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29 June 2009

Lights From Above

Circular ceiling lights with different colors. Could pass for the inside of a lava lamp.

26 June 2009

Michael Jackson - My Idol, Dies

I woke up today excited that it's a Friday and I'm attending an exciting event tonight. As I went online, I was surprised to find out people on twitter and plurk scampering for confirmation whether Michael Jackson was dead or not. I was hoping it was just a rumor and wasn't true.

However, minutes after, CNN showed breaking news of Michael Jackson and announced that his death has been confirmed. It's so sad.

He was my idol both for his music and dancing. I grew up to his music. I would watch his dance moves in awe. I would attempt to try out his dance moves. I would listen to his songs endlessly.

When Michael toured and visited the Philippines, I was determined to watch his concert. I even brought a sequins-bedazzled glove to the concert as tribute and to show my support.

As a musical arranger, he was also an influence to my compositions and arrangements. He made me appreciate Pop so much more. His beats, whether as simple as Billie Jean's catchy baseline to the Dangerous' complex multi-track arrangement was all inspiring.

When youtube suddenly became a hit for video on demand, the first videos I watched were all Michael Jackson videos. I'd watch performances of other fans do the moonwalk. His songs are permanently on my mp3 player and mobile.

It is such a tragic loss and sad day for the entertainment world today.
A great dancer, a talented musician, a legendary performer... a total entertainer.
Rest in Peace Michael. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for the memories. I will always remember you.

20 June 2009

Slow Down !

I think the barrier is the sign.

19 June 2009

Wired Sphere

A microphone up close

18 June 2009

Japanese Mix

scrupmtuous bowl of chirashidon

16 June 2009

Coffee Rack

Coffee Products from UCC neatly placed in a rack. I want this in my home.

TV Jargon and a Jarhead

I had the unique task of accompanying my parents to buy a new TV. I thought it would be that simple. I was wrong. And I guess that was the very reason why my parents requested me to help them shop for one.

The simplest of tasks was to go to the appliance stores and scout out the TV section. Then look at all the brands and prices and choose from there. Simple right ? Wrong !

First of all, there are a myriad of brands now of televisions. What used to be only a predominantly "Sony" market is now filled with equally good brands like JVC, LG, Samsung, Phillips, Pioneer, Toshiba, Sanyo, Sharp and the less popular ones and never-heard (by me) brands like Devant, Konka, Rainbow, Sansui, Chongwang, Pensonic and the list goes on and on.

All I knew was that my parents wanted a flat screen TV and they depended on me to give a recommendation based on features and price. As I carefully looked and read each TV specifications, the respective salesmen also gave their sales pitch on features and why their brand is the best. This is where the hard part began.

Suddenly, I was blasted with terms like Trumotion, Bravia Engine, Series 4-7, T, V & W Series, HDMI, 1080HD, 720p, pixel ratios, megapixel rates and many many more terminologies that I had the salesmen explain cause I was at a lost.

To make matters worse, each brand have their own terminologies and models making it difficult to just compare and contrast each TV with the other brands. Heck, I even had a hard time comparing different models of the same brand !

So when I was asked by my parents which was the best TV, I couldn't give a direct answer. I said it simply wasn't that easy. It really depended on which factor. Like if it was in terms of parts, I'd choose Sony or Samsung. If it was in terms of price, I'd choose Samsung or LG. If it was in terms of top of the line features, I'd choose Sony or Philips. If it was in terms of sound clarity, I'd choose Sony or Pioneer. If it was in terms of energy efficiency, I'd choose LG. And the if's would go on and on.

In the end (around 2 hours of deliberating), we finally agreed to get the LG 32" flat LCD for its picture quality and discounted price. And our choice didn't disappoint.

What was disappointing though was that finally after choosing the TV we wanted to buy, this salesman representing another brand, kept on badmouthing the particular brand and model we got. It was like a desperate move on him for us to change our minds and buy his brand instead. I hope that despite the competitiveness of salesmen to sell and push their brands that they don't resort to sabotaging their colleagues' brand just to make a sale. After all, it's the customer who's right and it's our right to choose whatever appliance we want.

06 June 2009

Ayos Dito !

I'm always on the lookout for new websites and new things to do on the web. It's kinda hard sometimes to discover a new website simply because it stays unhidden. But thanks to websites like www.AyosDito.ph, the catchy site's name makes it interesting to learn exactly why it is "ayos dito".

AyosDito.ph is the newest Pinoy buy and sell website. Post anything you need to sell and while you're there, check out anything you might see worth buying. The searching process makes it easier since their ads are categorized by region. So there's no need to go through the painstaking process of finding a car you like and wanna buy only to find out that the car and it's owner is in Zamboanga.

Being a musical enthusiast, I immediately checked for some musical instruments up for sale and found a long range of electric guitars of different brands and models including a lot of guitar accessories.

Looking for something not available in stores or in the market anymore ? Hunting down that collector's item CD you always wanted but couldn't find it for its rarity ? Or simply looking for a great deal you can avail on. Check out www.AyosDito.ph. They have new items every day.

Caution: May be addicting.

05 June 2009

Alien Parlor DNA

Is this is a picture of a ...
a. Beam of light communicating with human life form ?
b. man about to have a perm in the parlor ?
c. a huge scanner copying DNA from the subject below ?

Nahhh.. it's just a lamp on top of the guy.

04 June 2009

Black and White

Semi-circle seating setup for a fashion show just before it gets filled up with people

02 June 2009

Disney Inspired Bridal Car

White Bridal Limousine with Mickey and Minnie Mouse in bridal attire

01 June 2009

Beyond Petals

Peeking inside a flower

3G Now Affordable For Everybody

I remember 2 years ago, while I was making the leap from dial-up to broadband, there was a waiting period for my DSL application.  And since I needed fast internet access immediately, I opted to buy the cheapest 3G enabled phone in the market.  Unfortunately, during that time, the cheapest handset from any brand capable of fast speeds cost a little close to P10,000.   But since I needed the connection,  I got it anyway.  

Since then, I've been checking out prices of 3G phones and if the market prices would lower.  Last year, LG released one for around P6,000.  But just recently, Red Mobile released the cheapest 3G phone in the market for only P3,290.

Along with their new handsets, Red Mobile is also rolling out very affordable usage rates.  They have the cheapest call rates for only P0.50 per minute for inter-network Red Mobile calls.  That's like a 10 minute call only for P5.00, even cheaper than a landline call on a pay phone.   What's even more spectacular is that their video calls are also priced at P0.50 per minute.  With those rates, you can make a video call and have someone virtually attend a birthday party any other momentous ocassion for a cheap price.

And with Red Mobile's various affordable new mobile handsets to choose from, your 3G experience will be complemented with your new mobile phone's experience.  Red Mobile recently released 4 new 3G capable phone models, Verzio Duplii, Nokia 3120 C, Red Mobile SPARK and Red Mobile FLAME.

Among the four, the Verzio Duplii seems to be a new brand not familiar with majority of the public.  Verzio is a Singapore-based manufacturer which introduced its new Duplii phone, the first dual-SIM handset.  The phone features a "simultaneous dual mode standby" and is able to handle two incoming calls from both SIM cards.   It also includes a 2 Megapixel camera, a 2.2" QVGA TFT screen, a microSD slot, and an integrated media player.

With all these new offerings from Red Mobile, using 3G is as cheap as sending text messages.  Experience 3G now with Red Mobile.
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