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28 December 2013

Reemergence coming very soon!

I've decided to merge some of my other blogs with this one and create a consolidated super blog. Coming in 2014!

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03 November 2013

Red & Blue Waffle

Hot Waffles served with Cherries, Blueberries and Butter

21 October 2013

Relatives Get Animated

Check out these 15 Imaginative Stop-Motion Woodman Vine Videos http://on.mash.to/19WxiqV

13 August 2013

Dance Off

My relatives are partying the way I do, no holds barred. 

29 July 2013

Searching for Love

Love to carry love

06 July 2013

Hanging Out With Ken

Ken dropped by and I hung out with him...literally.

11 May 2013


Add your definitions here.

10 May 2013


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09 May 2013


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08 May 2013


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07 May 2013


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30 April 2013


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29 April 2013


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Add your definitions here.

19 April 2013


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18 April 2013


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13 April 2013


Like in The Matrix dodging a bullet, I'm dodging the camera flash.

03 April 2013

Size Does Matter

The I-once-caught-a-fish-this-big pose

29 March 2013

A Hole in the Wall

The Art Science Museum is shaped like a huge hand and in the middle is a huge circular hole with water shooting down to a gigantic funnel and flows straight inside the mall below.

25 March 2013

Bumblebee Clone in a Car Shop

Waited for a while for it to transform.  I think it was shy.

Artists All in the Family

a relative spotted hanging out in an Art Gallery at Ayala Center

09 March 2013

Pink Salmon Dish

Eggs Benedict, grilled tomato sprinkled with cheese, side salad and pink salmon at Eggs & Berries at Changi Citie Point.


I have no idea what they are but they're huge and just by the road I passed through in Singapore.

27 February 2013

Ball of light

My energetic ballistic set just for you.

26 February 2013

My blog is my catwalk. Just follow my lead.

Welcome to my model blog. I'll supply the pose, you supply the admiration. 
Flex up. Quarter turn. Strike a pose. Flash those cameras. I have arrived.

23 February 2013

Huge Croissant Platter

How much can you eat?

14 February 2013

Heart to Heart

Valentine's display at Changi Airport, Singapore

09 January 2013

Scene, Skies, Sunset

A sunset in any which way or form, always is breathtaking and worth spending time watching.

07 January 2013

Map In The Sky

Is it just me or does my photo look like the shape of the U.S. map?
(Photo of the park across Plaza Singapura in Singapore taken while inside a taxi)

06 January 2013

Lights, Camera, Shop!

The ceiling of one of the malls in Singapore. That's a lot of lights!

05 January 2013

Point to the Brand

The arrow is pointing exactly to the type of car we're riding in.

03 January 2013

Social Media Talk

A mere mention is enough to be tapped to the core. 
Your digital whisper is as audible as the loudest roar. 
We don't need to be friends, you don't need to tag me. 
All you need is to click on send and I shall see.
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