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26 April 2010

HipHopera At Its Best

I'm a big fan of hiphop and Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre's "Next Episode" is like an anthem for me (not really the lyrical meaning of the song... if you're familiar with the message).   I gotta hand it to these four tenors known as 4Tissimo that they totally turned this song around and made an opera version.   This is a sneak preview of their hiphopera talent which is included their album "Tenors With Attitude".
And here's a hilarious opera version of  2 Live Crew's "Me So Horny".  This song simply cracked me up.  I couldn't take this song seriously cause I couldn't imagine an opera version of this horny song.

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4. By May 3, Globe will be raffling off AOT online concert passes to 4 lucky fans. Great way to spend the week with your rocker friends!

It's that easy! But if you can't wait 'til May 3, be one of the first to witness Urbandub's First Decade online concert starting April 23 for only 60 Pesos. Purchase a passkey by texting ALIVE60 URBANDUB to 2363 then log on to www.pelicola.tv/aliveoutthere to enjoy the concert! (International viewers can also purchase a passkey via Credit Card)

22 April 2010

2-Faced Guy

I caught this guy attending the 2010 Komikon looking at two opposite directions.

15 April 2010

Ice Cream Sandwich

Luscious Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiched in a Wafer

13 April 2010

Classic Video Games Invade Earth

I loved playing those classic ol' school 8-bit video games.  When video games were at its infancy, those simple but addictive games like Pac-man, Donkey Kong and Frogger were all cool and fun to play with.  Check out this video and see if you could remember the game.

10 April 2010

Generally Colorful Rockin' Ladies

I love taking candid shots of bands and singers performing live.  The lighting from the spotlights colored the band members of General Luna green with a violet background.  But any hue of these cool talented ladies won't stop them from rockin'.

Action Packed

I was really taking a photo of the cosplayer in military fatigue but somehow my cam autofocused on the girl behind sitting down.   But the effect is still cool and colorful so I saved the image.

09 April 2010

Screw You !

Screw It !
If you need to get screwed literally, check out this place along P. Tuazon in Cubao. 
"Screw It (Bolts & Nuts Co.)"

06 April 2010

Blast Rap from the Past

Young MC was one of my favorite rap artists in the '90's.   He's also a rhymical (lyrical rhyme) genius.  I remember playing his cassette tape over and over way back in college.  Here's his most popular song "Bust A Move".

Brooklyn in Laguna

Brooklyn Place is one of the park zones in Enchanted Kingdom, where the main attraction is the Rialto, Brooklyn's motion simulator theate.

Enchanted Sisters

A group of nuns enjoying the Rio Grande Rapids at Enchanted Kingdom are about to get a big splash.
And here it is.  

and an animated version for instant replay.

05 April 2010

Big But Cute

Zoori the Lion at Enchanted Kingdom


the top of a colored polkadot cap

03 April 2010

Milk Tea Shots

One of latest favorite tea places offered us a complimentary round of their hokkaido milk tea, courtesy of Serenitea.

More Astonishing Bowling Tricks

A couple of years ago, I shared some weird bowling videos like knocking down 30, 45 and 100 pins with one ball.   Now let me share more breathtaking bowling tricks that will leave you in total AWE.

This is called the Flying Eagle.   You hit a pin that hits one pin in its lane and another pin in another lane.

Awesome huh !

How about one step up that ? Like doing the same trick but backwards.   You gotta watch it over and over cause it's simply amazing !

House This Castle ?

This house looks like an old castle turned into a house.
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