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27 January 2007

Aileen, Christian, Cecille, Victor, Yehey, Jimmy, Rachelle

These are the people I've been with last January 23.

I met up with Aileen, my friendly friend at Starbucks ABS-CBN compound since I invited her to come with me to the Christian Bautista launch. We planned that since I had no place to stay in between events and she adored Christian Bautista that we'd hang out for the day. We jokingly traded roles. She was my assistant during the Christian Bautista launch and I was her assistant at the Yehey! offices.

When we arrived at Club O, I greeted the regular media crowd and was delighted to see Cecille & Victor there. I usually hang out with the print/songhits crowd as opposed to the major dailies/tv/tabloid people cause the music magazines are closer to what my website is as well.
But since Cecille from globalpinoy.com was there, exchanging notes from partner websites is always interesting. Plus, I introduced them to Aileen from google.com.

After we interviewed Christian, he sung a few songs from his new album. Cecille & Victor also had the same problem I had, thinking where to stay between then and 7:30pm which was incidentally Rachelle Ann Go's album launch over at Metrowalk. Good-natured Aileen invited us all to Yehey! where she did have an office there. We got reintroduced to the Yehey! bosses and it's interesting that one of them remembers my former web development business from 2000.

We chatted and watched a couple of funny youtube videos on my laptop while waiting for the next launch.

Around 7:30pm we went straight to Mugen Bar over at Metrowalk for the Rachelle Ann Go album launch back to back with Jimmy Marquez's album. More media friends were there like Dennise, Ian, Ronnie & April who was very lucky to have won a Mediacom DVD player/entertainment system.

It was a full day out of homebase, but exciting.

One More Slice Please

I have a BBB (Blogspot Blog Backlog). Been kinda sick and hectic simultaneously the past few weeks. So this happened more than a week ago I guess.

I'll make the story short since the details have been blogged by my two friends Chel and Aileen:

It was a duel to the finish (to eat the most number of pizza slices).

To add to their stories, the waiter seemed to have enjoyed serving me Hawaiian slices. I don't consider pineapple a legitimate pizza ingredient. I wanted the pepperoni servings instead. But unfortunately, we didn't have much time to stay and the promo was just about to end for that day. And so we ended up in a tie of both finishing 5 1/2 slices. Worthy opponent I must say.

Too bad our rematch never transpired. I had the chance though the next week of having another shot beating my 8 slices record last year. I had time to spare in between my schedule last Monday and so I decided to eat at Greenwich Robinsons Metro East. It was ideal. I had my laptop with me, the mall had free wifi and I was determined to eat all I can and more.

So 2 hours after, I am proud to have broken my previous record. I now hold a new JayDJ pizza eating record of ... 10 Greenwich slices. And 8 of them were pepperoni ! The downside was I was so full the entire afternoon that I had trouble adjusting to my regular on-the-go routine.

Till the next promo, one more slice please.

19 January 2007


I started coughing right after breathing in fumes from the New Year's fireworks. And I still am coughing. I'm getting much better than the past few days but I still have trouble talking continuously due to my cough.

A friend of mine suggested I try drinking lagundi. I looked for it in the supermarket but all they had was a big package which was overkill for me to buy it. I then discovered the other various kinds of tea... oolong, thai, mint, strawberry, green... you name it, they have it. I finally decided to get a box of Jasmine tea from China.

I've been taking tea for the past few days but today in particular, I drank a whole lot. This morning I took 2 cups of hot Jasmine tea. In the afternoon, I had lemon tea and this evening I had 2 cups of peach tea. And if that wasn't enough, I'm now drinking my last cup of Jasmine tea for the day.

Tea anyone ?

17 January 2007

I Got Cake !

I have a dear friend who's been in the US for years. I consider her to be my "cyberbunso" as I call it, like a younger sister in cyberspace. We've known each other for 12 years and I've seen her grow and mature to be a very great person. I do act as the "kuya" and not having any brothers nor sisters, made me appreciate the role even more.

We've been kinda out of touch lately. Both of us have been busy. I did manage to send her a Christmas card for the recent Holiday season.

On the last day of 2006, I got a text from someone confirming my address and asking for directions. I later found out that a cake was trying to be delivered to me. Too bad, it didn't reach their cutoff time as they closed earlier that day. I was told to expect it after New Years Day.

Until that time, I had no idea who sent me a cake and why. But the thought of someone actually giving me a cake was already very flattering. The suspense made it even more exciting, wondering who would give me a cake.

When the cake was finally delivered, I immediately opened the card to find out who it was from. I never would have guessed it. Why ? Cause she lives in the US and is at the other side of the world from here. But with the greatness of technology and ecommerce, she was able to order a cake online and have it delivered to me locally. In the card said "Happy Holidays Kuya Jay ! I know it would be too late to send a card out there... so cake na lang! ;) Enjoy !"
Awwwww.... it was my cyberbunso all along ! I was extremely touched. It was such a nice gesture from someone I totally wasn't expecting anything from due to our geographical distance. It also came at a perfect time to start the year with. And by the way, I do love Black Forest cakes especially the cherries on top.

I love you Erye. Thank you for being a true and dear friend. Take care always. I really appreciate it. Someday, I hope we'll see each other again. Thank you.

08 January 2007

Signs of a Busy Day to the Extreme

How do I know my day is going to be a long and tiring day ? Here's my top 10.
1. Just thinking about my sked for the day makes me tired.
2. The only time I have for lunch is in the car while driving and hurriedly eating during stoplights.
3. I have to time each meeting precisely or my entire sched will be me trying to catch up with it.
4. I start to enjoy traffic cause in a way, it's a break in between 2 tasks, the one I've just finished and the next one I'm going to.
5. I have 5 different places to go in a day and they're all far from each other.
6. It's 8am and I wish it were 8pm.
7. I am physically multitasking.
8. I lose track of time and instead, I keep track of appointments and tasks to do.
9. My mp3 player has reached the end of its song list and I'm not still through with my day yet.
10. I have 5 bags in my car and it looks like I've ran away from home.

07 January 2007

Katsudon Nightmare

I love Katsudon. The Japanese food joint where I love Katsudon the most is called Komorosoba followed by Teriyaki Boy.

I was in between meetings the other day and was kinda hungry. The building cafeteria just closed and so I had to look for a nearby place to eat. My best bet was to look for my favorite convenience store 7-11, and grab a bite of their delicious steaming hotdogs. Unfortunately, the nearest convenience store which was a block away was Ministop and so I decided to check it out.

To my surprise, I found a huge array of ready to eat meals which are microwave ready. The moment I saw a Katsudon meal, I bought the last one and heated it up for 3 minutes as stated in their microwave oven.

I sat down at the corner table and excitedly opened the container. That was the peak of my Katsudon experience as everything else went downhill from there. The pork strips didn't taste like pork (nor meat for that matter), the rice tasted like paste and the entire experience didn't have any trace of being a Japanese meal. Nevertheless, I tried to eat it. Looking at the half-filled container, I decided to quit before I get an upset stomach. The damn thing tasted awful ! It just looks nice and packaging is appealing too. But take my word for it, I wouldn't even try the other meals. I'm sticking with the 7-11 hotdog if I get hungry again.

One Size Smaller

My pair of jeans ripped while I was attending mass. I was relieved to learn that it ripped out of longevity being used rather than ripped cause of tightness or bulging thighs. Since the Holiday season was filled with mall-wide sales, I decided to replace my newly retired jeans with a new pair.

I went though the entire jeans section of Robinsons' Department Store but the ones I wanted didn't have my size. Feeling a bit sad that I couldn't find the pants I wanted, I figured I could check out the specialty shops. I tried Bizaare. I remember the last time I bought clothes from this brand was around 15 years ago. I used to like this brand back them and so I thought I'd give it a try.

I saw a pair of jeans on sale for P299. and so I tried my size. I was shocked when it was loose. And so I did the unthinkable... and asked for one size smaller. Guess what... IT FITS ! I never tried nor attempted to wear jeans one size smaller for years simply because the size I've been wearing is just right (and there were times that my size was actually tight).

And so, I'm so proud to wear these new pair of jeans knowing that it fits me. I think the 12lbs I lost is now showing in my clothes as well. I'm beginning to try clothes in my closet that I haven't worn for years cause they were getting smaller for me. And they all fit now. I think I'm on the road to getting slimmer. I didn't use to care much about my figure but since my body is changing, I might as well appreciate it and try to maintain it at the very least.

I wonder when I'll be needing another size smaller than my current one now. hmmmm....
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