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28 February 2011

Chicken Kebab By The Sea

enjoying a freshly grilled Chicken Kebab by the sea

24 February 2011

Fast Forward

Each foot outstepping the other 
Each bounce a calorie burner 
The longer the distance sought 
The more breaths the mough caught.

22 February 2011

Circular Ceiling

Donut-inspired circular ceiling interior of Dunkin Cafe.   

21 February 2011

HTML Prime

This is my tribute to Optimus Prime and HTML5.

Mustard Fish Salmon

mustard-coated salmon served with corn, carrots and peas and a cup of rice topped with mushrooms at Sweet Pea

20 February 2011

Longganisa Twins

a double dose of longgasina for breakfast from Jolllibee

Strange Fruit

a tree at the McKinley Hill Parking lot bearing a weird-shaped fruit

Circular Assistance

Guide my vision 
Be my one-way mirror 
Erase my doubting thoughts 
Make my mind clearer.

08 February 2011

Blue Ray Lakers

postcard effect of Taal volcano amidst the calm lake

07 February 2011

Red Berries

miniature berries

Green Rings

bubble gum-flavored donuts from Krispy Kreme

Care To Give ?

Give where there's lack of receiving¨
Take the gratitude of them being¨
Make a smile, make their day¨
The help offered goes a long way.

06 February 2011

Sizzling Mushrooms

a sizzling plate of hot mushrooms with a serving of gravy

Pink Rose

Pink rose in a sea of white petals
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