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29 May 2008

Flavored Cola

I'm not really a Coke and Pepsi drinker. In fact, whenever presented with the option of softdrinks and something else, I'll choose the "something else".

I do enjoy variations of the usual softdrink. Like when Cherry flavored Coke and 7-up came out, I enjoyed drinking that.

Lately, I saw this new product called Pepsi Deluxe. It was in a tall 250ml can different in shape from the usual softdrink cans. It's shaped more like those Del Monte fruit juices. At the bottom it said "Strawberries and Cream". Wow ! A cake/ice cream flavored softdrink ? This I had to taste. And it didn't disappoint. It really did had a tad of strawberry flavor and a slight aftertaste hinting you just ate a cake with cream. What's best is that it's a zero calorie cola.

There's another flavor but I forgot what it was. If I'm not mistaken, it's caramel flavored cola.

Bottoms up !

22 May 2008

Congratulations David !

Season 7 of American Idol has just been fantastic. A lot of ups and downs for the contestants from audition to finale made enthusiastically me watch this season. We also have our 2 Pinoys Reynaldo Lapuz, who didn't make it through preliminary auditions but did make an impact for his white costume and original song "You Are My Brother". Then there's Ramiele Malubay, another Pinay, who made it to the Top 12.

But topping it all off and my bet from early on was David Cook. I have to admit I was blown away by all his own versions of the popular songs. The two songs that stood out for me were his version of Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" and Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean".

Congratulations to you David Cook ! I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing you more after American Idol.

Here's David Cook's commercial for the video game "Guitar Hero" doing a scene from the popular movie "Risky Business" which made Tom Cruise a star. I loved this solo performance of Tom in the movie and I equally think that David has made the same impact performance. Hoping David gets to that status as a rocker too.

Rock on David !

Update: For those who want to see how close to the original David Cook practiced his choreography, check out the original scene from "Risky Business" with a very young Tom Cruise.

21 May 2008

Holy David !

Last week I was at the mall during one of those mall-wide sales. I went to Comic Odyssey to check out any transformers figures they may possible have on sale.

While I was browsing through the items, one of the salesmen approached me and asked what my religion is. I found it soooo strange to be asked that and wondering why he ask. Being careful of what I was going to answer, I answered him with the question, "Why do you want to know ?".

What I had on my mind were those people who approach you, talk about faith and then try to recruit you to convert and join their religious sector. I thought his next line was going to be something like "Do you believe in God ?" or "Do you believe in your faith ?" type of questions.

Instead, he answered that I was holding a book that had the words "Merciful God In Heaven Above!" printed at the back in bold. What he failed to read was the very next line which read "An Altogether New Collection of Top Ten Lists!".

I was holding An ALTOGETHER NEW BOOK OF TOP TEN LISTS LATE NIGHT DAVID LETTERMAN, which I was reading to pass time and got it cheap on sale (P15.00 only). It's a joke book for crying out loud. What would make you think I'd be holding a bible with David Letterman's face on the cover ? I had to explain to him it was a joke book and had nothing to do with religion. I don't think I look THAT holy to pass off for a preacher.

2's 4 Ya

I just checked my blog stats and my last post happened to be my 200th post. Yey ! (jump for joy)

Curious enough, I also revisited my very first post and it was more than 2 years ago. So I've been blogging for over 2 years and I've reached my 200th post. Based on those figures, I average like 2 posts a week.

This blog has 2 urls, http://jaydj.blogspot.com and http://jaydj.info, which also redirects here.
And this blog is "sometimes" mirrored on my multiply account for a total of 2 places on the web where you can find my blog. I'm also a team member of 2 other blogs.

Continuing the 2's trend, I wish my blog double the readers and double the delight they get when they visit. So if I have 2 readers, I think I can reach my objective of 4. LOL! Kidding ! I do hope I have more than 2 readers.

So here's 2 ya all ! Cheers !

20 May 2008

Back to Teendays

Earlier today I attended "The Click Five Happy Birthday Party" event. I admit that I didn't know much about the band. I even thought they were a '60's or '70's group with the likes of similar names such as "The Commodores", "The Supremes", "The Cascades", "The Beatles" and all those other names that started a "The (insert word)... " trend.

I had to research on them and so I visited their official website and at least realized that some current hits I've been hearing on the radio are theirs. And it's Kyle and Joey's birthday, 2 of the members of the band, hence the event theme name.

Anyway, when I got to the venue, I thought it was going to be one of the usual press conference events where you are served food, you mingle with press people, wait for the artist, listen to the artist perform a bit followed by a panel discussion or open forum type of format.

Instead, I was greeted with a registration desk presenting me with the things I could do while inside the venue. The sponsors each had their own sections offering something for the attendees. There was makeup at the Faceshop booth, free self-portraits at the Clique Booth and Sony booths, different kinds of candy at The Candy Corner, face painting at Skechers (the only booth that didn't appear relevant to their product) and food booths like It's Cool! drinks and Yoshinoya.

Aside from this, majority of the people present were female and teens or to be more specific, screaming female teens (that's the effect The Click Five has and you gotta love 'em for that). Thanks to friendster.com, a lot of the teens knew each other from being part of The Click Five friendster fan pages.

As I was feeling the culture and mood of the event, it suddenly hit me... it felt like a school fair during my teendays. School fairs had different booths like the jail booth, kissing booth and all other kinds of activities and entertainment for all. The average age during the event further made me step back and smile as to witnessing something similar to what I had experienced during my high school and college years. The girls were screaming each time the members of The Click Five were mentioned or shown on video. I wonder who was the "in" band during my teen years ? hmmmm... I'd like to answer "NSync" (to hide my age) but I think it was Color Me Badd... ok it was Menudo, but that was like before my teen years.

It was all fun and I had a good time lining up at some of the booths. I skipped the make-up booth for obvious reasons. The face painter said that he could paint the hand but I was afraid that when I perspire, I'd accidentally wipe it on my forehead and it would smudge like I had charcoal on my face and look like I'm in guerilla warfare or worse, taong grasa (grease person).

So The Click Five is coming to Manila for a concert on May 30. If they were there during the event, I'd ask them to have a pic with me at the Clique Booth...then we could be known from thereon as The Clique Six.... (Click here for after soundeffect)

Rock on !

19 May 2008

Manny Pacquaio on Your Phone

I had my mobile phone theme for a couple of months and I think it's time to use a new one.

I was browsing online for some Sony Ericsson themes for my celphone. I browsed through different categories like games, people, brands, sci-fi and computers. When I searched for wrestling themes, I found this strange theme. Why it's Manny Pacquiao ! In front of a huge Batista ! I'm not too keen on using this as my celphone's wallpaper but perhaps the other 6,636 people who downaloaded it are.

If you want to add to that number, you can get it here:

18 May 2008

Mouse Pads with Mounds

Do you still use mouse pads ? I don't anymore. Especially with the popularity of optical mice, you don't need a soft flat surface to use a mouse that a trackball needed to scroll.

Last week though, I saw this mouse pad at a computer shop which was described as a "Lady Gel Pad".
I was surprised to find out that it's a mousepad with a picture of a sexy lady with a voluptuous rack. I didn't get to check it out but I figure the "gel" in the item description was situated right on her boobies.

I guess this would cause men to use mouse pads once more...or just plainly get distracted from working. Who knows, may be you won't be holding the mouse anymore but the mouse pad instead.

17 May 2008

Advertising a Website Under Construction

I just got my Metrobank credit card statement today. I had some additional earned rewards points from heavily using my card lately and I wanted to check out what I could exchange the points for.

So I checked the footer of the billing statement looking for a website. They have their website www.metrobankcard.com listed.

I visited the site only to be greeted by a "Under Construction" note. Not a good impression especially for a bank in my opinion. Looks like I have to go through their customer service via phone... sigh.

08 May 2008

Discovering Old Maps of Manila and the Philippines

I was originally searching for the name of the body of water beside Davao. I wasn't sure if it was the South China Sea or Pacific Ocean or some other name. My geography seemed to have failed me so I researched about it on Wikipedia, which didn't mention much about the ocean and instead about everything else about Davao. So I went to google to find an asian map, and clicked from one link to another and finally got to a section of "Philippine Maps" links.

I clicked on one of them and wound up at this website. It's the University of Texas at Austin website. I couldn't have imagined they would have Philippine maps on their website but I checked it out anyway.

I was very surprised to find maps of the Philippines and key cities dated back to 1898. and with an original scale of 1:10,000. It's like opening a treasure vault. You suddenly see these maps from decades and centuries back readily available. I looked at the huge map of Manila in 1898 and you could see the original names of streets. Sooo cool !

Out of curiousity, I also opened the Cebu 1944 map and it was published by U.S. Army Map Service in 1944. The header of the image file had the text "For use By War and Navy Department Agencies Only". Isn't this during World War 2 ? Wow ! I just used to read about these in history books. I didn't realize I could possibly be looking at actual maps from that era.

I just had to share my personal revelation. Check out the other maps there too.

05 May 2008

Maximizing Ad Space

This is EDSA passing the bridge entering Guadalupe in Makati City. These are where most of the biggest billboards are placed. You can see a huge ad for Coke. Compared to the one beside it, Kris Aquino's face covers a wider area than the angel in the Coke ad.

My weird imagination was thinking that it would be creative if the bottle of coke had a straw and it would extend past the rectangle ad area towards the direction of Kris' mouth. I saw a similar ad (Visa I think) with Jacky Chan jumping out of the billboard.

It's an instant double endorsement for Coke. Of course, I'm sure the facial care ad would be furious.

The rainy season is nearing and I hope these billboards won't be causing any hazards to motorists like what happened sometime last year. I certainly wouldn't want Kris Aquino's nose to fall on top of my car.
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