Top 10 Social Media Superstitions and Scary Tech Scenarios

Friday, June 13, 2014

Since it's Friday the 13th, let's ponder on the idea that social media superstitions existed.  Since they are almost unheard of,  here's some possible superstitions and eerie tech scenarios for the sake of satisfying a "what if" moment.  If you can think of some, post them here too!
  1. If the number of your followers reach 666 and stops, you are cursed.
  2. If you post a selfie underneath a ladder, you will receive #socialmedia bad luck.
  3. If you're about to be the 13th person to like a status update, wait a while for someone else to like before you do.
  4. Your tablet picks up two WiFi signals, named "Heaven" and "Hell" and you scaringly await which signal your device will connect to.
  5. You doubt Google's "I'm feeling lucky" whether it means good or bad luck.
  6. If you watch a YouTube video about a ghost at exactly midnight, that ghost will watch the beside you.
  7. If you're in a webchat that says you're all alone, but messages scroll blazing fast coming from you even if you're not typing, your device may be possessed.
  8. Your smartphone has 3G but no SIM, you have WiFi in a deadspot and your phone is running without a battery!
  9. You switch your smartphone's camera to front-facing mode to take a selfie.  Your entire background can be seen, except you.
  10. Your phone's display replicates and becomes the exact display of every TV, tablet and phone within your WiFi coverage. Can you say everybody is watching you?
BONUS:  Your smartphone's cameras (front and back) are always on and streaming to the world and can not be turned off.  The only way you can use it is to turn it sideways (sillently) and peek.

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