There's Always a Reason To Have a Sale

Thursday, May 28, 2015

We live near a mall and almost every weekend, we see the mall put out their huge SALE letters. And they always find a way to come up with a theme or reason to say there's a sale.  Actually, if you go to a mall, chances are you'll find a sale somewhere somehow.  And usually they brand the type of sale.

You have your typical major holiday sales like:
  • Christmas Sale
  • Easter Sale
  • New Year Sale
  • Chinese New Year Sale
  • Anniversary Sale
Then you have your seasonal sales like:
  • Summer Sale
  • End of Summer Sale
  • Mid Season Sale
  • Rainy Day Sale
  • Back To School Sale
  • Graduation Sale
  • Labor Day Sale
  • Halloween Sale
Then you have the family themes like:
  • Mother's Day Sale
  • Father's Day Sale
  • Grandparent's Day Sale
  • Kid's Sale
  • Women's Month Sale
  • Men's Month Sale
Then you have some product themes like:
  • Fashion Sale
  • Health and Beauty Sale
  • Shoes and Bags Sale
  • Our Home Sale
  • Member's Only Sale
Then there's the time based themes like:
  • Limited Time Offer Sale
  • Closing Sale
  • Clearance Sale
  • Only While Supplies Last Sale
  • 1 Day Sale
  • 2 Day Sale
  • 3 Day Sale
Then you also have combinations of different themes like:
  • Women Wednesdays Sale
  • Fashion Summer Sale
  • End of Season Finale Sale
  • One Day Shoes and Bags Sale
  • The Big South Sale
Then there are just some that are straight to the point like:
  • HUGE Sale
  • BIG Sale
  • GREAT BIG Sale
  • Everything's on SALE

What's your favorite sale?  What's the strangest kind of sale you've encountered?

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