My Top 5 Favorite Teas

Thursday, April 17, 2014

My overhead compartment at my office desk is all tea!
I love tea. I actually prefer tea over softdrinks.

I used to drink a lot of bottled fruit juices and teas but since a lot of them contained a lot of sugar, I cut down on my manufactured tea consumption and switched to hot tea where I could control the sugar intake and choose what kind (brown, coconut, splenda or none at all).

Since then, I've tasted a lot of teas from different countries (thanks to all who've been giving me different tea flavors to sample too!)  I actually have over 25 different flavors in the office.  Having tasted a lot of teas (and boiled lots of water in the process), I present my Top 5 Favorite Teas.

  1. English Breakfast tea - it's your all around tea, so breakfast is not the best term to describe it.  But it does have that kick that you'll most likely need in the morning so I guess that's why they call it such.  It's also one of the most popular complimentary teas you'll find in a hotel room.
  2. Jasmine tea - I actually don't like flower-based teas.  This is the exception.  Jasmine tea doesn't taste anywhere near a flower.  Its light and mild flavor makes it easy to consume more than a cup.  If you have a tea pot of this, don't be shy to get a refill.
  3. Oolong tea - Whenever I'm in a Chinese restaurant, I won't think twice on ordering this as my drink. This is one tea that doesn't need any additional sweetener to enjoy. This is best taken before and after meals as it would bring your taste buds back to normal.  No matter how full you may be after a hefty meal, an additional cup of this tea won't make you any fuller.
  4. Blackcurrant tea - I actually liked the tea line of berries (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry) until I tasted this one and instantly preferred this over the berries.   Its grape-like flavor is good if you prefer a stronger taste for your tea.
  5. Mint tea - I'm a fan of any mint-flavored candy (peppermint, spearmint) and so this tea flavor was no-brainer for me.  This tea leaves a fresh and soothing taste and sometimes feels almost as if you just brushed your teeth.   
What's your favorite tea flavors?

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