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30 January 2008

Roosevelt College Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Roosevelt College is one of the popular and leading schools in Marikina. A couple of my cousins studied there. I only knew of the Cubao, Cainta and Lamuan Marikina branches. I only discovered recently that they have branches in San Mateo and Rodriguez as well.

A few days ago, a huge number of students and faculty from all the Roosevelt schools paraded in front of our house marching towards the main campus in Cainta along Sumulong Highway.

Roosevelt was celebrating their 75th year of academic service. Students holding banners and placard drawings depicting "save the earth" drawings and "75th anniversary" were evident.

A tired band also passed by with the drummer being the only evident and audible sound left.

Happy 75th Foundation Day Roosevelt College !

29 January 2008

Happy 50th Anniversary Lego !

In commemoration of Lego's 50th anniversary, here are some creative videos with the use of lego.

Classic Super Mario

Donkey Kong

Lego Indiana Jones

Lego CounterStrike

Lego People

27 January 2008


I considered downgrading my laptop 2 months ago. I figured that the specs of my MSI Megabook Turion 64-bit laptop were overkill for me. It was underutilized. I figured that I didn't need much horsepower and features for a laptop since most of my heavy computing requirements were provided by my desktop which is my main computer. My laptop is just an extension of my computing requirements when I'm mobile. And I don't use the laptop every time I go out. So I consider it underused.

And so, yesterday, I got myself the downgraded laptop I wanted. It's a Samsung Pentium 3-750. The best thing I like about it is that the docking tray (which carries a floppy drive, CD-ROM drive, 2 additional USB ports, serial & parallel port) can be detached thereby leaving the laptop with the bare essentials (20GB hard disk, USB and PCMCIA card). I'm going to use this laptop mainly for online purposes and some web developing so I don't need a DVD-ROM or a fast processor. If I need additional file space, bluetooth connections or a mouse, the USB port will suffice.

I've used this laptop before and I love it's thickness (or thinness if you ask me) and size. It's only 1.98 centimeters thick and weighs only 1.36kgs. The weird thing is that I can type faster on this keyboard than on my MSI book.

One thing I love doing is accesorizing computers. Last year, I read up on modding (computer modifications to CPU cases, monitors, laptops etc...) where you change the visual elements of a boring computer and transform it into a cool and thematic machine of art. For this particular laptop, I wanted to create a fast car theme.

First, I bought a Final Fantasy poster from Comic Alley for P20.00 and cut out a portion to be used as the background wallpaper for the cover. I cut out the fiery art on a dark background.

Then I went to Officewarehouse and bought a clear A4 acetate for P11.00 to cover the wallpaper and make it appear shiny. I cut the A4 acetate to fit the size of the laptop and taped the ends.

Next, I went to the Blade car accessories store to get an "@" symbol to stick on the bottom left and made it appear embossed. One character costs P55.00. I was looking for a "Need For Speed" sticker but they didn't have any.

So, I proceeded to a sticker stall to have a custom-made silver sticker sporting the logo of the "Need For Speed" game to accentuate the car theme and at the same time make the laptop appear to be fast (when in fact, most of the laptops mine will stand side by side by in cafes and wifi hotspots will actually be faster). I had one made to fit the exact width of the laptop. The custom-made sticker costs P130. and took 8 minutes to make.

As for all my computers, whether desktops or laptops, my trademark is adding the transformers "autobot" symbol. I usually place it at the center on the cover of my laptops but for now, I figured placing both autobot and decepticon insignias on opposite ends below the keyboard. One transformers sticker costs P30.00.

Since it had the letters "Kia" on the cover which I covered up, I'm officially naming this laptop, "Kia".

I spent a total of P276.00 to accesorize the laptop. I may add more depending on what I'd like to add. I'm tinkering on the idea of adding something to look like a "car spoiler".

And so behold, 2nd hand downgraded but newly accesorized laptop, Kia.

I love it !

26 January 2008

Carousel Subject

I've had the chance to go to Eastwood City last night where I attended an event. During intermission, I was able to take some shots of the carousel situated at the Eastwood Central Plaza.

While playing with various settings of my digicam's shutter speed, I was able to take these pics. The first picture vaguely shows the horses in the carousel. The effect seems like they're on a rampage.

I find them fascinating that the lights on the carousel create a spinning top effect.

Taking a closer shot makes it appear to look like an UFO.
Subjects like this makes photography fun and exciting to experiment with.

24 January 2008


Last week while I was at the supermarket, I couldn't help but notice the unusual bananas in the fresh food section. I'm used to seeing bananas around 2 to 4 inches long. But this particular banana is HUGE !

When I mean huge, I mean that this banana can pass for an egglant or a cucumber if it were much greener.

The sign above said "banana tindok". It's the first time I've heard of this type of banana. It's like 9 to 12 inches long. The one I held was even longer than the entire bunch of smaller bananas.

Call me ignorant about the "banana tindok" or not. I just thought it was worth sharing. I definitely got a shock from the sheer size. I wish there were pickles this huge too.

23 January 2008

Have You Hugged Someone Lately ?

If I had to choose between the two, I'd choose a hug over a kiss. Of course I'd take both anytime but if I really had to choose, I'd go for a hug. Both show care but the kiss is just really a contact of ones lips to ones cheek (or lips), whereas a hug is feeling another person's warmth.

Plus, there's no equivalent to how fast a smack is given for hugs. A smack on the cheek takes only a split second. There's no "smack hug" or "lightning hug". No one hugs for a split second. You need to give it some time (even 2 seconds at least) to really appreciate it and feel the care expressed.

So hug someone now and feel good.

19 January 2008

Brother Rey Spreads Simon Love

The most recent episode of this season's American Idol auditions went out with a bang (or bang bang how you see it) with the last featured contestant.

Introducing Reynaldo Lapuz, 44, from Reno, Nevada. Before he even started singing, there was much to talk about him... his very white outfit, his original composition, and who could've missed the word "Simon" on his hat with wings. Somehow, he has the notion that Simon is God-sent for giving opportunity to people to sing. Hmmmm...

Yes, he's Filipino and made an impact on the show. William Hung may just have met his match.
I'm sure a couple of you guys acquired the LSS (Last Song Syndrome) from his song....

So without further ado, here are the lyrics:

I am your brother
Your best friend forever
Singing the songs
The music that you like

Brothers till the end of time
Together or not
You're always in my heart
You hurt your feelings
And you will rain no more

Repeat I & II: (2x)

(Spoken) I love you brother

Repeat I & II (indefinitely)

If you can't get enough of Brother Rey, here are some photos from Kidd Kraddick in the morning radio show. Photos courtesy of Kidd Kraddick.

I knew it was going to be the talk of the town for a while, but I didn't expect it to spread like a fire. I've seen a remixed version and some youtube imitations. Here's someone's tribute to Reynaldo. I am your BRRRAAAWWWDDDERRR !

Ronald Abused But Amused

He sits on a bench everyday minding his own business. I pass by him almost everyday but don't bother greeting him.

Some people sit beside him when they're tired or waiting for someone. He's happiest then cause he has company.

Kids like him. Some people have their picture taken with him. He smiles without hesitation (even if you sit on him).

Sometimes he's outdoors. He stays put regardless of rain or sunshine.

Sometimes he sits beside a trash can.

So why does he endure all the abuse ? Well if you'd earn billions a year, you would too.

Fast and Furious Encounters a Speedbump

This is why you should watch where you go.

Thanks to Paco for sharing this :)

16 January 2008

Fruity Ketchups

I love ketchup. Even if I don't know the correct spelling whether it be Heinz's spelling of "catsup" or Del Monte's "ketchup" and even others spelled "kechup", I still love it.

I do love the original tomato ketchup, the sour kind. I love garnishing french fries, meat, pizza, fish and just about anything with kechup.

For me, ketchup is made from tomato and nothing else. So I don't like banana ketchups like Jufran and UFC. One exception is when I eat at Max's Chicken. They don't serve any tomato ketchup. Surprisingly enough, banana ketchup is a good mix with their chicken.

So seeing this new ketchup product had my eyebrows raised and mouth wide open in astonishment.

My sole reaction was...

"APPLE ?!??!?!?!?!"

I hope they don't come out with pineapple, melon or guava ketchups.

I just don't dig fruit-flavored ketchups. Wait a minute. Is tomato a fruit ?

14 January 2008

Owning Where You Live Your Life

A lot of our material possessions come and go. Some get lost, some are upgraded or downgraded, some become out of order, render useless or expire, and some are just simply not needed.

Furniture sometimes is replaced with more timely and fashionable models. Dishes tend to break or wear out. Clothes fade in color and threads start to run if not already forming holes. Gadgets like computers, mobile phones, television sets become outdated and are usually replaced with newer, faster and better ones. Food needs to be consumed to refrain from expiry and forming of molds and other forms of bacteria.

There are a couple of material things though that need to be there and aren't easy to replace because they have become a backbone and extension to our being. And that is our home. It's something very basic, yet unique for each individual and family living in one since they form the experience and memories which make it unique. People and objects may come and go to and from your home but your abode stays. It's something the people living there can proudly claim as their shelter where they feel safe and sound. It's part of where we live our lives.

Yet even something as basic as housing is not necessarily easy to acquire. The search for one based on personal preferences such as location, size, shape are to deal with. Furthermore, personal budgets also dictate whether it be feasible and afforable or not.

Thanks to government projects such as the HDB (Housing & Development Board) in Singapore, it provides Singapore citizens and residents low-cost and affordable solutions enabling them to eventually become a satisfied home-owner. Flexible terms and options allow qualified individuals to acquire houses they can soon call "home".

If you don't know where to begin, there are online services and solutions which provide assistance in looking for HDB property which can serve as your online broker. One need not be savvy nor knowledgeable in real estate to be able to find their ideal house.

Whatever shape or size, may we all find the house we can call "home".

10 January 2008

Directing A Porn Scene Revisited

This is an video which I took in 2006. I blogged about it (National Geographic Porn Director) but didn't upload the video that time. This happened on top of my car while I was gone. When I got back and found them fooling around, I snuck up and took a video of them.

I particularly wanted this audio clip to accompany my video.

So behold, the first sex scandal I've shot.

09 January 2008

2 Decades & I Still Can't Solve It

The Rubik's Cube became a pop-culture defacto in the 80's.

I remember owning one when I was a kid. I twisted and turned... twisted and turned... and couldn't solve the damn thing. Out of frustration, I resorted to cheating.

One time, I disassembled the cube and put them back together with all the solid colors aligned...made it much more like a lego puzzle than a mindboggler. The next time I cheated was when I peeled off the colored stickers from each side and re-attached them to the correct side to form all the colors.

In short, I never was able to honestly solve the rubik's cube.

Fast forward to 2008 and three years has passed since it's 25th anniversary commemoration of this great invention by Emo Rubik. I've seen a 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 cube. I don't think I would want to get my hands on those more complicated ones till I solve the original 3x3x3 one.

And so, I bought a Rubik's cube again in hopes to eventually solve it. I haven't had any luck so far but I'm trying. I don't intend to cheat, but I may search online for tips and techniques on how to solve it. I also intend to bring it whenever I have a hunch I'll be stuck in a traffic gridlock.

I wish the cube had an internal counter totalling the number of turns before solving it.
Wish me luck !

Church With Peculiarities

This is the Immaculate Concepcion church in Balayan, Batangas. I was here a couple of weeks back to visit my relatives. It's standard for us to visit the town church.

Here, I took a picture of the church in all its glory. Too bad there were some "unglorious" moments captured as well. The lady in pink was scratching her nose while the guy in orange was blowing his nose.

Oh well, let's visit the inside.

This is an old church which dates back to the Spanish century. Portions of the church though were rebuilt. A computer printout posted on one of the posts captured my eye. I didn't realize what it said until I took a closer look:

It says "Ang simbahan po ay bahay dalanginan at hindi lugar lambingan". (The church is home for prayer and not a place to be sweet with someone). I wonder just how many couples have they caught to have reason to post this.

Cat Behind Davao

When Trinoma's newly opened Landmark department store and supermarket opened late 2007, the foodcourt was a brand new addition as well to shoppers who were on a budget.

The foodcourt was huge, spacious and well lighted...with pastel colors, mostly green trying to portray the ambiance of a picnic area.

While we were eating though, we noticed a four-legged animal from afar walking behind the fastfood signs on top of each eatery. When it came closer to our way, we realized that it was a cat. Someone pointed it out to the security guard but he was kinda stumped on what to do since it was like 15 feet above everybody. It suddenly stopped at one food stall, and looked like it was pondering how it could grab a bite of all that tuna below it.

I saw some of the people below lined up, a bit scared if the cat would jump on their food. Some people who haven't ordered yet left the line for fear that the cat may be causing an unsanitary environment.

If you look closely behind the letter "D", the cat just passed by it.

Marikina Transformed into a Robot City

If you're in Marikina, you'll see traces of this everywhere... 10 feet high scrap-metal robots.

It's part of what our Marikina Mayor, Marides Fernando described as the city marked its 11th cityhood anniversary last December 8. The transformation from a town of Rizal to a munincipality of Metro Manila to what it is today as Marikina City is what is being celebrated.

The local government in coordination with the Engineering Office placed 56 life-size robots scattered through key and major thoroughfares to symbolize the city's transformation. Aside from this, you'll see some posters and billboards of Marikina City officials' heads being placed on top of the same robotic bodies used in the "Transformers" movie.

It's kinda cool and worth taking pics of. One of the robots along the Macapagal flyover seems to be shooting your way. And if you drive fast enough, you just might move your head by reflex to avoid the robot's gun pointing your way.
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