Meeting Cyberfriends

Friday, May 19, 2006

I was at this MTV Party the other night. I had 2nd thoughts in going since I was already running late. But when I learned from a friend that 2 people who I only know on the net were in town and would be there, I didn't hesitate to go despite being late.

They aren't really friends that I know on a personal level. I actually just know them from listening to their podcasts. They're more popularly known online as Obet & Chika of Now before you raise your eyebrows, it's only the site's name that's a shocker to grab attention. But they do make regular podcasts about being Pinoy and been on the net for a while too.

Anyway, they maintain some level of anonymity since their online names aren't their real names. So it was kinda weird talking to them referring to them with the names I'm accustomed to while their personal friends were referring to them in their real names. Kinda like a split personality... but I can relate since I maintain a slightly different (but not opposite) online personality than I do in real life. But it was cool to be able to chat with them.

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