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24 December 2008

Ultimate Gaming Console

Wouldn't you just love to have this for Christmas ?

if it existed.

15 December 2008

Microwave Data

So this is what happens when you put a CD in a microwave oven.

You get fried files !

09 December 2008

Eastwood Mall - Newest Mall in the Metropolis

I didn't know this mall existed until I was invited to Richard Poon's special mall show at the Eastwood Mall.  I thought that mall was the small one connected to the parking lot.   I then discovered that across the road where all the shops and restaurants where the usual nightlife goes on, is a new area built to become an addendum to Eastwood's amenities.    

It's called the Eastwood Mall which has 4 floors inside with various shops, and a pleasant and relaxing exterior serving as an outdoor park with beautiful landscape.  The place is much more quieter and less busy than the main artery of Eastwood Walk going around the Eastwood Central Plaza.   It may be because this mall opened just mid November 2008 and shops and stores are yet to all be fully rolled out.   

I remember a few years back, this area used to be a parking lot.  Then several buildings were constructed.  I thought that it was going to be a business district with all the high-rise buildings there.  I didn't know that these buildings were covering what is now a mall and large landscape.

The mall looks a bit similar to Greenbelt 5 with similar lighting and spacious floors but even though how classy e mall looks, I'm glad that the selection of shops do not only cater to high-end shoppers and big spenders but to everyone.  The fact that shops like Bench, Penshoppe, Human, Maldita and soon to open shops Watson's and McDonalds.   The mall also has a couple of cinemas at the top floor and a huge Timezone arena for children (and gameplayers like me) plus a cozy Starbucks coffee shop.  Basement parking is available for mallgoers as well.  

Here's the complete list of shops now open and some soon to open:

Aerosoles • Arrow • Babyland • Bayo • Beauty Bar • Bench • Bench Fix • Blufish by Red Crab • Flying Pig by Red Crab • Calvin Klein • Celine • Charles & Keith • Crisostomo by Florabel Co • Cyma • EP Espada • Eyecrafts • Florsheim Kids • Floded & Hung • Franco Sarto • Gingersnaps • Giordano • Globe • Gloria Jean's Coffe • Haze • House of Wagyu • Human • Hush Puppies • Jellybean • Jessica • Jewelmer • Jump • Kashieca • Kenneth • Cole Reaction • Kitchenworld • Lacoste • Little Thai Cusine • Luca • Maldita • Mezzaluna Bistro / A Different Bookstore • SSI Store (Kate Spade, Diesel, Furla, Fruit & Passion, Prada, Anne Klein, Liz Clairborne, Tod’s, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Polo Jeans Co., Armani Exchange, Dunhill, Polo Raplh Lauren, Zegna, Enzo) nautical, Nine West, Osh Kosh, Oxygen, Penshoppe, Periwinkle, R.A.F. by Plains and Prints, Red Mango, Samsonite, Samsung Appliance, Samsung Mobile, Sone, Springfield, Starbucks, Steve Madden, Superga, The Body Shop, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, The Face Shop, The Office Warehouse Super, Timezone, Wade

Aldo • Apple • Automatic Center • Balducci • CafĂ© Ysabel • Chelsea • Fully Booked • Gingersnaps • Gymboree • H2O • Likha Events & Catering Specialists • Mr. Kuroasawa • Make Room • Mango • Marlboro Classics • McDonald´s • Osh Kosh • Planet Sports • Red Box • Thousand Cranes • Toy Town • VNC • Watson´s

Check out the newest mall in Quezon City - Eastwood Mall.

07 December 2008

Toilets as Gadgets

Bathroom toilets really have simple mechanisms. There's the bowl where all liquid and solid excretions go. There's the tank situated above and behind the bowl where the flushing valve is stored along with a fresh supply of water. And you have the flush handle which starts the flushing process.

It doesn't take much to learn how it works. Once you flag down the flush handle, everything inside the bowl is flushed out and into a pipe while the supply of water from the tank flows into the bowl replacing the old one with a clean supply.

A couple of advancements have been made like replacing the handle with a button for pressing instead of pushing a lever and some water-conservation mechanisms.

The Japanese however have invented toilets which have more functions that I could ever imagine. They're mostly electrical in nature. Some features include music for your listening pleasure, automatic seat covers, a heater, washer, dryer and sanitizer. You could think of one of these newer models as a human dishwasher. I actually saw one of these toilets in a home depot and they cost around $1,500.

Here's a glimpse of what they can do.

Post your experience if you've took on of these babies for a spin. :)

04 December 2008

Can Hair Really Be This Smooth ?

Something to rejoice about. LOL!
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