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30 December 2010

One Last Day For One Last Digit

For more than three hundred days 
You've been writing the same way 
And now on the verge of turning the leaf 
The last digit is all that makes it unique.

25 December 2010

Holiday of Glee

Gift-giving, holiday greetings
Surge of happiness everywhere abounds
Hugs and kisses, laughs and smiles,
If only we were like this all-year round.

Merry Christmas !

a candy cane on our Christmas tree
Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
I leave you with this Christmas song courtesy of versionmine.com
To my family, relatives, colleagues, and all my friends on social media, enjoy the holiday season !

Gift-giving Time

on Christmas day with all the gifts ready to be distributed to loved ones

22 December 2010


simple Christmas decoration around the cubicle

21 December 2010

Southern Oblation

20 December 2010

Keychain of Sound

Keys that don't fit any hole, keys only unlock a melody·
The harder, the bolder and the bolder, the louder·
Sounding off to each press, acknowledging every touch·
The performance is more pleasant to hear than watch.

Guardian Leader

Optimus Prime guarding my computer

16 December 2010

Capturing The Moment

Bunching together side by side 
It doesn't matter if you're tall or wide 
Keep steady, be patient 
And encapsulate a split second moment.

06 December 2010

Crying Nostrils

Sniffing to contain, the tears that remain·
The moist that knows behold·
The eyes are dry but squint with might·
For each gush of wind that blows in record time.

Pink Salmon & Parmesan

Tower of Salmon on parmesan tuille served with slices of mango and pears (served at Bourbon Street, Smallville, Iloilo City
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