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31 January 2010

Dolphin Dive

a dolphin going through a hoop at the Underwater World in Sentosa, Singapore

Simply Human Nature

One of my favorite Michael Jackson songs is Human Nature. I love the melody and arrangement. Even how many times and ways this song has been revived, rearranged and performed, it's still a great song. I'd like to share Craig David's version of Human Nature with Michael Jackson and SWV's versions both fused together into a melodic acoustic performance. Enjoy !

29 January 2010

You're MyBrute

I haven't had time to actually play any full-length video games. I miss the times I'd spend hours playing a video game from start to end. The satisfaction of completing each level gets more intense as the harder the gameplay gets. And discovering what challenges are in store during the game is a thrill.

Nowadays, I need more time for other stuff and so the least I can do to still play some games is via an online game called MyBrute. It's basically a 2-D fighting game similar to Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat. Customize your character, choose your opponents and sit back and watch as your character will challenge your opponent until a winner emerges. The great thing about it is that it doesn't require any skill on your end to memorize keys to walk, run, jump, attack or defend. Everything is automated. All you need to do is cheer for your character and hope he makes you proud. If you haven't tried it out, you can try it out here and click on the left character to create your own. You can challenge me too at http://jaydj.mybrute.com
Happy MyBruting !

27 January 2010

Jelly For You

(sung to the tune of Madonna's "Crazy For You")
I'm jelly for you
Touch me once and you'll know it's true
I never wanted anything like this
It's all brand new, you'll feel it in my itch
I'm jelly for you
(jellyfish taken at the Underwater World in Singapore)

Pasta Sentosa

a generous serving of pasta overlooking Sentosa Island in Singapore

20 January 2010

Reach To The Sky

an abundance of beautiful uniquely stemmed flowers at the Singapore War Memorial Park

19 January 2010

It's Global

I thought people just did this in Manila... not true.
(taken at Suntec Plaza, Singapore)

18 January 2010

Largest Fountain In The World

The Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City, Singapore holds the Guiness entry for the largest fountain in the world

Free Hugs

Have you hugged someone lately ?

Tourist Info Heaven

I love collecting and reaading brochures.  They get heavy though after collecting a lot.

Manila in Singapore

a street named Manila in the heart of Singapore

17 January 2010

Serious Bird

black bird with a yellow beak and feet seriously pondering on something

16 January 2010

Oversized Christmas Decors

huge christmas balls

15 January 2010

Windy Boys

bunch of boys happily being blown by a huge air vent from below

14 January 2010

Horse in the Year of the Tiger

golden horse in our living room to bring in good luck

13 January 2010

Tip for Windows 7 Users

I've been using Windows 7 since beta release till the release candidate (RC). And I must admit that I love it. It's a huge boost from XP Home and Vista.

One of the things I found strange though is there will come a point in time that your program list in your start menu will suddenly disappear. This occurs due to a 70 file/folder limit in the Start Menu directory so your "All Programs" from the "Start Menu" is limited only to 70 items, both files, folders and shortcuts. The solution is to keep files, shortcuts and programs in subdirectories and maintain the folder limit. This is also a great way of classifying your apps. My start menu has an audio, graphics, video, editor, OCR and browser folder, so I can easily classify my programs.

To solve this limitation, you can create subdirectories in C:/ProgramData/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu/Programs/ and transfer your files, folders & shortcuts to their respective subdirectories. If you can't see the "ProgramData" subdirectory, enable "Show hidden files, folders and drives" in "Control Panel" / "Folder options" / "View".

Happy foldering !


closeup of the first flowers in our new home

12 January 2010

Beauty Prediction

my cute niece Jamela who I predict will be a beautiful lady when she grows up

Drumwear For The Mobile Musician

Don't have a set of drums ? Wanna be a drummer but never tried ?

Then this t-shirt is perfect for you. Imagine wearing a drumset. Impossible ? Not with this t-shirt. The shirt has a picture of a drumset. But the "whoa!" factor comes into play the moment you tap on each drum... it plays !

You can play the drums just by tapping them on your chest. There are 7 different drums in all. Check out this cool demo on how it works. I can imagine dancing and rapping while playing drums on your chest as rhythm.

Don't you just love technology !

11 January 2010

Bubbly Lights

slowed the shutter on a bubble machine making lots of bubbles

Colors of Sweets

Sugary sprinklers for desserts

07 January 2010

Royal Rumble

One of the very first pay per views (aside from Summerslam) for the WWE was The Royal Rumble. It is until now my most favorite wrestling event. Imagine 30 wrestlers getting into the ring by luck of a draw. And every 2 minutes, another wrestler steps into the ring until all 30 enter and then it's by elimination over the top rope. The last man standing wins.

It's exciting to see instant teamups, and who wants to eliminate who as everybody is out their for themself. You can witness friends, partners & teammates go up against each.

Here's a preview of the 2010 Royal Rumble. Are you ready to rumble ????
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