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28 May 2010

Seaweed Salad

seaweed combined with mango, tomatoes and onions

Foreigner Sings Dahil Sa Yo

Pinoys are bursting with music talent.  It's hard to find singers that standout when just about everybody has their own unique talent.   But one thing that really stands out are foreigners who take their talent and try it out on a Filipino song.  You gotta give them credit for their effort. That alone is impressive enough.   What more if they sing it as if it were a Filipino singing ?

That's why it was a very wonderful delight for me to discover this rendition of "Dahil Sa Yo" by Ernie Halter on youtube. He adds a jazzy touch to this traditional Filipino classic.

Fish & Chips To Dip

huge fish fillet pieces & potato wedges with tartar and ketchup dip

Circling the Pool

balls perfectly racked in a billiard table 

26 May 2010

River Flying

a Bohol native releases his grip from the swinging rope and catapults himself in mid-air at the famous Loboc River

Mango Heaven

several dozens of mangoes displayed by the beachside restaurant ready to be served as mango shakes

25 May 2010

Bilao Full of Seafood

5 kinds of seafood served in a huge bilao with a mound or rice in the middle (served at Maribago Blueleaf Beach Resort, Cebu)

Seashell Starfish

Thousands of shells forming a starfish hanging above the floating restaurant at the Maribago Blueleaf Beach Resort, Cebu.

24 May 2010

Summer Break Here I Am

I'm currently on vacation with my family in Cebu and Bohol.  I'll be back in Manila and online in a couple of days to update my blog.  In the meantime, you can check out my video blog Version Mine, which is updated daily.  Now for a little fun in the sun. :)

20 May 2010

Spilled Shrimps

an overflowing basket of shrimps mixed with vegetables

Table of Toppings

table filled with bowls of pizza toppings

19 May 2010

Blueberry Pointing At You

a slice of a luscious blueberry cheesecake

16 May 2010

Fanning the Festival Colors

a colorful masked young lady ready to participate in the Pahiyas festival in Lucban, Quezon.

14 May 2010

Greenwich Levels Up Once Again With New Pizzas

Greenwich has been constantly inventing new pizza combinations giving the public more choices based on their personal pizza palettes.

Recently, I got the chance to sample two of the newest pizzas from the "Greenwich Overload" series, namely  the 5-star Bacon Burger Melt Overload, and the Angus Maximus Overload.

The 5-star Bacon Burger Melt Overload is overloaded with premium crispy bacon strips, beef burger, 100% mozzarella cheese and cheese drizzle.  If you didn't tell me these were pizza toppings, I would think these were ingredients for a tossed salad.  Saying all that in one breath alone is enough to be overwhelmed by the toppings they put together.  I love the taste of this pizza.  The balance of 2 meaty toppings complementing the 2 kinds of cheese provides a delectable taste in every slice.  Add the overload of everything and every bite will have every topping on it.   The 5-star pizza name is very justifiable.

The next pizza I tasted was their Angus Maximus Overload.  When I heard the name alone, I was excited to sample this unique pizza.   The first thing that came into mind was "isn't angus beef expensive meat ?".  Add the word "maximus" to that led me thinking I'm in for a real treat with an encounter of the angus kind.   The Angus Maximus Overload is a pizza overloaded with Prime U.S. Angus beef and 100% mozzarella cheese.  Never would I have imagined tasting angus beef on a pizza.   And Greenwich does this to drive the meatlovers crazy by placing it as topping to a pizza.  I tell you that this massive pizza is going to make you full right away, which is a good thing altogether.    At some point, you'd want to pick out a thick chunk of angus and savor its taste before going back to get a bite of angus on the pizza just to compare (but really to get a-chompin' away).   Angus Maximus definitely reveals the "meatlover" in you at first bite.

If you've been following the Greenwich Overload series, you'll be happy to discover that accompanying this new release is another John Lloyd commercial where he wins a best actor award.  Like his "levelling up" each time, Greenwich outperforms itself with newer pizza combinations each time.  

I'd say that the award for best Pizza Series, goes to... the Greenwich Overload Series.  Congratulations !

02 May 2010

Heroes Unite

Autobot Icon Optimus Prime and King of Pop Michael Jackson side by side
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