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28 August 2007

Disappearing U-Turns

Last week I was at Eastwood to meet up with a couple of media friends to proceed to an MTV shoot along C5. My usual route is passing through C5 from the newly built Diosdado Macapagal Bridge and I know where all the u-turns are situated.

To my surprise, the two u-turns I could take going to Eastwood were gone...blocked by huge concrete dividers. And so I went all the way to the Ortigas intersection and underneath the flyover was the nearest u-turn. That was already quite far from Eastwood. So I got to Eastwood late. Good thing someone came in later than me (could it be because of the same problem I encountered?)

When my friends and I finally decided to leave for the shoot, we later found out too that the next 2 u-turns that used to be there were blocked and so we went all the way to the flyover and underneath was able to make a u-turn.

Aside from inconvenience, this is time and gas consuming. Imagine being stuck in traffic in the opposite direction of where you're going. I'm getting farther than where I want to go.

I thought this was worse enough but the other day, I caught MMDA changing the u-turns on Marcos Highway. This one is much worse. Instead of removing the U-turns, they mofidied them so if you take one U-turn, you can't change lanes and would pass your destination cause of an additional fence dividing the road. This causes you to take 2 u-turns, one on the main road and another at the nearest block accessible after a long pink fence divider. Sounds confusing ? Cause it is.

It's making my trips inconvenient now. Plus I think this new setup is more accident prone.

I hope MMDA notices how much more traffic they've caused and do something to fix it.

15 August 2007

Floods Revisited

This early morning, heavy rains poured non-stop... and one of the perks living in certain unlucky parts of Marikina is that you can get an instant river right at your doorstep courtesy of the floods. Good thing the rains stopped and the sun appeared. Nevertheless, these flash floods don't subside immediately cause we still have to wait for the rains from our very generous neighbors, Montalban and Antipolo for their residue to rage down the Marikina Valley.

Here are some long-range shots of the floods nearby. You could guess by the bicycles in the pictures how deep the water is. As for the picture with the yellow rails, the left side where the guy is walking is a street, and to the right of the yellow rails is a creek at least 15 feet deep. If there were no rails, you wouldn't know if you were walking on the street or heading towards the deep waterway.

As long as it doesn't rain for the meantime here and in nearby areas, this flood will subside in 1-2 hours. My problem is that I have to wait before I could get out.

12 August 2007

Eighty-eight Pesos Worth of Inspiration

I was at the Trinoma Mall earlier and I was looking for a particular item which could be found at the Japan Surplus shop where everything costs only P88.

I didn't find the item I was looking for but I did find this cool LED display which had three lights changing every second on a circular mirror base. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this. And so when I got home, I placed my transparent autobot insignia on top, turned off the lights and left my mouth open in awe.

It was too much of a moment to pass up so I took my webcam and took a video of it in the dark, added video effects and a robotic melody and here it is.... P88. worth of inspiration.

04 August 2007

TimeZone is My Escape Zone

One of my favorite past times to break the monotony of my work and at the same time serves as a stress-reliever is playing some games at the nearest Timezone branch.

I finally got my Timezone Gold card. What do you need to be eligible for one ? You need to have spent a total of P5,000. to get one. I had no idea I accumulated that much playing only a handful of games.

So what do you get out of a Gold card ? Aside from some discounts from certain establishments, you get the VIP rate of each game all the time. And my favorite benefit is... getting a free game everyday. It gives me reason to pass by Timezone everyday just to take advantage of my cool daily freebie.

Aside from those perks, there's also the chance to invite 7 other people within a 1 month span before or after your birthday, to join you in a 1 hour play-all-you-can session . I had planned to get my barkada's children with my inaanaks to join me so I could treat them to a good time. Unfortunately, all of them were unavailable. Good thing my college kabarkada closest to where I live had three boys who were all free to join me. I could see the excitement in their faces to meet up with me at Timezone. Including their dad, all 5 of us played for 1 entire hour. It was lots of fun and one of my kabarkada's kids even gave me a humongous squeeze of a hug for treating them to Timezone.

Timezone rocks ! I wonder how much you need to get a franchise. Cheaper than Jollibee I'm sure.

01 August 2007

Kering Keri

I've seen the famous Cebu Prisoners imitating popular dance sequences... then there's also the Japanese algorithm dance that's spreading on youtube...

Now there's the Kering Keri Rejoice Shampoo commercial dance by Kim Chiu being imitated. There are a handful on Youtube. The only disturbing thing is that there are guys doing the dance. The choreography really does work better with long hair and if you're a girl. Oh well...kering keri ko 'to...

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