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23 November 2007

ATM Hangs

I've been fortunate enough that my ATM has never been captured by an ATM machine (ok... M stands for Machine so it's redundant, but it sounds much better don't you think ?). I remember being frustrated that the person in front of me had his ATM captured...frustrated because I couldn't use the ATM and I was next in line after lining up for around 10 minutes.

Just recently though, I experienced something quite out of the ordinary (for me at the very least) when I was widthrawing from a BPI ATM When I was finished with my transaction, the ATM gave me my card back and issued a receipt. I found it odd at first that the machine ejected my receipt without any notice. Usually, the screen would remind the user to take the receipt. 10 seconds after I took my receipt then did the machine prompt that I take my receipt. I thought it was just a delayed message since I press keys very quickly when I use ATMs. I was disturbed though that the machine was kinda stuck on that screen prompt and didn't loop back to it's initial state ready to accept a new user/card.

I couldn't leave the ATM for fear that my card, even though already ejected and safe with me, was still logged in to the network. I've used a similar ATM (UCPB ATM at SLEX Caltex or Petron Rest Stop) wherein you enter your ATM card, key in your PIN and then upon successful logon, immediately ejects your card but still allows you to conduct any transaction.

I thought of trying to enter my card again so I could sort of log in and log out properly to be safe. However, I was scared that since the ATM didn't seem to be functioning properly anymore, may capture my ATM. I wouldn't want to risk that. Since I didn't see any security guard nor person that I could talk to, I just situated myself nearby waiting for someone else to use the ATM. I kinda looked like a suspicious person awaiting a victim, which I consciously tried to hide the fact that I was interested in finding out if the next person to use the ATM can access their account without error and not my account.

After 3 people going to the ATM and trying to logon, they all left cause the ATM seemed it hanged. I guess it's either a glitch or I press keys so fast that the computer couldn't keep up with me and caused a buffer overflow or something. Since the ATM was then rendered useless, I felt more comfortable that if I can't access the ATM, no one can... until authorities reboot or fix the machine.

So make sure you check that you're properly logged out after your ATM transactions just to be on the safe side.

22 November 2007

Bumper to Bumper ? Crash My Ride

Traffic was really bad everywhere in the Metropolis last week. I tried to avoid some traffic by passing through some shortcuts but eventually, you'll need to use a main thoroughfare.

In my case, I avoided C-5 by using EDSA. I had no idea traffic would be as slow as a turtle.

Right near EDSA Buendia in the midst of crawling traffic, I was startled that my car moved when I knew my foot was on the breaks. I realized it immediately that I moved when I checked my rear view mirror and saw the car behind me kissing my car's rear. I immediately turned on the hazard lights and went down to see what happened. It was a white Fortuner SUV that bumped me. Good thing EDSA traffic then was at a standstill or else we would've been honked by drivers left and right for causing more traffic. I checked for any hits, scratches and dents on my car. I didn't care about theirs, since it's their fault to begin with. All I noticed was that the car plate's plastic cover got smashed and left a 3 inch crack. I was glad that was all there was. And so to shorten the discussion time of what to do (negotiate, wait for police or debate on who was right and who was wrong), I told them it was their fault cause I wasn't moving at all when they bumped me and since the only casualty I found was the cracked plastic plate cover, I said that could be easily replaced by buying another one for around P200. They immediately complied and gave me the P200. I left them a last message to be careful even in traffic and went back in the car.

While still stuck in traffic, I was pondering on what just happened and came up with these thoughts:
  1. If you're going to be reared by another car, the best (in a series of worsts) situation is in traffic where all the cars are running at a very slow pace. So chances of high-impact smashing is least likely to occur.
  2. I got bumped by a bigger car (an SUV). In this case, your bumper doesn't touch their bumper. So look upward for any dents, scratches or hits. My license plate and the area below it (near the trunk base) got hit.
  3. Keep your cool even though you're the victim. Panicking or accusing won't help in a situation like this. Try to even out the situation in a calm manner (no matter how your innter thoughts would like to smash the hell out of their windshield).
  4. When both of you leave the scene where the accident occurred, let the car at fault pass you. If the car was careless enough to bump you, chances are it may happen again, even seconds or minutes afterwards. And at this point, you already know the car, just avoid it.


It's been a long time since I've seen a rainbow, moreso witnessing a full rainbow from end to end. Yesterday during a gloomy afternoon on my way home, I was able to take this picture from my celphone. Based on its span, I'd say one end is somewhere in Pasig and the other is in San Mateo, Rizal.

14 November 2007

Sumayaw Ka !

The previous post was a bit too heavy. I need to loosen up.

And since one of my favorite things to do is dance, here's one of my favorite songs lately by Gloc 9 entitled "Sumayaw Ka".

Included in the video are cameo appearances of Dice and Hi-C (formerly known as Dice & K9), Looney of Stick Figgas, Ron Xplicit and the Windbreak Dancers, with the sexy Jenni Ilustre.

You could also check it out at

Sayaw na !

My Rant: Curse You

I rarely would consider ranting about some personal topic... and there hasn't been any personal topic worth ranting about online or publicly for that matter.

However, this is my blog and as much as I'd like to keep it lively and in good spirits, I just need to vent out right now for my own sake.

I've encountered profanities from people who use it habitually like in telling stories with such emotion and I know that there isn't any intention of cursing being talked to. It's just a habit of some. I can live with that. I myself don't curse and don't intend to.

I never was affected by cursing. For me, it was just words said with emotion. I can look past that. I guess it's because I try to avoid conflict and try to approach it head on with reason. Also I know that I can utter words that are far more hurting with the content and depth of their meaning than the sheer gratification others attain from mere cussing.

I have never been cursed by someone directly to my face or at least that I'm aware of... until now. My stubborn, unreasonable, undeserving relative cursed me with a raised voice earlier. I wasn't supposed to be affected. Yet, coming from a relative, it merits weight... weight that you'd feel will penetrate your emotions and inner self.

I won't go into much detail... let's just say that this person has lived with us for years without having to pay for a single cent nor be required to do anything to help the household. Yet this person has no gratitude at all and worse, has a terrible addiction, making this person untrustworthy, deceptive, conniving, and untruthful to name a few. This person has a totally twisted form of logic and can be considered in an "unstable condition". I consider this individual a "loose canon", a "helpless soul", a "useless human being" and a "menace to society".

As much as I have controlled my anger and tried to use reasoning, this person has gone too far. I have hidden much anger when this person actively and enjoyingly tries to provoke my mom. I fear for my mom of having high blood which is why I need to be the calm one to appease her. However, earlier, I felt that I have reached my boiling point and even though I myself don't have any heart conditions, I actually felt my chest hardening from anger. I have never felt such negative emotion in my life, which is why I feel I need to pour it out.

To this relative causing much tension in our quiet household, I've stopped praying you change for the better because I have done so for so many years. Yet the depth of turmoil you cause this home is irreversible. You lie, you cheat, you steal. You cause chaos and scandal. You cause us grief and heartaches. You bring dishonor to our clan. You do not deserve the good life we provide you. You use people. You're pretentious. You are not worthy to be a relative.

God bless whatever soul you have left.


I got a call earlier from Standard Chartered Bank inviting me to avail of a credit card from them. I did, actually, but not with the person who called a while ago. I was offered to apply for one 2 months ago and I went through the regular process of Q&A and submitted some required documents for approval.

I got an SMS message the other day notifying me that my application has been successfully approved and to expect the card in the mail any day now.

So this is the same thing I told the telemarketer on the phone. It seems they don't keep track of whom they've called, whom they're processing and whom who already have cards. When I told her that I've been through this exact same process 2 months ago, she proceeded to ask me for any referral. I told her again that I did the same thing 2 months ago. I already referred a friend told her I'm out of friends to refer to. LOL ! What an answer.

Anyway, she answered me in a perplexed manner... I guess she was scratching her head realizing that I was a dead lead. Actually, I was a successful lead since I did apply when I was offered the card 2 months ago. What they fail to realize is that they shouldn't be offering someone the same thing they previously offered. I would understand another card provider or bank offering their card brand... but for the same entity to offer the exact same thing ? I guess everyone needs to reach their quota in time for Christmas.

13 November 2007

Embarassing Way To Lose

One of my recreational activities to "de-stress" myself is playing some video games.

Earlier today, I passed by Timezone. I rarely play Tekken 5 cause I'm not familiar with the button sequences for special moves and gameplay in general. I just keep on pressing all the buttons using different pressing patterns and hope that I get lucky and win a fight.

If I do decide to play Tekken, it's when there is no one else playing. I dread seeing the "A Challenger Awaits You" screen cause that means that someone at the opposite end is playing against you in a 1-on-1 battle.

Luckily, I got through stage 1 with a breeze. Right in the middle of stage 2, my gameplay was interrupted with the dreaded screen, notifying me that someone just joined in and will be going head on with me. I would have rather fought the computer but I had no choice. So against my will, our battle with the unknown person at the opposite end and I fought a 5 round battle.

No matter how fast I tried pressing those keys, I eventually lost.

I was very curious to see who just beat me. And I was shocked... it was a 5 year old kid with his yaya keeping him company carrying his bag. Oh My God ! That sucks... not to mention how embarassing it is to lose to a kid less than half my size.

Well, so much for Tekken. I'm sticking with the Battle Gear racing game where I have much more experience driving and have better chances of beating a 5 year old.

03 November 2007

Reconnecting With The Dearly Departed

This year is a first in a long time. I was able to visit both sets of grandparents in their respective cemeteries. On November 1, we went to Loyola Marikina for my lolo and lola from my mother's side. And On November 2, we travelled to Batangas to visit my lolo and lola from my father's side.

I was able to acquaint myself with all of them except for my lolo from my dad's side. He died the year I was born, 3 months before to be exact. My dad only had 2 pictures left of his parents together. Both of them have faded and it's difficult to distinguish any details from the pictures. So aside from not having met my lolo, I have no recollection at all how he looks like.

Since we were in Batangas, we also met up with our last known relatives who haven't migrated nor moved out of their hometown. My dad's sister-in-law was still there. Her husband (my tito) passed away several years ago but she is survived by her son and adopted daughter.

I was parking the car when my parents went ahead to visit our relatives. I couldn't find them since I didn't know where their house was. It was a maze of houses and so I just waited near the car hoping they would remember and fetch me. When they did, my tita accompanied them. After I made "amen" to her, she was so excited at how after all these years, she's seen me again. The last time she saw me was when I was around 12 years old.

She said something unexpected that made my day and in fact made me connect with the lolo I never knew.
Her exact words uttered in sheer excitement were "Kamukhang kamukha mo si tay! Ganyan ang itsura niya nung bata pa siya. Kuha mo lahat, pati kilay, mata at hugis. Parang nabuhay si tay !" (You look like father ! He looked like you when he was young. You have all his features, his eyebrows, eyes even the dimensions. It's like father is alive!) She was referring to my lolo. Having no recollection at all of how my lolo looked like, it was such a beautiful revelation. I looked like my lolo. So even if my lolo has passed away for over 3 decades, I feel I have connected with him in spirit.

For the lolo I never knew and never had a chance to meet, I love you. Thank you for being a part of me.
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