Double Dose Day

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I had a terribly hectic sched last Friday and contemplating on it (or more of still being overwhelmed from all the tasks I endured), I think I've done a lot of things twice ! Let me try to recall why so...

  • Been to two malls (Gateway, Robinsons)
  • Been to two bank ATMs (PNB, HSBC)
  • Been to two supermarkets (Shopwise and Hi Top)
  • Bought two loaves of bread (Marby and John Pullman)
  • Gone home twice (during noontime and around 6pm)
  • Had two pieces of food for a late lunch (burrito and chocolate shake)
  • Took a shower twice due to the hot weather (around 9am and 630pm)
  • Changed clothes twice (cause I was perspiring non-stop halfway through the day)
  • Bought two unplanned gifts for myself (book and shoes)
  • Experienced a power outage twice (in Club O at ABS-CBN compound)
  • Sent an important e-mail twice (just to make sure)
  • Had to access the internet from 2 public places (Netopia Internet Cafe and Club O Wifi Hotspot)

I feel that I've lived this day twice. Now, I want to try to live 48 hours in 1 day.

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