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24 January 2009

Multimedia Rice Cooker... You Wish !

I was ordering food at one of the food stalls over at Trinoma and while waiting for my food to be served, I happened to notice their humungous rice cooker.  

I was astonished when I saw the huge rice cooker and was thinking how many cups of rice can that baby produce.

That was until I saw what was labelled on the side.

3D, Hanabihisi, Kyowa and the rest of the rice cookers, move over.  It's powered by Microsoft and it says it's also equipped with Microsoft Media Player.  LOL! 

If it only had an SD card slot so I can listen to my MP3s while waiting for rice to be cooked!  Now that's steaming hot !  hahaha!

20 January 2009

Marikina Life - My New Blog

Inspired by a talk on blogging, I decided to create a new niche blog for 2009.  And what better niche I could think of than the city where I live.

And so, I have a new blog entitled "Marikina City Life", Life in the City... the City of Marikina.

It's still in its infancy and there are lots of things I plan to add and develop.

Hope you could check it out.

Thanks !

88 cents ?

I saw this sign at Tokyo Tokyo (ground floor of People's Support building in Makati City).
They're selling Lucky Pao in time for the Chinese New Year.  

And how much is 5 pieces worth ?

Aside from the triple 8's supposedly signifying good luck, if you pay, P109, it's like representing the date January 2009 (01/09).   

I wonder though if they'll give you change for P109.

(if they do, it's 12 cents, like representing the 12 months... ok, I think I'm watching that series Numb3rs too much)

My Optimus Prime Shrine

One thing few people know about me is that I'm a Transformers fan.  But to be more specific, I'm what you call a G1 fan (Generation 1) or in layman's terms, the very first issues of the Transformers when it was commercially released in the US around 1984.  It's that specific, because Japan released the Transformers (as diaclones and just the toys without any storyline or background behind each robot) before the US even adopted it and turned it into a cartoon.
Since then, there have been several generations.  There's G2 (Generation 2), Headmasters, Targetmasters, Destrons, Beast Wars, Minicons, Animated and many more I fail to recall.  

One of the most common characters in all generations, be it in a different form or variation each time is the character Optimus Prime, who is usually the Leader of the Autobots (the good guys).  If I'm not mistaken, this character has been the robot with the most toy releases and variations ever.

Last Christmas, courtesy of sweetie, I got my most prized Optimus Prime possession, the original and classic G1 release.   I used to have a miniture replica when I was little, but it got washed away by a flood many years ago.  It's just awesome.

And so to add to my collection of Optimus Primes, is Optimus Prime. :)  
Hail Optimus Prime !

12 January 2009

Kick A Computer !

In case you don't have the luxury of disposing a computer, and don't have enough energy to kick one, here's the perfect way to do both virtually.  It's a stupid but fun game I found on the net. 
You can set the angle and power at the top left by sliding the red button then clicking on "kick". See how far your computer can go.
Kick it !

id="Kick Da Pc"

NAME="Kick Da Pc"

02 January 2009

New Years Resolution Passing Grade

I remember making New Years Resolutions years back just for the sake of having one but not religiously following it or making a conscious effort to follow it.

In 2008, I made my most ambitious and challenging list and I can happily say that I was able to complete (to a certain degree) 5 out of 10.   Possibly a passing grade for school standards but a great feat for me and I'm settling with it.

So here are the five on my 2008 New Years List that I've completed.

1.  Be debt-free. (1/2 point)
 -  Well almost.  I had 3 credit cards (one for company and two personal).  At the last quarter of the year, I was able to nearly zero-out one card and intends to terminate that one.  

2.  Built 5 new websites. (1/2 point)
Well I wasn't able to build 5.  I was able to buy some domains with the intention of pursuing this.  Originally, this resolution meant to be sites of my own.  But since I was able to create some websites for a couple of clients and friends, I'm counting them here.

3.  Exercise more. (1/4th point)
I wasn't able to exercise as much as I wanted.  I bought a couple of dance workout videos but it was more of lack of space in the house which hindered me from actually working out regularly and was confined to a cramped up room where I accidentally hit or kicked my bed, wall and electric fan in the process of exercising.  Got me more bruises than exercise.  So my exercise routines came in the form of using the stairs wherever I go and occasional brisk walking inside a mall.  I also love that device you wear to calculate the number of steps you actually take.  I never knew I could take 3,000 steps inside a mall and not feel like I was exercising. Compared to my 2007 exercise regiment (which was close to non-existent), this is an improvement.  

4.  Get more sleep.  (1/4th point)
I'm usually still up around midnight and 1-2am is the average time I go to sleep.  Waking up around 6-7am gives me only 5-6 hours of sleep.  So how did I actually get more sleep ?  I was able to take (or more like my body decided it for me) naps during the late afternoons.  So around 5-7pm, my body would be looking for rest.   If I rebooted my computer during this time, I would instantly fall asleep before the computer could restart.   I guess what I need to do is find a way to bunch up all my sleeping times into one long one.  The late afternoon naps are dangerous when I'm not at home.  I have to keep myself awake then.  

5.  Be less cranky and confrontational with parents. (1 point)
Ok, there are still a few here and there, but it was kept at a pure minimum and I'd say it was effortless.   If you just accept things you can't change nor control at face value, then it relieves tension and pressure.   There are many correct ways of doing things.  I will not debate whether it is the most efficient and straightforward way if it would cause high blood or stress.  Just accept it.  Case in point:  My dad will always ask me how to use the VCD and DVD player no matter how many times I've taught it to him.  (Akala nyo serious emotional family matter noh ! Nope, just the petty things).

6.  Learn new technologies and use them.  (1 point)
I'm a web developer and consultant.  But my skills are kinda outdated.  So I took it upon myself to learn newer web technologies.  This year, I resurrected my Ebay hobby and got to try out new tips and methods in selling.  I took up a web client to force me to enhance my skills in Content Management Systems.  And I also got to learn more about Google and its vast services, thanks to Aileen.

7.  Answer e-mails promptly.  (fail)
This is one thing that is gonna be carried over to my 2009 New Years Resolution.   I have a bad habit of selectively answering newly received e-mails and then stop after answering a few.  So as long as there is new e-mail, I will never get to those e-mails older than them.  I guess it's also because I know that not all e-mails require a simple reply.  Some involve  additional time needed before answering it (like submitting a document that you have to create or submitting statistics that you have to compute first before you could send them).   I want a clean inbox now !

8.  Process new files immediately. (1/2 point)
I have a repository directory with all new files with subdirectories containing the date.  If this directory gets long, I panic and start processing them.  But if there aren't many subdirectories, I tend to let them pile up until I panic.  So  I'm giving this 1/2 point cause I only process new files immediately when there have been new files coming in on a daily basis.

9.   Make long term plans.  (1 point)
This is one resolution I was constantly doing and thinking of for the entire 2008.  So if I could give an additional half point for this, I would.  And since I own this list, I won't mind if I will.   
Updated score: (1 & 1/2 points)

10.  Visit this list once a month to check if being followed.  (fail)
I realized I had a New Years Resolution around mid June after I celebrated my birthday.  So I wasn't able to revisit my list for the first half of the year.  Then I checked the list again before Christmas since remaining days for 2008 were numbered.

I'm going to recycle some of those partially fulfilled resolutions in my 2009 New Years Resolution list and add new ones.   Hope I get a better score next year !

Happy 2009 to all !
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