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28 October 2006

Reverse Roles

Last Thursday, I attended a press conference for a new album by a long time group in the Philippine Music Industry. It was one of the usual press conference over lunch. However, what made this one particularly different was that all media people were asked to pick a piece of paper which either had the word "trick" or "treat". Those who picked "treat" would be treated to a short song number by the group while those who got "trick" would do the singing.

Unfortunately, I picked "trick" and had to sing with the group.

Now if you know me, you're likely to say "wait a minute, Jay doesn't sing !". And it's a sad fact that I'm musically inclined but I just don't find my singing voice attractive. As for my speaking voice, that's fine. I can even rap as long as it's not within a melody. I do sing, but I prefer not to expose my unpleasant singing.

Back to my story...

It really helped that there were only around 8 media people and I knew half of them. So the group selected the song entitled "Pasaway" on the videoke machine and away did I go trying to keep my embarassment to myself while enduring listening to my pathetic singing. It's was great timing though as immediately after I finished, a GMA TV crew arrived and started shooting. Imagine my embarassment being shown on worldwide TV if they had come earlier !

On a similar note, I think I found another one of my rare kind who loves music but refuses to sing publicly. She also picked "trick" and was supposed to sing but for some lucky instance, she was actually serenaded by the group since she mentioned that her birthday is near. Lucky Annie !

19 October 2006

Strapless... Timeless

My swatch watch's strap got busted 2 weeks ago and since then, I haven't been wearing a watch on my wrist.

I'm not used to not wearing a watch since knowing the time at any given time is cruicial for me. My wrist also feels bare.

I remember though my college English teacher asked one day which one of us didn't wear watches. Only one out of my 20 classmates raised her hand and our teacher said "Great ! You are not bounded by time. You are free." It sounded nice.. but I didn't agree with her 100%. I just remember that my reaction that day is the same as it is now... "How the hell can you survive a day without knowing the time ?"

In this day and age of technology, time is critical in applications, especially computer-based ones. And so how am I getting by without a watch ? Well, I'm currently relying on my computer, celphone and any clock or watch I can find nearby. I also get to ask people now... "Excuse me, anong oras na ?"

17 October 2006

Pizza All You Can

I happened to pass by a Greenwich outlet yesterday and saw the big tarpaulin ad of an "eat-all-you-can" pizza for only P99 from 11am to 2pm. I was also distracted by the crew member beside the tarp encouraging people to try it. Unfortunately, I was on a hectic sched and didn't have the luxury to stay and satisfy my pasta urge till my heart's content.

Today, I was able to pass by the same fastfood but with a lighter sched. It took me 5 minutes to decide whether to take the plunge and challenge my stomach or regret it. I'd say, it was a no-brainer. And so, I took a last look at the ad, before entering and ordering myself a "Pizza All You Can" package. Adding P30. will give you your choice of bottomless softdrinks. I'm not a fan of softdrinks but I needed some kind of liquid to help me achieve my goal so bottoms up !

I remember way back in college, Pizza Hut had a similar promo and me and my college pal Mark took up the challenge to see how many slices we could eat. I think I ate 5 slices.

I was delighted that the slices available were of their Primo size, which was a Pizza Hut-like slice in terms of size rather than their petite and thin regular pizza. As the ad mentioned, you have a choice of either Pepperoni or Hawaiian. I am not fond of Hawaiian pizza as I believe that pineapples are not a legitimate ingredient of a true pizza. My 1st 2 slices that were served were both pepperoni. My 3rd slice though was served against my will and while I was still finishing my 1st slice. It was a Hawaiian slice. OH NO ! I was set on just asking for pepperoni slices. The tricky part here was that there should be no leftovers before ordering your next slice. So I had no choice but to consume the pineapple tidbits, which kinda dampened my pizza frenzy experience.

I was on my 7th slice when I was set on stopping when the overexcited Greenwich waiter served me an 8th slice. It was a fresh out-of-the-oven pepperoni slice. Oooohhhh !!! I couldn't resist.

And so after over an hour, and 3 softdrink refills, I am happy to have consumed 8 slices of Pizza. And the challenge was that 3 of them were Hawaiian ! All for the love of pizza... :)

13 October 2006

A Whole Lotta Chargin' Goin' On

Early today, my 2 cellphones, mp4 player and digicam all blinked the dreaded low batt status. My laptop was also still half charged. I then realized that a lot of my gadgets depend on stored power to operate. Not that I didn't know it yet, but it became more apparent as I also realized that if they all need to be recharged at the same time, I am in need of more power sockets. It's a good thing that these gadgets (except for the digicam) can still be used while charging. Otherwise, I'd be waiting for everything to fully charge before I could use it.

11 October 2006


Aside from being the name of one of our dogs years back, Skippy is also my favorite dessert (next to leche flan). It may sound weird but when I'm at home, I just get a teaspoon after the meal and take out the peanut butter from the refrigerator. I take a big scoop (half an inch high at least) and lick off the top as if it were coating until the mound of peanut butter slowly flattens until it's consumed.

Of course, it's more difficult to use the same technique on the "chunky" versions of Skippy where you have pieces of chopped (but not fine) peanuts.

I ran out of peanut butter yesterday so I passed by the supermarket.
I was disappointed though that I couldn't find any Skippy branded peanut butter. So I settled for a whimsy Peter Pan. I'm not too keen on their mascot on the label looking gayish, but I hope the super rich honey-flavored peanut butter edition of theirs is enough to make me look past Peter Pan's costume.

Happy scooping !

06 October 2006

The Big Switch

My new mobile phone was really meant for me to be able to connect to the net at higher speeds. Unfortunately, Smart Communications has a better deal in internet usage, P10. for 30 minutes as opposed to Globe's P0.10 per kilobyte I think. Problem is my mobile number for the past 7 years has been a Globe number.

It seems so hard to switch cause I have to inform each and every person who knows my current number that I'll be using a new number. Also, I love my current number cause it has a lot of "7's" in it and kinda easy to remember.

With the switch also comes some planning. I have to let everybody know of my new number and bulk of the work is figuring out who exactly is "everybody". Hopefully, I'll be able to do this all within a week's time.

As for now, I'll enjoy my last few days with my phone number for 7 years (7 again ? is that a coincidence?)

03 October 2006

Remote Controls

The remote control for my TV recently got busted. I think it just needed some reprogramming. Yet I intentionally did not fix it as a way to discourage me from watching TV or at least switching channels to watch a show. I didn't fix it for a week. It's actually still not fixed and I'm okey with that.

Meanwhile, I discovered a new remote control... my mobile phone. I discovered the function where my phone can control my computer via bluetooth. So I tried it one night before sleeping. I left my pc online and internet explorer set to my friendster account. I got to my bed afterwards which is around 2 meters away from my pc and tried to access my computer. I was surprised that I could move the cursor, click and navigate windows.

Now when I wake up in the middle of the night, I can connect to the net, check my email and set files for download. I just can't read anything since I'm still in bed and barely awake for my brain to process anything intellectual (nor basic for that matter when your mind is still asleep). But the task is astonishing enough for me to give props to this technology.
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