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25 July 2008

Upcoming Concerts

Here's a list of upcoming concerts in Manila:

Concert / Events

Lifehouse – Live in Manila @ Araneta Coliseum on July 26, 2008

Daughtry – Live @ Eastwood Central Plaza on July 29, 2008

Here and Now featuring RICK ASTLEY Live in Manila on August 1, 2008 @ Araneta Coliseum

Simple Plan – Rock N Rule on August 4, 2008 @ Araneta Coliseum

Tony Hadley – Gold @ Araneta Coliseum on August 9, 2008

Earth Wind and Fire feat. The Al Mckay All Stars @ Aliw Theatre on August 22, 2008

And don't forget, you can win free tickets to the Simple Plan concert by joining the online promo at http://www.titikpilipino.com/promo/

22 July 2008

Get A Chance To Win FREE Simple Plan Concert Tickets

Get A Chance To Win FREE Simple Plan Concert Tickets

Get a chance to watch Simple Plan, Jamie Scott & The Town, and New Found Glory all in one night of slammin’ rock ‘n roll at the Araneta Coliseum on August 4, 2008 8:00pm.


There will be 1 Grand Prize winner who will receive 2 Lower Box seat tickets. Consolation prizes will be given to 5 lucky winners receiving 2 Upper Box B seat tickets each. Winners shall be notified via email and mobile. Tickets will be mailed to the mailing address you specify.
Promo period is from July 18, 2008 and ends July 31, 2008.
To join, visit

http://www.titikpilipino.com - Titik Pilipino, The Online Resource for Filipino Songs

14 July 2008


A cool and funny Pinoy video of Longanisa.
Breakfast is served. Check it out.

09 July 2008

Jumbled Letters, Different Blog

I just discovered a blog which has a blog URL similarly close to mine.

Blog Discovery: http://kayjd.blogspot.com/
My Blog: http://jaydj.blogspot.com/

At first glance, almost all the letters could be jumbled up to form my blog address.
When I visited the link, I found out that it was a personal blog of a certain JD, which also happens to be my initials, but is purely coincidental.

I remember when I applied for an NBI clearance years ago that I was being questioned about my name cause their records show that I "supposedly" had a police record for beating up someone in Pasay. I told the officer, that I don't live there. He accusingly replied "What if you went to Pasay to beat him up ?". Well, they later found out it wasn't me when they checked both of our middle names.

My point ? No point. I'm just sharing my discovery which I find amusing.

And then there's a real DJ's blog over at

08 July 2008

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2008

After carefully selecting blog nominations from blogs I regularly visit, these are my personal picks for The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2008 which I also encourage you to check out.

Miss Placed (travel and lifestyle blog)
It's a travel and lifestyle blog focusing on routes and sites around Metro Manila and the Philippines.

You Got Tech (tech blog)
It's a technology blog for people who may seem intimidated about technology. Everything is explained in layman's terms for everyone to fully understand.

Bloggers Da Who (entertainment blog)
It's a new blog which posts "blind items" about Pinoy bloggers. Humurous incidents, romantic encounters, online revelations and the like are some topics meriting posts which are never named, just described.

So Sick of Taxi (travel blog)
It's a blog about horror stories while riding public transport. Getting dizzy when riding taxis, or being overcharged fare are a couple of the topics tackled.

The Not SO Talented Delfin 'DJ' Justiniano Ocampo Montano II (personal blog)
It's a blog about an Australian who demands payback from his ex-partner for money loaned. It goes on further exposing friends' personal lives.

Conrad Miguel (personal blog)
It's a blog about a 16 year old blogger from Mindanao who has now moved to Manila to study in UP. His self-discovery of the university and Manila are regularly posted.

Techy Kid (tech blog)
It's a tech blog featuring gadget reviews and technology news. It also provides tips and tricks for computer enthusiasts.

Music Picks (music blog)
It's a blog that shares the latest in the music industry: upcoming albums, tours, concerts, shows, events, and music-related news and updates.

Davao Delicious (food blog)
It's a blog by a DavaoeƱo food lover who features the best of davao foods and anything related to eating and drinking.

Digital Puto (photo blog)
It's a photo blog of Winston Almendras who devulges into amateur photography, with a lot of nature subjects.

Feel free to join and add your own top picks by visiting
for more details about this project.

07 July 2008

Marketing With a Myriad of Combinations

Marketing is tedious process. There are several factors to consider: market share, target audience, advertisement impact, market penetration, cost component and much more. A lot of planning is also involved: conducting surveys, coordinating with numerous companies, making estimates, preparing campaigns and press releases to name a few. To add to the combinations, the internet, being a 4th medium is added to the conventional tri-media making implementation in each medium a project in its own.

A company could attempt to tackle all these on their own but it's simply not a matter of implementation. Proper planning and marketing experience would make a campaign successful.

Lucky for us, a PR Agency in the Philippines is not hard to find and communicate our requirements to target our desired result.

A PR Agency can provide the necessary strategies and planning. With PR agencies, companies can focus on their expertise while PR agencies, do the magic in the marketing scene.

Some services helpful and essential for proper promotions include Marketing Communications Consultancy, Media Strategy/Strategic Media Campaigns, Media Relations, Events Management and Corporate Communications and Graphic Design. Whichever services a company may need, a PR Agency in the Philippines is ready to serve and assist.

The Love Bus

I remember these blue-colored buses all around the Metropolis in the '80's and early '90's. They were called the "Love Bus". These buses had hearts painted all around the bus with simple phrases. During their time, they were popular cause aside from the "love bus" branding, they were air-conditioned. This was popular at a time when majority of the buses lacked the luxury of cool airconditioning.

I remember riding one a long time ago and I was seated beside a "crush" of mine. How very apt we sat together inside the Love Bus.

These buses seemed to have been phased out or simply decommissioned in favor or newer buses.

Yesterday, I saw one which looked very much like the original Love Bus with some paint job and modification. The hearts were still there but the heart had the words "Use Bus". That was kinda weird if you're familiar with the Love Bus. I wonder if it's because it's very used ? The bus had a "United Workers" label on it and seemed like it was scaled down from public transport to a company bus.

So this post pays tribute to the memory of those buses popularly known as "The Love Bus".

Do You Have A Monster Mom ?

I was able to watch the latest movie of mom-daughter tandem Annabelle Rama and Ruffa Gutierrez entitled "My Monster Mom". I rarely watch Filipino movies, so whenever I do, it sticks to my head. This one though stuck to my ears. Throughout the movie, Annabelle Rama was shouting. Her decibel levels are much more louder than anyone else in the cast, including sound effects. Visit the movie's official website and do a mouseover on Annabelle Rama for a sample. (Caution: multiple mouseovers may affect your eardrum)

It was a bit unbearable which made me think that if I couldn't stand an hour of constant shouting, how much more could I bear with a mom (of her character) in real life. I couldn't. It made me have newfound respect for Ruffa Gutierrez for her to endure (and withstand) her real-life mom who tends to be a replica of her movie persona.

Our relatives all speak in loud voices and so I'm used to that environment. Speaking loudly and shouting though are two different things. Loud does not necessarily translate to anger. My mom who has difficulty hearing in her left ear requires me to speak louder if her left side is faced towards me.

One trait I did notice from the movie is that anything negative attitude portrayed by any member of the family could be perceived as the general norm for the entire household. (Like one mom didn't approve of the boy courting her daughter cause she didn't like the mom's attitude of that boy). Of course, this can't be conclusive all the time, but pop culture may perceive it like the military rule "Mistake of one is the mistake of all" where teamwork comes into play. So it's best for any member of a household to be considerate of their actions for the sake of the family.

Peace to all moms !

Photo credits: http://www.igma.tv
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