25 June 2007

Starting A Startup

"It's not an easy task" would be my opening thoughts. But the potential integrated with your personal vision is what makes it all worthwhile.

I recently read an article about Guy Kawasaki, co-founder of http://truemors.com who documented the steps he took in putting up a dot.com entitled "By the Numbers: How I built a Web 2.0, User-Generated Content, Citizen Journalism, Long-Tail, Social Media Site for $12,107.09" and he tells his story which may seem inspiring to others given the 7.5 weeks he mentioned this all took place. It's sustaining and maintaining the website long after it's gone live is what's important. I've seen dot.coms come and go, startups with brilliant concepts, and visionaries with much passion. However, when it comes to actually putting everything together and implementing it, it requires more than that.

I myself am to embark on a new but exciting period in my website's life, that is making it shine as it has never shined before. Time to crank up the volume and let this baby blossom by being seen, read and heard by all. Wish me luck !


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