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27 June 2006

WWE Fund for Jay

I recently learned that there will be 2 wrestling events coming to the Philippines, one with the oldies like Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Iron Shiek and other 80's superstars, and the more exciting and antipicated one being WWE Smackdown.

It's set for October 21 and 22, 2006 at the Araneta Coliseum. I was able to watch both WWE Raw Live in Manila events last Feb. and I learned from my mistake back then: "don't wait for the last minute to buy your tickets". I almost wasn't able to buy the tickets I wanted. I was actually waiting for confirmation from friends that wanted to watch. I wanted to know what tickets they'd buy so I we can all be together.

Therefore I will do 2 things which will benefit me.
First, I will coordinate much earlier with my friends. My friend Quen, her daughter and my former officemates are kinda psyched up about it. Quen & I get excited just talking about the upcoming event and planning for it. :)

Second, I will create a fund for my ticket source. I'm definitely going. It's just when and what section I need to know. I just donated a P1,000. bill in an envelope labelled "WWE Smackdown Fund".

(Update: I removed the bill cause I needed to deposit it in the bank and replaced it with a P100. bill.)

22 June 2006

Do they really mean that ?

Yesterday, I saw this sign in front of a local restaurant:
"Drink and pay moderately".

I just had to think about it. Are they really concerned with their customer's spending habits in correlation to their drinking habits ? Now why would they want customers to pay moderately ? If I were the manager, I'd want my customers to spend lavishly.

I thought of it as a joke and just had to share this.
Blog and post moderately.

20 June 2006

Wait... Wait ... Wait some more...

Before anything else, I just want to apologize for the huge interval between my last post. Been extremely busy. Now back to our regular blog programming...

Yesterday was banking day and I had to go to 4 different banks, to perform various transactions: check deposit, cash deposit, credit card payment and ATM widthrawal. 2 of the 4 banks I went to had long lines. I was the 20th person in line and there were only 2 tellers open. It took me a whopping 45 minutes before I got to the front. I had some gadgets with me just in case I would take this long. I had my celphone but unfortunately, the bank didn't allow celphones to be used while inside. I had my mp4 player where I could listen to some podcasts I downloaded. Problem was I forgot to bring my earphones and the external speakers would be much too distracting to the others. I could hold it up my ear but that would look like I was using a celphone. So my last resort was going back to basics. I had a book with me and was able to finish 1 chapter within the time I was in line.

While in line, I was thinking. "What if the line was on a conveyor belt with seats lined up so everybody would be seated down and in line. Sort of the Haunted House or Pirates of the Carribean in Disneyland where you sit and enjoy the ride. That would make lining up so much enjoyable. Oh well, back to reality.

06 June 2006

National Geographic Porn Director

I just fed our 3 dogs their dinner when I noticed these 2 flies on top of the hood of our car not moving at all. Upon closer inspection, I realized they were mating. Since they didn't fly away by my presence, even though I was accidentally close to the car, I thought of taking a pic of this rare scene.

I rushed inside the house and got my digital camera and tried to take some macro shots of them. It was hard cause my camera kept on autofocusing on the hood than them, being very minute creatures.

Finally, after around 30 shots, I got some very good and detailed shots of their copulation. On one hand, a fascination led me to think that this is how National Geographic makes documentaries. On the other (and sleazy) hand, I immediately felt like filming a porn movie for insects. I bet that those 2 flies were cursing me for watching them and even taking photos of them.

While I was taking my last few pics, a third fly approached them. The 2 flies suddenly stopped and froze as if the 3rd fly couldn't see them. It was witnessing animal behavior at its finest and very educational I might add. And of course my other evil half of me was thinking that this fly wanted to join in for a threesome but got the cold shoulder.

Oh well, it's still an amazing experience and I did get a chance to try shooting a little creature in macro mode. If you'll notice the picture of the flies, there are actually hairs seen sticking out of their bodies. Way cool !

Porn errr... I mean the animal kingdom rocks !
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