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04 August 2014

Manila Bay on a Sunny Day

Abundant greens and a blue sky.

03 August 2014

Letting Go of a Laughing Domain: Jejejeje.com

Since I used to offer web development services, I also created some blogs and websites for personal use as a hobby.  Some of them come out of an amazing idea.  Some I use as training ground.  And some are purely experimental.  

www.jejejeje.com was one of them.

www.jejejeje.com, a Jejemon site. Yes, there were a few floating around the net then!
In 2010, the Jejemon phenomenon became popularly (or unpopularly) known.  The cryptic text speak in the mobile world moved into pop culture and became a way of life for some.  Not everybody embraced or liked it, but what was a fact was that it was getting attention.   

I thought of compiling online posts and and anything about Jejemon into a blog encapsulating (or annoying) the public, which I called Jejemon World 1.0 (Eow PowZ, mUsZtAh nHa?).  The old domain for it was www.jejejeje.com.

I chose the domain cause jejejeje was the standard laugh for jejemon.  I soon discovered later why the blog was getting some views from Brazil and some parts of South America.  It was because the term "jejejeje" was also the Spanish translation of the hehehehe laugh.  I could've switched themes and junk the jejemon concept for a Spanish humor website.  Problem is my 6 units of Spanish in college is way below an attempt to maintain a website in another language.  I could be the jejejeje of it you could say.

I wasn't a fan of Jejemon either so my dedication to updating the blog wasn't a priority.  Eventually, the Jejemon phenomenon died down and is now more known as a reference to a pop cult than anything else.
So few weeks ago, while I got an e-mail reminder to renew the domain, I decided to forego the domain.  So for everyone out there interested, www.jejejeje.com is AVAILABLE!

Since the blog was created on Blogger, Jejemon World 1.0 is still accessible if you want to see it or you feel nostalgic towards Jejemon.  Head on to http://jejemonjejemon.blogspot.com/  All 16 posts (yeah, that many!) are still intact.

If you're planning to get it or know who will, let me know so I can link it here to the future jejejeje.com
What can I say for now?  Jejejeje!

02 August 2014

Google Goes into Domain Registration with Google Domains

Google recently announced that it will be offering domain registration services which will be known as Google Domains.  While currently by invitation only and beta phase, some features which standout are

  1. Free private registration - other domain registrars charge extra for this.  If you have 10 domains and select private registration service, that's already 10x of that add-on cost more than getting it for free.
  2. Bundled with customized e-mail - You usually need to associate your domain with a hosting provider to setup and configure your customized e-mails. Sometimes you'll just use your gmail account.  This is powered by the Gmail engine learning curve is very minimal if you're already familiar using Gmai.
  3. Use Google's DNS Servers as your own - Your domain would connect quickly and reliably to your website.
  4. Integration with Google Apps - If you were using Google Apps in the past, you would have had to register a domain elsewhere and integrate it with the Google Apps and the Google Apps engine.  Now it's a one-stop shop.
  5. Website Building Integration - Google is working with some of the top website building providers like +Shopify, +Squarespace, +Weebly, and+Wix.com to integrate with their interface and setup.

Other standard features of domain registrars include domain forwarding, subdomain creation and customer support.  
Does this mean that you should start transferring your domains from your current registrar to Google Domains?  Well, it is in beta phase, so expect new features and modifications to be heavily rolled out.  Better to wait till it moves out of beta and becomes readily available to the public.  You could also register a test domain (when it becomes available) to play around with the configuration and setup enough to be confident in transferring a whole bulk of domains if that's what your long term goal is.

If you want a sneak peek and try out the beta version, you can request for an invite to Google Domains here.
To learn more about Google Domains, visit https://domains.google.com/about/features.html

Kalesa Parking Only

Pubic parking for kalesas at Intramuros.

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