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31 December 2006

Christmas with the Websites

Last Dec. 7, I had the chance to spend the day with colleagues from several websites. First, I attended the December Networking event of Digitalfilipino.com at the Automall, near Tiendesitas which doubled as a Christmas party. My online friends, Janette Toral of Digitalfilipino.com, Manuel Villoria of villoria.com and Aileen Apolo of google.com were all there and I got to catch up on the latest IT discussions. My internet-related exchange gift went to Abby Ongyanco of virramall.com which I think was going to be useful for her business.

After the party, we were waiting for the next event which was Yehey!'s 10th anniversary to be held at the same venue. So we decided to move to Starbucks and chat. Jovel Cipriano of PinoyDelikasi.com was late but was able to join us and have us sample his newest product, camote chips. We talked about the Web Awards, our own websites, and the idea of planning an excursion to Dagupan City in Pangasinan where Bitstop Computers was located.

Afterwards, we went back to the venue where Yehey!'s 10th anniversary was commencing. During the video presentation, they showed a powerpoint-like image of 5 people, who were the original founders of Yehey! I actually know 4 of them since they were batchmates of mine.

It was nice to be around colleagues in your own industry.

21 December 2006

Christmas Backblog

I'm caught in the hectic preparations for Christmas. I have lots to post.. not just enough time. I'll try to remember everything so I can post it here in the next few days. Meanwhile, Happy Holidays to everybody !

10 December 2006

The Bad Guy

I've basically been good to people my entire life. It's part of my nature to be helpful and sometimes even go out of my way for a friend. I've recently learned though that a couple (but am expecting a lot) of people are not happy with my decisions, my actions nor myself as a whole.

I'm not used to the concept of people hating me. I was always likeable. But some recent actions may have led others to see me in a different light. I guess I can't please everybody anymore. If I had it my way, I would take time to convince each and every person that I may be not as they perceive me to be and listen to my side of the story. However, I'm not here to please everybody. So I'll just assume the role of the bad guy and accept whatever you have to tell me.

08 December 2006

Another Use for Internet Cafes

I had a busy Tuesday as it was the day of the MTV Music Summit, which is a yearly major event of MTV Philippines and usually lasts until early morning. This year, I did less event coverage and decided to enjoy the event for a change. Nevertheless, the workaholic in me couldn't resist the photo opportunities and so I did end up being a bit busy. By 1:30am my friends and I left cause we were all hungry and tired. I got home around 3am.

I only had 2 hours of sleep and by 5am, I had to get up and accompany my mom to her regular lab testing in Makati. She also requested that I take her to Landmark and accompany her with her Christmas shopping. During breakfast I had 2 cups of coffee and didn't feel any signs of sleepiness and hoped the coffee dose could keep me awake through the day or at least till I got home.

Around 10am, I suddenly felt light headed and felt that I could think straight. I knew then I needed a quick nap. I was in the middle of a mall and was thinking if I could take a quick nap at the foodcourt 2 floors below. I was scared though to be asleep in a much crowded area with my belongings.

I also thought of crashing in one of those driver's lounges but I couldn't be too sure there too since there were other people around.

Meanwhile, a friend texted me and told me that my website was down. At that point, I needed to get to an internet cafe immediately. The nearest one was at Glorieta with a cozy ambiance. Then, it struck me immediately. I could go to the internet cafe, spend the first few minutes rebooting my website and then sleep while in front of the computer ! No one would bother me there, the airconiditioning was very cool and there were no passers by since I was situated inside. And so at the rate of 1 peso per minute, I spent 10 minutes online and the last 50 minutes sleeping with my hand on my mouse and slouched to the point of relaxation.

I also opened my Yahoo Messenger and asked 4 of my online friends to wake me up in around 30 minutes. I got a wake up call via the computer, celphone and a missed call.

After my nap, I was up and at 'em slightly rejuvenated but more importantly got my most needed shuteye even if it was just for a couple of minutes.

Now I know where to take a nap the next time I may need one.

05 December 2006

Krispy Gonuts

I was at The Fort strip last Sunday with my relatives where we had lunch. They came all the way from Pangasinan that day because they were going to fetch my cousin at the airport later that day

Since they were in the Manila, they wanted to take home some food which is' nt readily available in the province. So we went to Gonuts Donuts where we bought around a dozen donuts. Luckily their ongoing promo offered 2 free cups of brewed coffee for every 6 donuts. So we all were able to have free coffee.

A while after, my other cousin from Pangasinan, texted her mom asking her to buy some donuts from the newly opened "Krispy Kreme" branch also located within The Fort. We had passed the sign earlier leading to the one and only new branch of Krispy Kreme in the Philippines.

I've heard about this donut from TV, celebrities and friends and I was also curious as what these donuts tasted like. So even if we just bought a dozen donuts, we jumped in the car and tried to look for this new donut store.

After 10 minutes of driving around, we finally found it. And to our surprise, there was a long line of about 40 people. Each person we saw paying bought at least 1 dozen. I guess they wanted to maximize their time for lining up. We couldn't even get inside just to look (and smell) the donuts cause there was a strict line enforced. I was able to check out their price list and it's like $5.00 for a dozen. That's kinda expensive compared to the other donut stores here but I guess it's a premium price for having Krispy Kreme in the Philippines.

And so I got home eating a donut but thinking about another donut. Since I'll be at the Fort area again tonight, I think I'll try my luck and see if there's a shorter line now.

01 December 2006

It's Officially December

I was awake as the last day of November ended and an unexpected rainy and windy midnight signified the start of December. It's now December 1 and the reality check of Christmas fast approaching is upon me. I have to make my official gift list, start giftwrapping presents, put up our Christmas tree, plan and organize a Christmas party for my friends and make sure I'll be able to greet everybody, from business contacts to dear friends and family a Merry Christmas.

I actually started my Christmas shopping and planning months ago setting aside some gifts little by little whenever I seemed it would be a great gift for that person. Now I have a box filled with gifts and I need to label them just in case I forget which gift is for which person. I usually place a number on the giftwrapped present and have an accompanying list with a description of the contents. So it's boils down to a mix 'n match selection of gift items and people to give presents to. I also love giftwrapping. I spend lots of time making the presents look presentable and unique if I could.

December is here and Christmas is around the corner. Despite being immersed in the gift-giving spirit, I'll definitely be showing the people close to my heart how much I care for them especially this coming Christmas. Happy Holidays !
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