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21 July 2006

Parking Rant

I was supposed to arrive on time for an event I was supposed to attend to. I had it all planned. I was to leave home and arrive at the Crowne Plaza Galleria exactly at 6pm. I arrived 640pm due to parking.

Robinsons' Galleria is one of those malls with so many people and so little parking space. Well it's not really little. It's just the way the parking was designed, and modified.

I'll give you a backgrounder. Robinsons Galleria was the first place on the spot of that corner on Ortigas and EDSA. It had ample parking. Then came the business building which is attached to the mall. Holiday Inn, was also adjacent with direct access to and from the mall. Few years after, there came the RCBC bldg adjacent to it where an access bridge connected to the mall. And just recently, the newest hotel in the Ortigas center is the 5 star hotel Crowne Plaza Galleria, which is also adjacent to the mall. With all these buildings adjacent and including the mall itself, guess what ? Basement parking was never expanded. And so you have all those wanting to go to any of these buildings parking at the Robinsons Galleria basement parking, which makes parking a living hell.

In addition, this is one of the most confusing parking lots where there's one way narrow roads and a lot of twists and turns. Don't get me started on Basement 3. It looks like a sewer.

I was surprised to find traffic officers actually inside the parking lot directing cars. Is it that bad ?
The only way to get a parking space at peak hours is to WAIT ! So a chunk of your parking fee goes to waiting to get an actual parking space. If I didn't need a car that day, I would've been better off commuting.

Ok... I feel better now that I've ranted.

20 July 2006

Brand New Calendars Anyone ?

I was fixing some stuff in my room and throwing away a lot of old brochures and papers when I stumbled across this paper bag which was sealed with a stapler and a receipt. I checked out the receipt and it says I bought this in Dec. 2004.

Curious as what did I buy then but never opened the bag, I discovered that I bought what's shown on the pic, yeah, 4 brand new 2005 mini calendars. This is kinda like a year and a half late. If this was food, this must have had grown fungus for surpassing the expiration date.

It's a good thing they were cheap. They have no value whatsoever now. I can't even sell this on Ebay.

I'm going to leave this somewhere (in a public place) and perhaps someone may be interested enough to actually pick it up and use it (for whatever reason, I couldn't care less).

18 July 2006

Modified PC

I graduated from college as being someone proficient with computer software, not hardware, which is why I take pride in having the skills to tweak my own desktop.

From the generic computer, I've transformed my personal computer into one mean machine. If this were a car, I'd like to imagine it'd be one of those competing in those underground races. My basic specs are 1 cd-rom, 1 dvd-writer, 2 hard disks and 2 audio cards running on a Pentium 4 2.4 engine with 256MB RAM.

I set my PC to autoshutdown when temperature reaches 70 degrees celsius. Unfortunately, the room where my computer resides isn't that cool. In fact, it's one of the hottest rooms in the house. And for that reason, my PC autoshuts down regularly.

First, I bought a small electric fan and it's sole purpose was to cool my CPU... not enough. I've then added fans and heat sinks little by little inside my computer's casing.. but my PC just emits a lot of heat.

My last modification was to add a front panel with 3 fans which looks like an air-conditioner. I'm finally happy that my PC can stay on for a straight 24 hours now without autoshutting down. After tweaking my PC, I've noticed that I have a total of 6 fans inside. I've even placed hooks on the front to hang my portable flash drives and memory card devices. I've got a sticker on the side as well.

Then I just realized ... Damn ! I've built a refrigerator complete with door decorations !
All I need now is to install a water dispenser. hahahahaha !

06 July 2006

Legally Dumb

I admit that when it comes to legal documents, legal terms, legal issues and anything else might having a tad bit of legalese aspect with it, my brain suddenly drops to a crawling IQ.

I had such trivial questions that I'm not quite certain if they merit any right to be asked. But I really had to ask cause I'm such a dodo with these stuff.

Here's an example. Should you staple or paper clip legal documents ? My reason for asking is that may be the document might be considered null and void if it had two holes in it (assuming you removed the staple wire leaving marks on the paper). I also had this pondering question of whether to sign all copies of a document or just sign one and photocopy the rest. Will they both be deemed legal ?

The last trivial question I had was with paper size. Is legal size the same as long bond paper ? Is A4 legal ? How come I see long bond papers in 8.5 x 13" and 8.5 x 14" ? Is the latter one called longer bond paper ? Is there a standard place to put the page number in legal documents ? On top ? Below ? Center ? Right justified ? Can I write the popular computer format of Page 2 of 3 ? Or 2/3 ? Or just Page 2 ? Or omit the Page and just write 2 ?

Arrghhh all these questions led me to the conclusion that I am better sticking to what I know best, computers.
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