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27 September 2009

Territorial Rights

looks as if the man was declaring this land his

26 September 2009

I'm Still Looking At You

My eyes may be closed but I'm still looking at ya
(Medwin Marfil of True Faith)

25 September 2009

Bubble Lamp

Huge room light with a bee-like bubble surface

24 September 2009

Rack o' Wine

love the towering wine rack

23 September 2009

Silhouette of His Instrument

That's his guitar.

22 September 2009


the dogs partner up with their guardians, or is it the guardians pair up with their dogs ?

19 September 2009

Why Ironing And Dancing Don't Mix

Like drinking and driving, ironing and dancing don't mix. Check out this video and you'll know why.

16 September 2009

Local Delicacies

cassava cake and kakanin

13 September 2009

All-Expense Paid Travel Photography Expedition

I'm reposting this from one of my subscribed groups cause I think it's a good opportunity and even better is that it's free ! Read on:

Join an All-Expense Paid Travel Photography Expedition to Hacienda San Benito, Lipa Batangas

Take this rare opportunity to join our full-day photo expedition workshop that will be lead and instructed by professional photographer, Mr. Brian Bravo. All expenses including transportation, food, and snacks are all taken care of.

Hacienda San Benito is a 22-hectare development in Lipa, Batangas at the foot of Mt. Malarayat. Take photos of magnificent landscapes, Cascading Ponds, Koi lagoons, Farm animals such as chickens, turkeys, ostriches, goats, sheep, cows and carabaos; a coffee plantation, a grape vineyard, a pineapple plantation; and a garden of flowers and ornamental plants.

Expedition Date: SEPTEMBER 20, 2009, Sunday.

For inquiries, contact
Joseph Roc
Arts Manager | Writer | Creative Industries Advocate

12 September 2009

White in the Spotlight

sexy rapper/singer Hi-C in the spotlight

10 September 2009

Light My Artificial Existence

artificial light for an artificial plant

09 September 2009

Blonde Silhouette

lady whose silhouette seems like she's missing a torso

08 September 2009

Mini Pineapples

a pineapple couple

02 September 2009

Close Up of My Favorite Food

The Works on a Joey Pepperoni Pizza

01 September 2009

September Officially Starts The Christmas Season

It's still a long way till Christmas but September is the start of the "Ber" months. Puto Bumbong is a favorite seasonal delicacy during the holiday season.
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