14 December 2009

Big Sheet

Thanks to Aileen who introduced me to it, I've had a liking for seaweed snacks. One of the brands out there that sell seaweed snacks is Tao Kae Noi. They package crispy seaweed ready to eat.

I just wish though that there was another name for their snack. Cause if someone asks what I'm eating, I'd have to say "I'm eating a Big Sheet". Oh my !



Aileen Apolo-de Jesus said...

Ooohh! Thanks to the Google micro-kitchen where I discovered this, actually now I remember, it was Hanson who force-fed it to me LOL.

JayDJ said...

@aileen yeah... i remember that too. that's how i got to like it, when you gave me a sample. Good thing I found out it's also available in the local supermarkets. yey ! My tita said it's like eating crafted paper. LOL!

Chel Tamayo-Roa said...

Ay pasingit naman sa sweetness niyo.

Have a colleague who just came Malaysia who gave me lots of this as a pasalubong.

I didn't quite know how to 'consume' it so it's still here on my station, totally ignored. hehe.

Anonymous said...

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