22 June 2006

Do they really mean that ?

Yesterday, I saw this sign in front of a local restaurant:
"Drink and pay moderately".

I just had to think about it. Are they really concerned with their customer's spending habits in correlation to their drinking habits ? Now why would they want customers to pay moderately ? If I were the manager, I'd want my customers to spend lavishly.

I thought of it as a joke and just had to share this.
Blog and post moderately.


wary_of_scars said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
wary_of_scars said...

Tia Maria's at Megamall has the same sign posted. Some sort of marketing ploy if you ask me. There was an explanation at the bottom of the tarpaulin na hindi ko nabasa dahil nagmamadali ako.hehe.

Weird lang. I had to republish this comment because it mysteriously got deleted.

Anonymous said...

that's funny!

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