Becoming a Brand Ambassador For A Watch: Time To Decline

Monday, October 12, 2020

The last time I've been asked to be a brand ambassador or endorser for a product was many years ago. I totally understand because I haven't been actively blogging. I did receive some a couple of paid Instagram assignments in the last few years but turned them down. Most of them were about fashion and lifestyle, and after looking at the product, it's something I felt that I couldn't endorse or represent because it just didn't fit my personality.

So I was surprised when I received an e-mail inviting me to become an Instagram brand ambassador for a watch. I was flattered of course, but after I set that quick fuzzy feeling in, it was time to investigate.

<Decided not to respond to this e-mail>

I didn't respond immediately. I spent the day working on my hobbies since I had the day off. In the evening, I returned to the e-mail and was going to respond saying thanks for them visiting my Instagram account and considering me but would politely decline their offer.

I remember blogging about a scam involving free hotel accommodations way back in 2007 which gained over 200 comments from others who received the same offer.

I did find the e-mail suspicious, especially the part asking me to pay for shipping for something I didn't ask for in the beginning.

So I searched the net for similar invitations and found a bunch of results from other victims receiving a similar e-mail. The e-mail structure is pretty much the same with the sender's name varying in certain e-mails. Some people continued their investigation checking if the person works for that company. Not only were those names not associated with the company, but even their title seems nonexistent.

It's not worth mentioning the company as I prefer not to give them more publicity even if it's a negative one. You can just refer to the image.

If there's anything good I got out of this is that it was flattering to think of the offer to become a brand ambassador for anything, but this "time," it's time to decline and move on.

That's it. Time's up!

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