed out that Filipino culture dictates otherwise.

First of all, Filipinos have the "tampo" factor when someone is offered something and you are not.   I've seen this in several occasions.  If there's an event and one finds out that his/her friends were invited and he/she wasn't, it can serve as grounds to react and feel sad for being left out.   It shouldn't be but it's quite common.   Some hosts are easily affected and thus "give in" out of goodwill to avoid any conflict, even if it may be against their will.   The hosts just hope that the person may forget or may not attend at all.   So that throws the entire invitation and RSVP out the window.

Second is that Filipinos extend birthdays, baptisms and other occasions to a whole-day affair.   If you're going to cater to any guest who will come at any time of the day, which is also undetermined, it's like having a restaurant open all day.   Filipinos usually practice this especially if the party is at their home.   So if most people come let's say during lunch for a lunch party, then all is fine.  But if some more people come at different intervals during the afternoon and evening, the hosts would have to attend to them, which includes mingling, entertaining them and serving food (reheating food or cooking a new batch all together).  It's like holding multiple parties within the day.   But my mom says that it's tradition passed on from the "fiesta" concept, where even strangers can pass by and be invited in to celebrate. So holding a definite time for a celebration here tends to be ignored.

I guess that's why some people prefer to celebrate outside home, where following time is more strict, such as with a birthday party at Jollibee or a wedding reception banquet.    If you miss the time, you miss the event.  If you don't confirm attendance, you're not guaranteed a seat and food.  

It's a clash between tradition and practicality.  

07 October 2008

New Marketing Solutions Book

For an ever-changing world of business, it's never enough to learn of new marketing strategies. The economics of business evolve as the world evolves.  Advances in human resources & technology, breakthroughs and discoveries and new perspectives require that marketing constantly adopt to these changes.    

Also, learning from actual stories and experiences also help us to decide what is effective and what is not.  

Fortunately for the general public, Ned and Ardy Roberto releases marketing solutions book

"The Best of MarketingRx for Entrepreneurs", by authors Dr. Ned Roberto and Ardy Roberto, is a selection, by these two marketing consultants who are also successful entrepreneurs, of their best, most useful columns in Philippine DailyInquirer since 2003.  A wealth of information and experience is compiled and handed to the public and business sector.

There are over 20 of their best articles compiled in this book with topics covering mobile marketing, celebrity endoresements, pricing, distribution, branding, market shares, customer satisfaction, product success and many more.

To read more about this exciting publication, visit http://www.marketingrx.org/2008/07/buy-copy-of-best-of-marketingrx-now-via.html

The Best of MarketingRx is now available for purchase through credit card and PayPal via their blog and available at leading National Bookstore and Powerbooks branches.

02 October 2008

My Dance Videos

While surfing youtube earlier, I was surprised to find out a dozen newly uploaded videos with my name on it.  Apparently it's someone else having the same name.  But his moves are pretty slick and worth sharing.  So I present to you "Grooving with Jay de Jesus".

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