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26 April 2016

Where is the Sun?

No matter how dark the sky may be
No matter how thick the clouds may be
No matter what blocks the light we see
The sun will always be there.

Asleep or awake
Night or day
Whichever way
The sun will always be there.

Cover the sky
Close my eyes
Open them wide
The sun will always be there.

Feel the air
It's never bare
Just as the people in your life always care.
Cause the sun will always be there.

18 April 2016

Is the Mall of Asia Building a Solar System?

If you've been to SM Mall of Asia, chances are you'll be welcomed by a huge globe. Right at the center of the rotunda is the SM Mall of Asia Globe. I read that this landmark symbolizes the size and advancement Mall of Asia represents. Also starting late afternoon till evening, this globe transforms into a 360 degrees Electronic Billboard.

If you've been around Mall of Asia, one thing is for certain, it's always expanding in all directions. There's business centers, hotels, an arena, a convention center, a church, an amusement park, an esplanade, a science center and a huge parking lot that doubles as concert grounds.

Lately there's been a new addition to that lineup. If you've been to the North Wing of the SM Mall of Asia, you may have noticed a huge dome-like structure being built just beside the IMax theater. The upper half looks like a perfect dome and at night you can see sparks running down from welding construction in progress.

If the SM Mall of Asia Globe represents the Earth, fireworks represent the stars in the galaxy and the entire Mall of Asia were the solar system, then could this be the moon?  Perhaps the Science Center could explain this new SM celestial phenomenon.

Well apparently, I learned that this dome will soon be the home of a ship! Not a spaceship, but a galleon; the one popularized by the Acapulco Manila Galleon Trade.  To be known as the Acapulco Manila Galleon Trade Museum, it plans to showcase 450 years of trading history between the Philippines and Mexico.  I have no idea how a huge galleon ship will fit inside, so this alone would be interesting to see when it opens.

Until then, behold the giant structure and welcome Acapulco Manila Galleon Trade Museum to the SM Mall of Asia solar system..

01 April 2016

New Dates Announced To Avoid April 1

To avoid April Fools Day and skip the endless verifying of facts and statements whether they are true or falce, worldwide leaders have unanimously decided to add an additional day in March and start April on the 2nd.
In lieu of the update, this new calendar has been released, thereby skipping April 1.
We now have a March 32 followed by April 2.
Kindly adjust your calendars and sync to this new one.

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