20 January 2009

My Optimus Prime Shrine

One thing few people know about me is that I'm a Transformers fan.  But to be more specific, I'm what you call a G1 fan (Generation 1) or in layman's terms, the very first issues of the Transformers when it was commercially released in the US around 1984.  It's that specific, because Japan released the Transformers (as diaclones and just the toys without any storyline or background behind each robot) before the US even adopted it and turned it into a cartoon.
Since then, there have been several generations.  There's G2 (Generation 2), Headmasters, Targetmasters, Destrons, Beast Wars, Minicons, Animated and many more I fail to recall.  

One of the most common characters in all generations, be it in a different form or variation each time is the character Optimus Prime, who is usually the Leader of the Autobots (the good guys).  If I'm not mistaken, this character has been the robot with the most toy releases and variations ever.

Last Christmas, courtesy of sweetie, I got my most prized Optimus Prime possession, the original and classic G1 release.   I used to have a miniture replica when I was little, but it got washed away by a flood many years ago.  It's just awesome.

And so to add to my collection of Optimus Primes, is Optimus Prime. :)  
Hail Optimus Prime !



Anonymous said...

OMG jay! You really are a fan. You sound so geeky describing everything including its history. I'm just so happy to take a glimpse at your wonderful Optimus Prime collection. :-)

JayDJ said...

hahahaha ! I guess that's why only a few know of my collection... until now. LOL!

I'm sure my colleagues sa music industry would never guess.

Aileen Apolo-de Jesus said...

Glad you loved it! Imagine I had it with me for almost a month already before giving it to you for Christmas. I was so excited to give it to you! But I did get help from best friend's Tappy's hubby in choosing the gift. Teehee.

Anonymous said...

Halimaw sa collection! Shrine nga talaga to! Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

JayDJ said...

Fritz, you haven't seen my entire collection yet...
here it is :)

Enjoy !

Jonas said...

Wow, grabe itong shrine na ito! Parang gusto ko mag-alay dito kay Optimus, hehehe! Very nice Jay, may you have more Optimus Primes to come! :D

darkcrow said...

wow! optimus prime fanatic ka pala..

then you'll enjoy this for sure:


but you need to watch this also:

enjoy boss jay!

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