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28 March 2008

Davao Food Appreciation Tour Day 2

Lined up for Day 2 of our delectable journey were TAPS, Food Processors Association of Davao, Kasagingan and Polo Bistro at Marco Polo Hotel. All I can say is that everything we sampled that day was delicious.

Details and locations are below:

Taps (Filipino Cuisine, all day breakfast)
Branches: Torres Street / Matina Town Square, General McArthur Highway / Bolton Street / Legaspi Street / Sta. Ana Street

Kasagingan (coffee and banana desserts)
Torres Street, Davao City

Polo Bistro (Continental Cuisine)
Marco Polo Hotel, CM Recto Street, Davao City

Google Image Labeler - Pretty Cool Word Game

I just discovered a new feature of Google. It's a simple word game that Google provides online, called Google Image Labeler. It has a simple concept, yet is addicting in terms of gameplay.

When you join the game, Google will find you an online partner and both of you will be given 2 minutes to look at a series of images, wherein both of you have to describe it. You can type as many keywords or phrases describing the image. If both of you come up with a match, you both score points and you proceed to the next image. If you think you're taking too long on one image and both of you can't come up with a matching keyword, you can pass and your partner will be notified so they can pass too and proceed to the next picture. You can play as a guest or log on using your google account so points will be accumulated under your name.

It's a nice game, and very ingenious of Google turning a tedious task into a game. If this were a task someone would do, they'd find it monotonous and boring. But since it was presented in a gaming aspect, it adds much fun to the task, not to mention, bringing in a whole lot of gamers who in turn double as volunteers for labeling images.

The concept of pairing with another person on the internet, makes the keywords more credible cause of the keyword matching. You can type in bogus keywords and incorrect descriptions all you want but as long as it doesn't match the same keywords your partner is entering, then it won't be accepted as a keyword.

Since images are visuals, it can't be fully categorized, classified nor comprehensible by a computer program. Even with Artificial Intelligence, it may not provide accurate results. Describing images needs the complex human mind to interpret it. And what better way to do it in the form of a game. Play, have fun and help Google all with this game! What a great strategy !

Check it out at

27 March 2008

Swing Out Fan

I've been covering music events for years and so I don't get starstruck anymore unless it's an artist that I've been a fan of for a long time.

And so when I learned from a friend that Swing Out Sister is set to perform in Manila this April 2008, I told myself that this time, I will be a fan. I will set aside work, even though my work involves music.

Swing Out Sister's music has been one of my favorites since the '90s. I first heard the song "Breakout" when my cousin played it in her car cassette player while we were on the way to a beach in Batangas. All my older cousins were singing to it and there I was, unfamiliar with the song, but liking it's catchy beat.

One of the very first CD's I bought was a Swing Out Sister CD. I still have it and it's one my most played CDs in my collection until now. I have 10 out of 18 of their released albums and I remember I had a hard time trying to build my SOS collection. Most of the CDs are rare and hard to find. I found two albums on Ebay and won the bid. I had to place a special order on the Swing Out Sister Live At The Jazz Cafe album (Japanese release) and wait for 6 weeks for it to arrive. I am happy with my collection cause I know it took a considerable amount of effort in building it. Then I knew that I was a true fan.

Funny thing, I lined up at the ticket booth of the Araneta Coliseum where everybody else in the line were buying tickets to watch Ne-yo in concert that night. I was the only one who lined up to buy tickets for the SOS concert more than a month in advance.

I may be too nervous to say anything coherent if I may happen to meet her in person (which has a considerable amount of probability since I cover music events). So as early as now, I am going to rehearse what I'm gonna tell them. There's just too much to say being a fan and so little time to do it. Anything longer than a minute is certainly going to get security's attention. I just want to let SOS know how a huge fan I am.

I am so ready to enjoy my personal Swing Out Sister experience.

26 March 2008

Billie Jean Cooks !

I just finished watching American Idol a few minutes ago and I was blown away with the awesome performance of David Cook with his version of "Billie Jean".

Michael Jackson's song "Billie Jean" alone is a momentous chart blockbuster and one of my all-time favorite dance songs. Along with Michael's dance moves, including the brilliant moonwalk, I couldn't have visualized this song in a different genre other than a dance hit... until now.

David Cook's rock version of "Billie Jean" is simply amazing that I just had to blog about it (even if this is my 3rd post for the day).

Check it out.

"Do You Understand the Words That Are Coming Out Of My Mouth ?"

It's a quote from Chris Tucker to Jacky Chan in the movie "Rush Hour".
Incidentally, it's the exact same question I had when I watched this hilarious video.

What the hell are you saying ???

Papaya Goes International

Who would've thought that a dance popularized by Edu Manzano from a 70's revival song would gain international exposure ? I was dancing to this song months ago to cheer up my best friend (now girlfriend *wink*) and now, you got the hosts of the US morning show, Good Morning America dancing to the Papaya Dance.

I take this be the power of youtube.

25 March 2008

Irony at an Early Age

Since it was a Holiday last Sunday, there were lots of people at the mall. With that huge a crowd, expect the restrooms to be filled with people too.

While washing my hands inside the restroom, I looked into the mirror and saw a 3 year old girl accompanied by her father. I heard the father telling his daughter to stay in the corner and close her eyes and not to look at anyone, while he'd go to one of the urinals. Just before I left the restroom, I saw another father-child tandem entering the restroom but this time, it was a dad and his son. The two kids, having the same height, looked at each other in passing. I figured each may have wondered what the other one was doing in that restroom.

A few hours after, in another restroom at the other end of the mall was a mother and 3 year oldish son in front of me about to turn to the ladies restroom. And I thought that this time, it's a little boy entering a room filled with ladies.

There aren't any problems when a kid is accompanied by both parents cause the child can be accompanied by the parent of the same gender. I remember last year, a mother didn't want to leave her 5 year old son to wait outside the restroom. But the kid didn't want to accompany his mom inside the ladies' restroom. But it was apparent in the kid's face, that he needed to use the restroom. So the mom asked each guy about to enter the male restroom if they could accompany her son inside. I think eventually, the kid gave in out of urge to pee, and went inside the ladies' restroom with his mom.

If a kid would wander around and happen to go towards the opposite sex's restroom, I'd assume the parents would quickly run after and teach the child not to enter because it's wrong. But if they were accompanied by the parent, the parents' gender overrules since they need to be together.

When you're trying to teach a kid at an early age the difference between genders and what you can and can't do, bringing a kid to the opposite sex's restroom seems like the child may wonder why after what is taught to him, the child is now facing a situation which is opposite to what is taught to him.

I'm not here to say which is wrong and which is right. I just try to place myself in the shoes of the kid who is learning and grasping everything around their environment to find themselves in an ironic situation which may not be comprehensible for their age.

24 March 2008

What My Favorite Food In The Buffet Was

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and my relatives and I enjoyed a celebratory lunch buffet at Kamay-Kainan at the Trinoma mall. Their buffet consisted of over 60 dishes, free tempura for every table and a salad and dessert bar.

There was a huge array of meat-based dishes like bistek, liempo, nilagang baka, sinigang na baboy, kare-kare, dinuguan, mechado, kaldereta and chicken adobo. The seafood-based dishes included hito, tilapia, calamares, and tahong. Other dishes included chopsuey, kuhol and pancit bihon.

I found it a bit unusual that out of all the dishes there, my favorite had to be the bird's nest soup. I guess if one would go to a buffet with over 60 dishes, they wouldn't be going back for soup.

There was only one kind of soup there, as opposed to the rest of the dishes. I was so fond of the soup, that I had 2 servings before and after my main meal, and added a bit to my rice serving too.

I wonder if there's a place that serves bottomless soup.

23 March 2008


I saw this car the other day. This car's spoilers are as high as the rooftop. Much as I think spoilers add pizazz to a car, I prefer spoilers to be closer to the car rather than declaring a state of independence.

I thought of one good use for it though, a clothes hanger. If you happen to forget to remove the clothes and drive, think of it as a faster way of drying them.

22 March 2008

Marcos Highway

There are 2 highways I know named after the former President Marcos. (The band by former Eraserheads member, Markus Adoro called "Markushighway" doesn't count)

There's one in Antipolo stretching to Marikina City but not as long and scenic as the one in Baguio. Marcos Highway starts from Agoo, La Union, and slowly ascends through several curved roads leading to Baguio City. Compared to Kennon Road, this is a longer but safer route as the roads are much wider. Also there is a long tunnel along the way.

Here's a video of the highway taken from my trip to Baguio late 2007.

My Name Is Suka

"Suka" in Filipino means vinegar. "Suka" could also mean "vommit" if you use it as a verb.

So I'm kinda bothered seeing this bottle of vinegar with the label "Suka" with no translation or hint. The unusual shape of the plastic container doesn't help either.

(Taken at a Tropical Hut Fastfood outlet)

Note: I had an '80's song in mind while posting this, hence the title. (My name is Suka...I live on the 2nd floor)

21 March 2008

Elevators Are A Nuisance When They Don't Work

The escalator is a great invention. It prevents having to walk up and down a stairs. It gets you from point A to point B without much effort. It provides you time to look at your watch, tie your shoelace, use your celphone, look around or simply just wait a few seconds till you get off.

Sometimes, escalators are under repair. I don't quite understand how an escalator breaks down. Probably through use. I don't see any maximum weight limit or maximum passenger capacity like in an elevator. I haven't seen an elevator break down midway due to maximum capacity.

Sometimes, escalators aren't under repair but not functioning. It's either off or busted. Then, it turns into a staircase. I find it more tedious to use when it's stationary. If you tried walking up or down an escalator that isn't moving, you'll realize that it's even harder to use. The mechanical stairs are far wider apart than regular stairs. So it's like taking 1 1/2 steps. Sometimes it feels the same as taking 1 huge leap over 2 steps on a regular stairway. It becomes harder to use when you're hungry.

It's not totally useless, since you still can use the escalator to get from point A to point B. The convenient escalator just suddenly turns a short joyride into an exercise program against your will.

At Home

Last night my family and I went to several churches as part of our annual Visita Iglesia during Holy Week. One of the churches we visited was inside the campus of my alma mater. This church wasn't built yet while I was in college.

Yet the mere fact of coming back to the campus brings a sense of peace, a sense of belonging. I guess it's because spending more than 4 years of your life day in day out in the campus you've studied in, provides you with that sense of belonging.

It's nice to feel you've been a part of an institution.

20 March 2008

Big Mouth

I know the expression "big mouth" to refer to those who talk a lot and spill secrets. This is the first time I've seen it literally.

19 March 2008

Win a new iPod shuffle at Camera World Auction !

Never had an iPod shuffle ? Or perhaps you'd want another one sporting another color ?
Up for grabs is a brand new iPod Shuffle. All you need to do is register to win a new iPod shuffle at Camera World Auction !

There are no territorial restrictions or limits in registering so international registrations are welcome. Deadline for entries is on March 31, 2008. You can check their website at http://www.cameraworldauction.com. Winner will be announced early April.

Camera World Auction is a portal website that seeks to be a global marketplace for distributors, wholesalers, retailers, vendors, individual buyers and sellers to buy and sell cameras, camcorders and related accessories. Their goal is to be the marketplace leader in connecting camera retailers, wholesalers, vendors, individual buyers and sellers worldwide in one marketplace.

It's basically an auction site specializing in wholesale and retail buying and selling of cameras, camorders, digital cameras, SLRs, digital photo albums, camera accessories, video accessories, video editing software, televisions, digital music, lighting equipment, flashes, professional video equipment, studio equipment, wholesale lots, photo printers, projectors, film, monopods, tripods, bags and cases, surveillance video, Digital Video records, Color Monitors, Power supplies, controllers, Video encoders, Security monitors, Indoor / Outdoor camera, network cameras, etc.

Hope to see you there !

What To Do On A Hot Sunny Day

I swear today is one of the hottest days of the year so far. Summer has begun.

You can tell if you're inside a mall and you're still sweating. The accumulated heat in a car parked outdoors is like an oven placed on full power. You want to make the least movement possible so you won't excrete any perspiration. The burning rays of the sun weaken you.

So what did I do to ease up and refresh myself ?

I made myself one (ok, I had 2nds), tall glass of halo-halo. I grated 6 cubes of ice, added some nata de coco, white beans, red beans, langka shreds and a whole lot of pinipig and topped it with milk and a dash of sugar and behold...something to take my mind off of the tremendous heat.

Funny, I tried thinking of the English translation of halo-halo and all I could think of is it's literal translation being "mix-mix" unless you want to mention all the ingredients to someone who may ask what exactly is "mix-mix".

18 March 2008

A Taste Of Davao

It was my first time to visit Davao. And based on my very limited knowledge of the city, all I knew prior to visiting the place was that it's in Mindanao and it's popular for the durian fruit. So everything else I was going to experience was surely going to be educational for me.

I was very fortunate to be invited by http://www.davaofoodtrip.org to the Davao Food Appreciation Tour (DFAT), which was a three day event from March 14 - 16, 2008.

With over a dozen bloggers and 8 participating establishments, we were prepared to eat and blog over the three day event.

Aileen , Andrew , Angel , Blogie, Dom , Gwing , Migs , Mikko , Ria , Tiara , Winston and I visited the first stop on the food tour: Lachi's Sansrival Atbp. It's at the corner of Ruby Street in Marfori Heights, Davao City. They offer Filipino food and desserts. We were served a lot of their tasteful dishes such as Roast Pork, Cordon Bleu, Caramel Beef, Pork Marinara, Fish Fillet, Lechon Paksiw and Tofu garnered in sauce. I guess some of the people were looking our way when everybody whipped out their cameras and took turns taking pictures of all the dishes before tasting them.

My personal favorite would have to be the Pork Marinara for its pork strips layered on top with a hidden tasteful tomato base underneath.

Just as we were delightly full from dinner, our gracious hosts Mike and Melvin Aviles (who happen to be twins co-owning Lachi's) served us very generous slices of their finest cakes.
Chocolate Pie, Dark Cheesecake, Midnight Delight, Choco-Vanilla Cheesecake, Roasted Walnut Choco Supreme, Carrot Cake and Cashew Mocha Torte are a few of the many cakes they offer.
All the cakes were delicious that it was difficult to pick one single cake that stood out. However, if I had to choose one, I'd highly recommend their Sansrival. Being a part of the restaurant's name is a hint that it's one of their most popular recommendations.

The 1st day of the Davao Food Appreciation Tour ended with some R&R in the form of videoke where we exercised our vocal chords followed by Fagioli's, a coffee shop, were we exercised our fingers blogging about our first day. Everybody brought out their laptops and started digitizing the 1st part of the food experience.

Even if Fagioli's is not officially on the food tour, I'd like to make a special mention about their restroom. If you happen to drop by, don't forget to visit their restroom. I thought I entered the wrong room as it looked "heavenly".

Day 1 was a success. Great food with great company was a great combination to kick off the food tour.

12 March 2008

What's The Best Resume ?

I remember that when I was a fresh graduate from college, my classmates and I were trying to beef up our resumes since we didn't have any format job experience yet. We added all our projects, extra curricular activities, organizations joined and formed paragraphs worth of our skills, talents, interests and hobbies.

As the years gone by, I was able to gain work experience from various companies. Each one that I added to my resume made it longer and longer. It came to a point that I had to choose which data needs to be removed to make my resume more concise. I weighed the items according to importance. But everything to me was just as equally important as the other. And so I just had to trim it down and hope for the best that the things I left out wouldn't be as crucial to the employer.

It's difficult making your own resume for fear that you may be subjective and biased. Of course it's about you... but you need to make it fair instead of over glorifying yourself of your achievements. And the resume is as good as your first impression to anyone reading it.

It's a good thing that there are resume writers who are experts in formulating a strong resume which truly represents yourself in print. It takes a combination of skill, effort and knowledge in organizing a sound resume that is precise yet concise, presentable yet straight to the point and bold yet truthful. A resume writer does the job of all that and more in record time. All you need is to provide the data and your skills set, and a team of resume writers highly trained in resume writing skills will give you the edge to highlight your strengths and eventually land the job you're looking for.

Happy Job Hunting !

11 March 2008

Meet Mr. Ken Lee

If you haven't heard of Ken Lee, you haven't seen this video yet.

08 March 2008

No Fish Goes To Waste

I saw this in the supermarket recently.

It's boneless dilis. Dilis is a very small fish and you eat them by the dozens. They're eaten whole, meaning, there' no need to remove the head or spine or tail. Just eat the entire fish. I didn't know you could debone (or despine) a fish that small.

What caught my attention though was this product: Crispy Fish Bones.

I didn't know such a delicacy existed. I usually fear of getting pricked by a spine or two when I eat fish which is why I don't swallow the entire bite. I chew it up and if I feel a spine, I remove it.
That is why this product is amazing for me.

07 March 2008

Coke Zero

Coke Zero - exactly what it means to me... zero - meaning I don't drink Coke.

I do drink Coke when there's no other choice. But as long as there's an alternative, I'm going with that.

When Coke Zero was unveiled though, there was much hype about it. I decided to try one so I got one from the supermarket (alongside my 27 bottles of mineral water).

I tried it. It didn't do anything spectacular for me. And so I turned to my dad who is an avid softdrinks drinker. I asked if he could distinguish Coke from Pepsi without knowing which is which (ala blindfold taste test). He said yes. And so I had my dad taste the new Coke Zero. He said it tastes like Coke Lite. The description didn't really help me at all. And so my mom to the rescue tried it out and said "it tastes like flavored water".

And so ends my taste encounter with C0 (Coke Zero). I'll stick with my favorite drink C2 (Peach flavor please). :)

03 March 2008

Hair and Massage Experience

Caution: Vanity Post.

Every Mondays to Fridays at our nearby mall, there's a promotion going on with the barber shop named "Expresscut". It's a haircut plus 30 minute half body massage for only P100. (USD $2.50).

I was set to get a haircut today and a hair cut would cost P65. So I figured availing of the promo with the bundled massage for an additional P35. is a very good deal.

So first off is the haircut. I requested for a shorter cut than the usual cause it's summer and for a more refreshing look and feel.

Then the dreaded stinger hit me. The barber asked if I undergo any treatment for thinning hair. I said no. He then went on with a sales-pitched tone about a hair grower that thickens the hair. Gone are the glorious days when I used to have my hair cut in a salon either at Ricky Reyes or David's salon with an experienced hairdresser. I used to get comments on how shiny, healthy and thick wavy hair I got. Now I get a sales talk on hair-growing treatment.

Since my barber forced the topic of the hair thickening (yes, you would be forced against your will if the barber was cutting your hair and you can't move one bit), I figured I'd ask some questions. Apparently the information I gathered is that it is a hair thickener/grower called "Herbalin" (or Herbulin). It is a liquid based treatment made from 42 different herbs with no chemicals that is applied to the thinning hair region every night. My barber then continued telling me success stories of how many of his customers have bought the treatment and have seen actual results.

Of course all this is astonishing if you're just listening to the barber while having your hair cut. I was of course in my "speculation mode" all the while just letting my barber talk while I sit there. I figured the least I could do is search for it on the net and check out some testimonials in addition to the credibility of the product and at the same time check if there are any side effects or things worth noting. And then my barber showed me the box. It had some unfamiliar writing. Upon closer inspection, I saw the bold letters "Made in Pakistan". No offense to those from the country, but if I can't read the instructions on the box, I'm most likely not going to be interested at all. It's a good thing my time was done and up next was the massage. Ahhh... time to relax and enjoy some much needed pampering.

I had to move to another special chair designed for massage. I was told to sit while my face and upper back would be attended to. I thought I was going to have some quiet time relaxing and enjoying the massage when all of a sudden, the masseus asked the exact same question the barber asked me earlier... if I did anything about my thinning hair. Oh no ! Not again !

I kinda gave the cold shoulder this time and told him that the barber already told me about the liquid treatment they're selling. He didn't ask too many questions and instead just marketed the product. He did a bit of small talk as well telling me that his regular clients include huge Americans, one of them who broke his massage chair for being overweight and the other having such a huge physique that he couldn't lift.

Overall, it was a good massage. I got my little pinky twisted though while he was attending to my hands. I also got my neck turned to the extreme right and left which is something I haven't felt in my lifetime. I requested that my lower torso not be massaged cause it's a ticklish-prone area for me.

And so my trip to the barber shop became something worth telling.
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