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31 October 2007

Halloween Carols ?

Let's face it, Halloween isn't a traditional Pinoy celebration. It's popularly known as American tradition surrounded by the premise of scaring people and dressing up in costumes imitating popular personalities, fictitious characters and pop culture icons.

Some exclusive villages and subdivisions do celebrate Halloween's tradition of knocking at houses' doors and exclaiming "Trick or Treat!", hoping for treats in the form of candies. Some people though would rather offer a "trick" than a "treat".

A couple of nights ago, a couple of kids gathered in front of our gate. I thought it was an early Halloween "trick or treat". I was surprised to find out that they were singing Christmas carols. It's either these kids got their holiday dates mixed up or they're really excited about Christmas.

I feel that I was on the end of the "trick".

30 October 2007

When 10 Pins Are Not Enough

I mentioned previously that the sound of bowling pins being knocked down are music to my ears. It's not a sport I am good with though. I don't even get to play regularly. And I have a pathetic high score.

I already have a hard time trying to knock all 10 pins down. So how about more than 10 ? How would others do ?

How about 30 ?
Check this out:

Let's try 45 pins:

More ? Okey... 100 pins:

How about 100 pins without a bowling ball ?

How about building your own imaginary bowling scenario ?
Bowling + Rollercoaster = Fun!

I couldn't stop myself from adding that last clip. It had me in tears from laughing. Relax people, it's just Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, the video game. (Note: No one was harmed during this video.)

Your Fortune In a Cookie

I had lunch at Chowking the other week and I noticed that they were advertising fortune cookies beside the counter. The last time I had a fortune cookie was when I was a kid. So it was exciting to be able to crack one open, eat the cookie and get your fortune.

I can't quite remember the fortune I got but it was a safe and general message. The funny thing was that it said that I won't be able to achieve anything by sitting down. And where was I when I was reading that ? Sitting down inside the Chowking fastfood restaurant. So I guess it's tough luck for me huh.

Before leaving, I bought another one to bring home for my mom. When I gave it to her, she opened the wrapper and broke the cookie. The strangest thing happened. There wasn't any fortune inside. I had the impression that every fortune cookie had a fortune. So it seems that this is one unlucky fortune cookie, not living up to its essence. It's even worse for the recipient awaiting and expecting a fortune, not to receive one and could mistakenly be interpreted as unworthy of receiving a fortune.

06 October 2007

Video Phone Calls

I own a 3g compatible mobile phone which makes video phone calls possible. I just don't use it cause If I wanted to see a person, I'd meet up with them rather than see them on a 1 inch screen. Plus, I'd rather have the caller hear my voice than see my mouth moving.

Ok... I've put up a lot of excuses... but the one I'm particularly concerned about is getting caught offguard.

Last night a colleague of mine in the music industry called around 9 in the evening. It was a video call. I'm sure it was a business-related call and I immediately was concerned that since I was at home, I was just wearing my sando and shorts home clothes...which isn't business-like at all. However, it was late and the person who called me was also a friend so I didn't think much of my attire. While we were talking though I was walking and finding a good background. It's the vanity in me finding a way to make me look good with a decent solid background. (I didn't even have time to comb my hair).

I guess having a video phone means you have to be presentable at all times too. I'm definitely not answering a video phone call though if someone calls in the middle of the night.

03 October 2007

Random Thoughts

I have lots of thought-tidbits I've been compiling lately... not really enough for it to be discussed as an entire post. Plus I usually think in bits... so here's my random thoughts top 10 (in no particular order)

1. Two kinds of sounds calm me down... ocean waves and bowling pins being knocked down.

2. Don't get stuck in traffic after a rectal examination... unless you can stand up like in the MRT or crowded bus.

3. If you want to learn how to skip merienda, eat lunch at 3:00pm

4. Greeting people on their birthdays are great ways to get back in touch with those you've lost contact with. (Thank God for friendster birthday alerts).

5. The Yellow Pages have gone a long way from being just "yellow". I recently discovered they're now in color (on yellow colored-paper).

6. Based on our 2 terrier pups which were placed for adoption, people who want to buy puppies prefer female over male. I guess a dog who looks like a female doesn't pass buyer standards.

7. Check the clothes you wear before going out. If you discover a hole, go back home to change, go buy a new one if you're out or worst case, remember the location of the hole and keep it secret so no one knows.

8. Determine beforehand how many glasses of a beverage you can drink before choosing between a single serve and a bottomless drink.

9. A game a day makes me a happy Jay.

10. Piolo Pascual is flawless... and makes you realize what features you lack, are underdeveloped or simply don't have.

Lastly, I'd like to mention that this past month has been an emotional rollercoaster, filled with mysterious twists and unexpected turns. But now, it's smooth sailing on a leveled path with no bottom slopes... always at the top. My best friend was always there riding beside me. It took me 10,000 miles of separation to realize that. Thank you sweetie for coming into my life.
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