22 August 2008

Annabelle Rama Stole My Parking Slot

Well, it was actually her driver who beat me to a parking slot by seconds.

I had a hard time finding a parking slot along Tomas Morato and no matter how many valet parking services there are along that road, it's not an option for me (I simply can't take it upon myself to entrust my car with a valet).

And so I waited near the sidewalk with hazard flashing lights. A huge black van was also waiting about two cars away from my area.

Then, a car backed up from the parking area. Unfortunately, it backed up towards my side which caused the van to get in the parking slot before I could.

I waited 20 minutes before I could get a parking slot. When I finally parked, I saw Annabelle Rama coming out of the restaurant and walking towards my way. She took a second look at me with her usual "mataray" look and I didn't mind cause I was late. Before entering the restaurant, I looked back and saw her board the van.

Kontrabida talaga
yung driver.


Anonymous said...

LOL! panalo.

Euri said...

I think Anabel Rama's nice.
Mataray lang talaga.


JayDJ said...

@euri baka nga. i just remember her from the Monster Mom movie... na panay sigaw niya. Well, yung driver naman yung nakabangga ko. mweheheheh

@dyosa korek !

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