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30 June 2010


As the word turns, no one gets dizzy
Even if the earth's axis is on a constant spin
My head is on its own rotation
And it feels like a bowling ball striking a ten pin.

Into The Bay

Bidding till the end
Panic buying at its best
It's not about how much money you can spend
Winning boils down to a click test.

Digital Order

Chaotic template, organize me
Bring me to a state of stressful serenity
Names with no sense, files that don't exist
Random entries replacing my wishlist.

29 June 2010

Power Struggle

Low on adrenalin, high on power
Raking in all the nutrients just enough to sleep.
An open-eye nap, a shut-eye walk
And ounces of energy left to sleep talk.


Best noontime show in a midnight slot
A replay refusing to be called a xerox
Live, delayed, recorded, replayed
What's live is the same as what's late.

28 June 2010

Clowning Asquare

Frowny clowny makes the kids drowsy
Covered with paint and an inverted smile
Happy to end his shift he'll be.
Looking forward to end a happy misery.

Reverse Temperatures

The stone-cold sun chills the outskirts
Icy lava radiance renders it freezing hot
Blazing snow beyond a sub zero desert
What temperature do I feel ?  Nowhere in between it's not.

Am I Good ?

What's so good about damaged goods
What's so good about expired goods
Good is not enough when there's a better and a best
Goods are inferior when you're not a cut above the rest.

26 June 2010

Salmon Salad

salad of honey-cured salmon, crisp potato cakes, and horseradish sour cream

25 June 2010

Stacked Fish Fillet

Sala Bistro at Greenbelt 3
herb-roasted lapu-lapu fillet with leek and pancetta risotto topped with pepper salsa

23 June 2010

Sandwich Blocks

mini sandwiches cut and bunched together

21 June 2010

Tasty BBQ

2 sticks of barbeque dripping with sauce and a mound of rice

20 June 2010

Splash !

the dad holds his son above the water as both of them splashed from the pool slide

19 June 2010

Natural Fan

the leaves are shaped as if it were a huge fan

14 June 2010

Fish In Orange Sauce

broiled fish in tangy orange sauce

13 June 2010

Dirty Ice Cream

traditional ice cream from the mobile Mamang Sorbetero which is also ironcially known as "dirty ice cream"

12 June 2010

Native Feast

bulalo, palabok, barbeque and rice served in banana leaves

11 June 2010

Tangled Onions

a mound of tangled crispy onion rings from Racks

Human Super Mario In Action

For those who've played Super Mario, I'm sure you've memorized World 1.1 as it's the very first level everyone would encounter when you start playing.   Ever wondered how it would look like if a human being would replace Super Mario ?  Well a bunch of very creative people came together to make this possible and present it to a live audience.   Kudos to their effort, especially when he hits the star.  Check it out !

Spareribs In Mandarin Sauce

spareribs in mandarin sauce from Henry's Place at The Fort

10 June 2010

Pineapple Pins

3 pineapples that are standing like bowling pins

09 June 2010

Pure Adobo

pork adobo with fried rice and half of a salted egg from Adobo Republic

Flores de Mayo

several ladies lined up parading along the streets of Cavite for their annual Flores de Mayo festival

08 June 2010

Peppered Sashimi

peppered sashimi with wasabi sauce and diced fruits served at the Marco Polo hotel in Davao City

07 June 2010

Be There at Be Resorts

My family and I spent a summer vacation in Cebu last month and we didn't have much planned.   What we were certain of was we wanted to go to the beach and eat lots of fruits and seafood.   It's a good thing one of our online friends invited us to their resort, Be Resorts in Mactan Island, Cebu.

Be Resorts is located along Punta Engano road, past Shangri-la Hotel in Mactan, Cebu.   Be Resorts is relatively new, however people may be familiar with the location as it used to be Microtel Inn.   We were picked up by their resort service and took around 30 minutes from Mandaue City to get there.  When we got there, it was like an instant transformation from the busy streets to tranquility.  For a minute, I forgot I was in the province of Cebu.  It's a getaway without having to travel far away from the city.

View Larger Map
One of the first few things I noticed when we were there was the circle theme.  Several pieces of furniture, lamps and wall designs all had something round.  This wasn't limited to the lobby and restaurant as we were shown photos of the rooms which displayed a similar continuity of the theme.

Going further past the lobby and restaurant is a viewing deck overlooking a swimming pool, jacuzzi, bar and the actual beachfront.  All these elements bring about a great piece of scenery.  Going down the deck reveals that the swimming pool has an indoor activity center adjacent to it.   The room is filled with fun activities like a Wii video game console, drums, billiards, arcade games, computers and a day care center for the young toddlers.   Just beside the reception area is a ceiling tall shelf of books for your reading pleasure.

Past the swimming pools are a bunch of tents and a shaded bar nearby where could order food and drinks.  On the other hand, the tents are excellent for enjoying a relaxing massage or simply enjoying a lazy afternoon in front of the beach.   The ocean water at the beachfront is ideal for taking a dip and relaxing but if you're the more adventurous and sporty type,   the resort offers aqua sports activities such as banana boat rides, kayak and boat rides, jetski and waverunners and scuba diving.  You can also preschedule an island hopping adventure in advance and tour the nearby islets.

Looking back from the beachfront, you can see the 2 adjacent buildings that serve as residence to this blissful resort.   The rooms are nearby making it convenient to go to and from your room to the pool and beach.

We went back to the viewing deck where we had an afternoon snack as a break from touring the facilities.   We were delighted to discover that the foods were served in generously big proportions, which made our meal a delightful one.  Their mango shake is really worth remembering.  I wouldn't mind ordering that same drink each time I'd dine there.

We did ask the general manager why is the resort called "Be Resorts".  We thought it was an acronym for something.  Contrary to our guess, it didn't stand for anything but they did point out that it is the state that they want their visitors to experience: "BE here, BE found, BE active, BE delighted, BE together, BE home."  In that case, it's indeed a BElievable experience and I'd definitely want to BE back again.

Ending Sunset

sunset on a not-so-sunny day

Scambled Eggs

a platter full of freshly served scrambled eggs

06 June 2010

Fruit Art

tropical fruits artistically sliced

05 June 2010

Cupcakes Times Five

5 identical yellow cupcakes from the Blushing Cupcakes Cafe

04 June 2010

Are You The Philippines Smartest Driver?

The more time we spend driving on the road, the more gas we consume.   And the more gas we consume, the more gas we need to replenish in our vehicles.  We can't control the price of gas but we can control how we use it.  The best way to save up on fuel consumption is how the way you drive.   For example, whenever I'm caught in traffic on a downhill slope, I switch gear to neutral and just use the brakes to save up on gas.   Using the gas pedal downhill is useless since the car's own gravity will automatically make the car move in that direction.

I'm pretty sure each driver has their own beliefs and practices on how to conserve gas.  Pilipinas Shell supports this conscious effort to economize fuel and maximize performance.

That's why they are inviting all motorists with valid driver's licenses to their search for the Philippines' Smartest Drivers.  To join, simply share your fuel saving tip by recording a video explaining how your driving techniques minimize your fuel consumption .  End your video by completing the catch phrase “Ang Pinoy na matipid sa gasolina, ____________.” Log onto www.topgear.com.ph/shellsmartestdrivers to upload your video. Submission of entries is from May 20 to June 20, 2010.

All participants will receive premium items from Shell. Aside from that, ten finalists will be awarded 10,000 pesos worth of Shell fuel vouchers and will be invited to a fuel economy boot camp on June 26 where they will go through a driving challenge.  The two most fuel efficient finalists will be hailed as the Philippines’ Smartest Drivers.

On July 8 to July 11, the 2 winners will join Team Philippines from Mapua Institute of Technology, Don Bosco Technological College and the University of Santo Tomas in the first ever Shell Eco-Marathon Asia in Malaysia. They will compete with other drivers from other Asian countries and showcase their fuel efficient driving skills and techniques. 

Shell invites all Filipino drivers to share their fuel saving tips and driving techniques. Not only will they have the opportunity to win exciting prizes, but they will also be able to help fellow drivers to be more economical in their fuel consumption, which has been one of Shell's continuing efforts in helping motorists worldwide learn how to save fuel.

For complete contest details and mechanics, visit www.topgear.com.ph and click through the
Shell Eco-marathon tab.

Avalanched Lasagna

a mound of Italian pasta sauce on top of layers of lasagna from Silcilian Express

Peppered Steak

sizzling peppered beef steak served on a hot grill

How NOT To Run A 5K

I  signed up for the Neutrogena Run 2010 last month.  It was my 3rd run and so I considered myself a bit more experienced than the 1st timers.   I wasn't able to prepare for this run as much as I did for my 2nd run which I was proud of.   To make matters worse,  I just came from a out of town trip to Lucban, Quezon the day before and due to unforeseen circumstances, we got home very late.  No that's an understatement.  We got home early the next day.

How late ?  Let's just say that I got to the racing venue around 3 hours before start.   But I just came from the trip and haven't gone home yet.  That's how late.   So with 2 hours of sleep, I already knew I wouldn't perform as well as I wanted to be.  And during my entire run, I was thinking about writing this to warn others what NOT to do to avoid the same mishap I endured.

So here it is.  My Top 10 Things NOT to do for a run.

  1. Get ample rest.  Get 8 hours sleep.  Heck get 12 hours sleep.  The merits of being well rested will increase your needed energy burst during the run.

  2. Be cool, relaxed, & rejuvenated.   I came to the run late, panicky and fatigued.   Trust me, it's not a good feeling.

  3. Be fresh.   I woke up late and because of that, I skipped a shower, a drink and a bite.  It's not like I was smelly or anything.  It's just that the feeling of not being the freshest you could be could make you uncomfortable.  Think of a crowded bus and you feel the sticky arms of the person beside you pressing on your arm each time the driver steps on the brakes.

  4. Know your route beforehand.   I did this on my 1st 2 runs.  I guess I forgot to study the map this time and just figured that I'd depend on the numerous "this way" signs put up all over the course or just follow the other runners.  What I failed to realize was that since I was late,  I didn't have anybody to follow and some of the signs were being taken down cause some of the organizers thought the last few runners had already pass by.  So guess what,  I actually circled one huge block twice cause I didn't know where to pass.   The sad thing was this was the very 1st kilometer where I gave my all and ended up at the starting line again.  I could hear James Ingram singing to me: "I did my best, but I guess my best wasn't good enough 'cause here we are back where we were before".

  5. Make sure your gear is intact.   That means check your shoe laces, shorts, mp3 player, pedometer, wrist strap, watch, pouch or whatever accessory you have on with you.  The worst thing that would happen is one of these accessories are loose or fall off wasting your time trying to fix them instead of running at full speed.   I wasted around a minute trying to find my running mp3 playlist and because I couldn't find it, I had to settle with 3 songs being played over and over.

  6. Warm up before the run.   I was late so there was no time for a warm up.  The feeling was like a dog with rabies was chasing you and you had to run for your life.  But instead of even beginning to run, you're laying on the ground trying to get up first.  Warming up makes you more agile and ready.

  7. Avoid an out of town trip the day before.  Everything that could delay our Quezon trip happened.  We left late, we got stuck in horrendous traffic, we missed our designated meals, someone got lost, and we had to revise the whole itinerary cause if we didn't, the race the next day would have ended even before I would have gotten home.

  8. Be with a friend.  Whether they're running or not, it's nice to know there's someone you know and someone who knows you in that multitude of people during the event.   I raised my arms in victory before I crossed the finish line and it felt half-fulfilling cause even the cameraman didn't seem interested in taking my picture.  It would have been nice to see someone happy for you, even if it were just a camera pointing my direction.

  9. Don't text while running.   Since I was all alone both during the course and at the event, I was texting to  at least let my wife know what kind of mishaps I was going through.   I tell you it's difficult to press those keys when you're bouncing up and down.  I also got a bit dizzy after 2 sent messages.

  10. Photos are better than video.   It's a good thing the event supplied photos.  Since I wasn't with anybody, I couldn't rely on anyone to take my photo.   When I saw some cameras along the race route, I slowed down and made a conscious effort to look like I was running fast and poised.  What's great about photos is they don't capture your speed, just a still photo of you that very second.  If they would have taken videos, I would be exposed as how slow I was running that may be even a fast walker would have passed me. 
Overall, I finished the race... after an hour.  I'll just have to put this in another perspective. I'm glad I didn't come in last.   There were 5 other people behind me... and 744 runners ahead of me (ouch!).   Lessons learned.  Gotta redeem myself next time.

03 June 2010

Pizza, Pasta and Salad

just enough to satisfy my appetite (for now)

Bubbly Pose

Under The Sea Themed Show at Enchanted Kingdom

02 June 2010

Giant California Maki

diagonally sliced giant california maki 

01 June 2010

Gulaman at Sago

a colorful refreshing drink of gulaman at sago
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