18 May 2008

Mouse Pads with Mounds

Do you still use mouse pads ? I don't anymore. Especially with the popularity of optical mice, you don't need a soft flat surface to use a mouse that a trackball needed to scroll.

Last week though, I saw this mouse pad at a computer shop which was described as a "Lady Gel Pad".
I was surprised to find out that it's a mousepad with a picture of a sexy lady with a voluptuous rack. I didn't get to check it out but I figure the "gel" in the item description was situated right on her boobies.

I guess this would cause men to use mouse pads once more...or just plainly get distracted from working. Who knows, may be you won't be holding the mouse anymore but the mouse pad instead.


rmacapobre said...

they look fake ..

JayDJ said...

err..well they are. they woman is fake to begin with. hehehehe!

I think they have some silicon gel similiar to those keyboard arm rest pads. :)

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