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31 December 2007

Cleaning Up For The New Year

Today, I've been busy cleaning out my cabinets, physical inbox of papers, throwing away old receipts, expired coupons, useless or outdated scraps of paper, cut an old credit card into bits and pieces, and moved a box of stuff with old memories to the storage room. A lot of sorting out involves deciding what to throw away or retain. Lots of decisions to make... being outdated makes the decision process easier though.

All this is to welcome 2008 with a fresh and clean start. This time, I also plan to actually make a New Year's Resolution list... and follow it. I'm also planning on putting a US dollar bill in my wallet and leave it there permanently. No particular reason I could think for putting the dollar bill except so that my wallet will have another currency and won't be empty.

I hope the year of the Rat will be a good year for me, my sweetie, my family, my friends and my work.

Keep your hands safe from firecrackers so you can blog another day !

Happy New Year everybody !

Luxury Buses

The last bus I rode was a Victory Liner bus headed to Baguio. I wasn't able to try their deluxe buses which I heard has a restroom inside... but that's okey.

I've seen a double decker bus a couple of months ago parked at the World Trade Center. I never experienced riding one too. If I would, I'm taking the upper deck.

Buses with TV's and DVD players are common as well. One bus I saw had 2 TV's, with the 2nd one suspended halfway from the entrance for those at the back.

But the one that topped it all off and a first for me to see was this luxury bus parked near Meralco Avenue in Pasig City. Looking through the bus window from outside, the bus seemed to emit some bright yellowish lights from inside. After staring at it for a few more seconds, I realized that this bus had a chandelier ! It was around 1.5 feet high suspended on the aisle part of the bus. Now that's classy !

Where Did The Baby Go ???

I was at Eastwood last week with relatives and we had dinner at the Serye restaurant. They had a patio type of area outside the resto where you could see the stage and sidewalk from.

While eating I noticed this lady which looked like she was with her family. She was texting on her celphone. She's the one in black sitting on the side of the fountain area.

After a few minutes, I was surprised to find her sitting somewhere else. I had a couple of witty remarks but the one that stood out was:

"Where did the baby go ???"

Runner's up were:
"That's a huge baby !"
"The baby can text !"
"Can strollers accommodate that kind of weight ?"

I do hope the baby isn't still in the stroller.

13 December 2007

Drive Thru Is Not For People

Around 2am, I was driving along C5 going home and decided to grab a snack to take home. I was near the Libis area and so figured that the McDonalds branch within Eastwood would be the perfect place since they have a drive thru counter and are open 24 hours.

After ordering from the speaker, I was told to proceed to the check out counter to pay and get my order. Upon turning, I saw 2 people who looked like they worked in a call center and were on a break. I thought they were just standing there but soon enough I noticed that they were talking with the crew member inside. I wasn't able to pull up the car close enough to the take out window cause of the 2 people. After observing for a few seconds, I realized that they ordered and were waiting for it to be served.

At this point, I could also see the counter inside the fastfood through the drive thru window and noticed that there wasn't any line at all. So I immediately became disgruntled considering that instead of serving me, the only car lined up at the drive thru counter, I had 2 people in front of me. Why they didn't order inside is beyond me. So the usual 1-2 minute wait at the drive thru turned into 5-8 minutes. I really wanted to tell the 2 people to line up inside next time and at the same time remind the McDonalds crew member to entertain only customers with vehicles ordering via the drive thru. But it was 2am and I was kinda conserving my energy so I let it go.

It just ticks me off that the real essence of the drive thru is not being used properly. Bring a car, motorcycle, tricycle or even a bike for all I care... just don't use your feet and walk up to the drive thru.. that's why there's a counter inside the store. Perhaps next time when I encounter the same situation again, I should park my car inside the store next to the counter and order from there. LOL!

10 December 2007

Can Grannies Rock ?

Last week, the GMA morning show Unang Hirit celebrated their 8th anniversary at the Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall bundled with a show filled with raffles and entertainment as their appreciation for their avid viewers. I'm not sure but I hint that a lot of their viewers are elders who are awake this early to watch them.
I wasn't really watching... just listening since I was nearby. I did hear one of the hosts, Regine Tolentino announce that some bands would be performing too. Shamrock, Sugarfree and Urbandub were to perform.

I did take a peek when Shamrock performed. What I noticed was since this is an early morning wholesome show, there were a lot of lolas seated in front. I immediately wondered if the lolas can handle the live band rock music they were set to experience up close. I figured Shamrock is not very loud in terms of rock and can even be considered a bit pop. Sugarfree is on the rock side but could be mellow, as they rendered their revival version of Apo Hiking Society's "Batang-bata Ka Pa". What I was interested to see though is how would the lolas react to Urbandub's music... which is loud and heavy. I dig Urbandub's music but would the elders do ?

I thought they'd cover their ears from the loudness, considering they were seated strategically in front of the huge speaker system. Unbelievably though, they were clapping to the music... something you wouldn't see by rockistas unless the band initiates it.

It suddenly struck me... may be these lolas don't have perfect hearing anymore. And so any loud music would sound as normal volume to them. Hmmmmm.... I wonder...

03 December 2007


Today I seemed to have accumulated a couple of "car" stories worth mentioning. It's a Trilogy with no relation from one to the other. I just wanted to call it that cause it sounds movie-ish. ;)

1. The right-front tire of my car has been leaking out air more frequently last week. I only had time to check it out today when I noticed that there must be a hole in it. After paying a visit to my suking Caltex repair bay where I get my "suking" vulcanizing services done, my mechanic found a 1.5" nail pierced into the tire. My poor car... it's been walking with a splinter all this time. I got my Toyota's feet patched with medicine and a bandaid. :) Now it's all pumped up and back to normal. Yehey !

2. I was in the parking lot of a mall getting ready to leave when suddenly this sports car dashed through the parking lot as if it were in a drag race. If I were still walking in that same parking lot the time he dashed to the exit, I would've scared the wits out of myself.

3. In the mall, there was a Chevrolet display with 2 cars. I passed by and was shocked to see a chubby guy sleeping inside the backseat of the car. He had his mouth wide open too. I don't think interested buyers would want to try out the car with him inside.

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