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29 April 2007

Web Developers Unite

I attended the PHPUGPH eyeball earlier today. This is the PHP Users Group PH community, intended for Filipino PHP developers. If you're not familiar with PHP, it's a scripting language which is heavily used for web applications and websites. PHP is also close to my heart as this is the primary language I've been using since 1999 in developing websites. During my entire time as a PHP developer, I've never been among so many fellow developers until today.

Back then, there weren't that many web developers, much less PHP web developers. And so it was an overwhelming surprise to be amongst fellow afficionados of the same tool for the web. And it was much more overwhelming to be acknowledged as one of the pioneers in the local industry.

Even though I don't do much PHP programming now as I did when I was a full time web developer, I do still help former clients, contacts and organizations, in seeking business process outsourcing services for their project needs. At this day and age in business and technology, it is convenient to outsource business than hiring additional personnel to get the task done, especially if it's not in the entities' expertise.

The community of developers seems to have grown and a need for an organization may be on its way in the future. It gives a sense of satisfaction and belongingness to the very core you work on day in day out.

28 April 2007

Dealing With Emails

I've been using the internet since 1996 and since then, I'd say I already reached the million mark in receiving emails. I can't say I've read them all nor were they actual legit e-mails.

Keeping up with emails though is a task in itself. I have 3 primary e-mails which I should check regularly, one personal, one business and one web-based for backup. Totalling these three, I'd say I get an average of 500 e-mails a day. A third is usually spam, thre 2nd third come from mailing lists subscriptions and announcements, and the last third is the most important one, being actual e-mails sent to me (as opposed to being sent to a group or sent as meaningless and useless spam). This portion of my e-mails is which I prioritize to maintain.

For business e-mails, my goal is to be able to process all mails in my inbox worth 1 week. So I shouldn't be seeing e-mails in my inbox left unread or unanswered within the last 4-7 days. It's actually fulfilling to be able to rid your inbox of emails and have them filed in their respective folders once answered, read or processed.

Sometimes though, one e-mail me include tasks or instructions which will take time to perform. When this happens, my e-mails pile up starting from the pending e-mail task. And right now, this is where I'm at. Hopefully, I'll get to read all of them.

15 April 2007

More Random Thoughts

I'm lagging in my blog posts. Can't think of anything in particular to mention so I'll just post my random thoughts as which I usually have loads of.

1. Caught a glimpse of the Pacquiao-Solis boxing match. After the bout, I saw statistics displayed on the screen like number of jabs, number of direct hits and so forth. I just had to think of who does the counting during the match. It can't be automated and so someone has to do the counting. What do you call that kind of job ? Punch counter ? Jab specialist ? Hit statistics consultant ?

2. Why is it that no matter how hot the weather is, I'll always enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea ?

3. My celphone's battery seems bloated but easily drains within a day. Isn't it supposed to be thinner if it performs less ?

4. The best time to weigh yourself is after a shower and you're just wearing a towel. Weighing with clothes just adds to your weight.

5. No matter how organized I may be, I still feel the need to organize the way I organize.

6. If I had it my way and had the chance to pick a body part to be perfect, I would choose my hands.

7. I've survived more than half a year not wearing a watch. For someone who's time conscious, I dunno how I did it.

8. I'm thinking of auctioning a used 2006 calendar on Ebay just to see if anybody would bid.

9. A mosquito kept me awake till 5 in the morning. I think it found my blood delicious and made me an eat-all-you-can meal.

10. If I could swim everyday, I would.

09 April 2007

Worst Movie I've Seen So Far

I had the TV on this afternoon while working and I happened to catch the beginning of a movie I didn't know what the title was. I just knew the star was Jamie Kennedy of the Jamie Kennedy Experiment gag show. I saw he held a mask which was very similar to Jim Carrey's mask in his movie "The Mask".

I immediately searched for the movie on the net and learned that it's a sequel to Jim Carrey's movie and it's entitled "Son of The Mask".

The longer I was watching the movie, the more it sucked big time. I have never watched a movie that was so poorly directed. I dunno why I even bothered to finish the movie. I guess it was to bash the movie more. I checked out some online movie reviews and one review even mentioned that this may be the worst movie of 2005. I couldn't agree more. Check out the reviews here:

06 April 2007

Simplicity Shows

This afternoon, I had the chance to watch some cartoon shows on Nickelodeon, particularly Dora The Explorer and Little Bear.

I've been introduced to Dora The Explorer a couple of months ago by a 2 year old adorable girl who loves everything about Dora and even started to look like Dora herself.

I wasn't familiar with the cartoon but saw lots of merchandise with the Dora character in the form of shoes, shirts, toys, bags, towels and almost every possible item a child would love to own.

I got to watch a full Dora cartoon earlier. The characters and plots are so simple matched with Dora's over-excited voice and enthusiasm. She loves to sing and dance and interact with the viewers.

The next cartoon that showed was Little Bear and the first time I ever encountered it. It was similar to The Three Bears in terms of characters with the Mama Bear, Papa Bear and little bear. Little Bear had some friends, a cat, an owl, a duck and one more (I forgot) which can all speak.

What struck me was that it was such a nice alternative to the majority of songs and shows on TV that carry profanity, sex, violence, and striking topics. I'm sooo used to seeing and hearing all that, that watching the cartoons on NickJr. became such a delight. I guess you do find enjoyment in the simplest of things.
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